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Within the residential morphology of urban NCR, retrofitting and redesign of homes today is often an opportunity to innovate towards the creation of an eco-friendly residential domain.
Therefore, the spatial intervention develops the rooms and spaces,in line with the design brief and accommodates the present and foreseeable individualistic requirements of the three generations of the family that originally inhabited the building. Within the parameters of the existing structure of the building, structural changes were implemented to optimize the space and bring in natural light into the interiors by pulling down some walls, re-positioning them and modifying the windows. The staircase is reconstructed in wood and metal to reach the upper floor landing that connects the master bedroom to the rest of the floor by means of an architectonic bridge.
The well – in itself is a light fixture sculpted in place with the use of handpicked antique brass pendant lamps and the specially-sourced mirror door. The upper floor that houses the bedrooms and the family lounge, has been designed to reflect the individual preferences, without letting go of the overall approach. The handpicked furniture of each room reflects the distinct requirements and tastes of the occupant of that room. An attempt to blend the traditional and the modern in a contemporary urban home with an architectural play of natural light and shadow enables a warm, timeless feel of this uber-chic home.
The client brief called for a proposal that would restructure the home that is adaptable to the current needs of the family. Further, the design intent is tailored to meet their desire for a modern abode with traditional elements.

In order to amplify the spatial perception, maximize the space and daylight coming in, the existing windows are enlarged and bay windows and corner windows are created wherever possible, that modifies the overall architectural aesthetic and maximizes the views.
Besides enabling the connectivity to the upper floor, the staircase extends to the terrace with floating steps.
The rustic frames add to the story on the plaster scraped walls, along the three sides of the stairs. The earthy textured seamless stone floorings adds character to the living spaces of the apartment, including the kitchen and the family dining. If love were a physical thing, it would be stairs.’ Honouring the phrase, the staircase is designed to be the most dramatic feature of this elegant abode within a duplex setting.
A huge window on the top is sized in order to bring in sufficient daylight throughout the day.
Natural wooden flooring starts from the floating staircase and spreads across to the bedrooms, setting the earthiness and warmth that the client desired in their home.

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