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If the man in your life is always tinkering around in the shed fixing and mending - then this is the perfect gift!
Double sided wooden signpersonalised with the name of your dogand designed to let everyone in the house know whether this is a task waiting for someone to finish!
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The Graves started as a large cardboard box, make flat and cut a grave stone shape, with grass sticking out the sides.

Cut two bits the same coffin shape for the top and bottom, two sides which are the same as each other, then two ajoining bits at either end, one of the ends should be bigger than the other. I then painted it brown and put red satin fabric inside (with a pillow for the kid playing Michael Jackson).
I always found that those safety lights for bicyclists on the market were never good enough when riding in the dark.
If he is always tinkering around in the shedfixing mending and making – then this the gift for him.
Today, I'm happy to share with you all the hand lettering technique that I use on the wooden signs that I create.

That got me thinking about people who use wheelchairs and how unsafe the night could be when they want to go out.

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