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Wooden rangoli designs can be very useful for people who don’t have much time and are busy working. Rangolis are generally made on festivals, therefore, religious symbols are appropriate for the occasion.
The rangoli given below has flower shaped pattern and the entire surface if filled with stones of various kinds. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli is a traditional and beautiful decorative design made on the floor during festive occasions in Maharashtra (India).
Here I am sharing some of my sanskar bharti rangoli designs I made on the occasion of diwali.
Using this kinds of attractive easy Rangoli designs, not only create a new innovative impression, but it also saves time.
If you wish to create some awesome Rangoli Designs for competitions, festival or occasions, you can check our tutorial on Rangoli Designs step by step. Arranging such ready made wooden Rangoli in the thali and placing the diya in between gives a grand look to the thali. You can use these easy Rangoli designs for beginners, easy Rangoli designs with flowers, easy Rangoli designs with dots, and various other combinations to give your imagination, a flight. This will enhance the entire decoration and will give you the sense of happiness of doing something new.

It takes lots of effort to decorate the Thali, that is to be used to perform aarti of Laxmiji. You can put Abil, Gulal, sindoor and other stuffs required for the Puja in the corners that are left empty. If you are creative enough, then you can make it yourself and add glitter to the glimpse of Diwali.
These kind of rangolis are made in such a way that it greatly emphasises on the placement of the diya. It has many symbolic icons which are religious like swastika, Lord Ganesha, lotus flower, Lakshmi step, and many more. Traditionally, this rangoli is made using holi colors but if these are not available to you, you can use simple rangoli colors.
Watching city lights and decorations, cooking good food and finally preparing for regular lighting and Diyas at home. If you have plants or trees outside your home, then hang some long garlands of Marigold on that. The bright colours of the peacock rangoli and the studs stuck on it definitely makes this pattern look different from the rest. It is really eye pleasing with bright colors and stands out due to bold designs made with white rangoli.

In midst of all these work, it became really difficult for me to create Rangoli for the first day of Diwali, but what came to my rescue and easy management was the availability of wooden Rangoli, plastic Rangolis and floating Rangolis with me.
You can prepare traditional easy Rangoli designs for Diwali with flowers around this handicraft to make it more attractive. Arranging a bowl of floating flowers on the center table or on the shoe rack outside your flat also shows a welcoming sign for the Goddess Laxmi. Using silver is also considered as auspicious for celebration so if you can consider it, then also it is a good suggestion. For making this type of rangoli, all five fingers of hand are used, so design turns out bit bold and looks very attractive. Bright colors will give festive touch and don’t forget to put diyas (little earthen lamps) on it.
I am arranging few of the pics of the decorations to give an idea, how creativity can lead to amazing designs and saving of time. But I think drawing with five fingers (called ‘pach boti rangoli’ in marathi) gives the traditional look.

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