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Dragon Door: What’s your advice for someone who might be inspired by your story and who wants to give kettlebells a try? Dragon Door: What inspired you to go for your RKC Certification and then open your own gym? Dragon Door: What encouragement do you have for people who want to make a transformation like yours?
Stephanie Woods: I would say to take one day at a time, don't look at the big picture all at once, and set one small goal to set for yourself (losing 5lb, swinging a heavier kettlebell, or to be able to keep pace with a certain exercise class).
Dragon Door: Were there any particularly challenging obstacles for you in your transformation?
Stephanie Woods: It varies, if they are in boot camp the workout changes everyday, sometimes the workouts will last about an hour from start to finish, and other times they will last only 30-45 minutes. Stephanie Woods: I have two favorites, a chicken tortilla soup without the tortillas, and a chicken coconut milk (instead of alfredo sauche) pasta. Stephanie Woods: The biggest thing I tell people is to take time once a week to put some kind of a plan together for what they will be eating. Dragon Door: Do you have any advice for new RKCs who may be considering opening their own gym or studio? Meanwhile, in a large pot over medium, heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil, and when hot, add the onion. 61% of the class participated significantly in extracurricular activities as Freshmen, 31% of them participated in Varsity Athletics as Freshmen. The Kensington Woods Class of 2014 scored in the 95th percentile in the 9th grade Social Studies MEAP. To read more about how Kensington Woods' 2010-2011 MEAP scores compare to other schools, read the full report from Central Michigan University's Center for Charter Schools by clicking here (PDF). The Kensington Woods Class of 2014 scored higher in every section of the Explore test, almost 5% higher than the national average. The graphic below shows how Kensington Woods' average compares to the National average (Kensington Woods is in purple).
The 1,700-acre natural area, approximately 22 miles southwest of the Richmond campus, welcomed more than 1,200 K-12 students this past academic year, as well as more than 500 college students from EKU and elsewhere. Still, there’s room for more visitors and, always, more educational opportunities, according to Dr. Most of the visiting classes come from area elementary schools, but older students can benefit as well. EKU makes available activity kits that include equipment geared to various ecosystems such as forests, fields and streams. Some groups stay overnight in the lodge and enjoy night hikes, storytelling, campfires, astronomy lessons and even cooking their own meals.
Maywoods straddles Garrard and Rockcastle counties in a section of Kentucky known as The Knobs. The cost for Maywoods is $40 per day per school trip, with overnight lodging at $8 a guest.

Wilder emphasized that Maywoods is only available for environment- or education-related reasons and not for purely social uses.
To make reservations at Maywoods, contact the EKU Division of Natural Areas at 859-622-1476. Woods has been a leader on the Belmont baseball field since his freshman season in Nashville. After being drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2007, Woods attended Belmont to receive an education while participating in the sport he loves. Many people who have a lot of weight to lose can feel fairly intimidated by kettlebells at first.
I wanted to help other people feel the same way, I want them to learn to not worry about what the scale says but instead how they feel in their clothes and how strong they are getting. I had never been one to really go out of my comfort zone or go do things around a large group of people. It can take so much more motivation to keep going when there’s little or no support at home! If the workout is super long on one day, I try to keep it shorter on the next day since many of the people who train at my gym come to workout every day. Even if that simply means cutting up all the vegetables ahead of time, cooking the chicken, or doing something so that when they come home at night, everything is ready to eat.
I was definitely miserable, but it was hard to give up that income and run the gym as my only source of income. Place the chicken breasts in a large baking pan, and pour one tablespoon of oil over them, coating well. The session was held on the custom-made golf course with student athletes from the Singapore Sports School, Golf Academy and the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.
We share this information with you to show what type of student is coming to Kensington Woods.
The graphic below shows how Kensington Woods compared to other schools and the State of Michigan (Kensington Woods is in blue). KWHS also had two students who scored perfect scores on the Explore test; less than 1% of students nationally achieve this high academic distinction.
Students take the Explore test as a Freshman, the Plan as a Sophomore and the ACT as a Junior. In addition, many community groups (Boy Scouts, etc.) used the facility, which includes a lodge, lake, amphitheater, hiking trails, and more. Also, teachers can utilize online manuals that include lesson plans, activity sheets and journal templates. Because the property is a Kentucky Wildlife Refuge, all native wildlife and their habitats are protected. A full kitchen is available and lodging in semi-private rooms can be provided for up to 40 people. He has been a Dean’s List honoree five times and was named Atlantic Sun Conference All-Academic twice. His leadership abilities have grown each year and was elected team captain prior to the start of the 2011 campaign.

Woods has participated in these events since he arrived at Belmont and was in a leadership role this past fall. Last season he led Belmont with 20 home runs and 78 RBI, setting single-season records for the program in both categories. When I had to have surgery for a cyst on my tailbone, I was physically unable to do anything for about three months, needless to say I gained even more weight.
I don't have a big reason other than it hits everything at once—you can work on your strength, your mind, and get your heart beating. If they are in a private class, then they have the same workouts for a month designed specifically for them. I have so many recipes that I've made over the years that I share, and Pinterest has been great for different meal ideas. I’ve also started training for triathlons, that’s way out of my normal training regimen, which makes me want to do it more! Follow your heart instead, in personal training, coaching and working with people who want to better themselves, if you don’t have the passion, then you don't have a business. The ACT is a strong indicator of college readiness skills and is used by the State of Michigan and most universities to evaluate a student's readiness for college and plays a strong role in the admissions process. He carries with him a lot of responsibility in communicating and setting an example for the younger players on and off the field.
It took me a few months to really learn all the moves, but when I did, and felt comfortable with them, then that's when I really started falling in love with them. I had to stay motivated to go home and eat regular chicken or fish while they were eating fried chicken. Last year I just decided that it was time, and even though I had maybe 15-20 members, and it was the holiday season, I didn't care—it was time! Bake for about 30-45 minutes (depending on the size of the chicken pieces) until cooked through and the liquid from chicken runs clear. At Kensington Woods, students take the Explore and the Plan as Freshmen and Sophomores not only to practice test taking but also to evaluate their skill set to allow for more growth.
Woods recorded a batting average of .319 with 68 hits, 57 runs scored, 14 doubles and a team-high 142 total bases. I was scared I wasn't going to pass, but I think we all have that fear the first time we go to an RKC Workshop.
They have to schedule their sessions to come into the gym, so if they don't schedule for two days then they’ll hear from me, in fact I usually get ahold of them that same day! After sitting out four weeks he suffered a season-ending foot injury during his first game back.
I had never played sports when I was younger, and I was never very athletic before, so it was all completely new to me. All of this turmoil came after an extremely successful freshman season with league-leading statistics and freshman All-American honors.

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