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Unlike the guilds of medieval times that jealously guarded the secrets of their craft, the St. In this era of instant gratification driven by touch-screen apps that define today’s IT age, the simple joys of getting into the feel of wood in unhurried projects are explained by guild president Bob Busfield: “There is a real sense of self gratification and accomplishment when you complete a project and you know what went into it. When the 1868-era Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage was moved onto the grounds of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum, members of the guild rallied for needed repairs to restore this historic structure. Fulfilling their purpose, “Education and inspiration in the art of woodworking,” the guild has for several years offered projects for the Boys and Girls Club in Covington.
This marks the guild’s 24th year at the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival, its most significant activity.
Preparation for the festival starts in early April when guild members cut a pallet load of lumber into blanks for boat hulls and cut and sand them. Seeing the big smiles and pride of accomplishment as each child leaves with his or her creation is a particular joy for both guild members and for proud parents.
This past year, the guild completed the Artisan Series dealing with the use and techniques of basic hand tools to make all sorts of projects. Membership in the guild is open to all who are interested in learning and sharing woodworking skills. Program allows woodworkers to view never before seen video content on the web using computers, tablets, smartphones, or other mobile devices. WoodWorkers Guild of America, known for its high definition video content, will continue to deliver free video content on its website and other channels including YouTube and 5min. WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TN Marketing, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Kansas City, set aside time to attend the Woodworking Show February 19-21, 2010 - and make sure to visit the huge, 10-booth area occupied by the Guild. Special Demonstration: The KCWG CNC Woodworking Special Interest Group will be demonstrating the Guild's CNC Router at the show, producing plaques featuring the Guild logo throughout the weekend. Jewelry "Books" by Russ Amos, First Prize Winner in Fine Woodworking's 2009 Holiday Gift Contest.
The following are photosof the box Russ made: Superb!Photo courtesy Kansas City Woodworkers Guild. Direct from his school of woodworking in Hertford, North Carolina where Ben teaches and makes Early American Furniture reproductions.
Al NavasWoodworking ExaminerAl Navas is a professional woodworker living in Country Club, MO, with his bride of 42 years. Feng Shui expert, Laura Carillo, on peace in designThe essence of the house can be manipulated with color, furnishings, texture and lighting.
Check out three fruity cocktails to get you in the mood for springIt's finally springtime, and the cold winter months are a thing of the past. Our awesome host will provide a pot of something yummy (chili, soup?)  Please bring food and beverage to share. Just for a little reference for your woodworking, here is a link to Fine Woodworking’s online Tool Guides Topics page. Also bring: a friend who might be interested in joining, or who just wants to check us out! Anna Baker, owner of Redtail Woodworks, and a member of the Helena Woodworkers Guild, was recently awarded a Red Ants Pants Foundation Community Grant to help her purchase tools for her woodworking business. According to the Red Ants Pants Foundation website, the grants are given to businesses whose missions align with the values of the foundation.
When I read the foundation’s mission and values statement, I thought Anna Baker certainly fits the list pretty danged well.

Congratulations to Anna Baker for her grant, which will allow her to buy much-needed tools for her woodworking business. Bill designed and built the tool rack to utilize shop space that would otherwise be wasted in front of the overhead door in his shop. To read the entire article online, you must have access to FW’s online community or sign up for a free 14 day trial membership. Thanks to everyone who completed our membership survey that was emailed out several weeks ago. The Port Townsend School of Woodworking offers a variety of woodworking classes throughout the year.
Please click this link for a full list of classes and information about the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. Reporter and YT editor, Emily Donahoe, interviewed Dave Carlson and Tim Carney about the history and purpose of the guild and about the large number of talented woodworkers in Helena. If a piece of handmade furniture is no less than a work of art, then there are many artists among us.
According to Helena Woodworkers Guild (then) president Tim Carney, however, a lot of them are still, shall we say, hidden in the woodwork. The Helena Woodworkers Guild is a group of professionals and hobbyists who meet once a month to share tools and techniques, and a potluck dish or a few. Seated in an elegant, sculptural rocking chair he made himself, the tall, soft-spoken Carney and his physical opposite, the compact Dave Carlson of D. The Helena Woodworkers Guild March meeting was hosted by Lance Seaman of Seaman Cabinets, at the house he and his wife are building on the east side of Helena. Tammany Woodworker’s Guild is all about sharing—among fellow members, through community initiatives and by engaging youngsters with their love of artistry in shaping wood. As soon as gates open at the festival, lines of eager youngsters begin forming around the guild’s Kid’s Boat Shop.
Members also “manufacture” numerous parts (cabins, seats, cannons, rudders, and many more) from other wood supplies. Amazingly, for the past several years, second-generation “boat builders” are being brought by parents who were kid “boat builders” and are now eager for their young children to experience the thrill of making their own boats! Tammany Woodworker’s Guild are devoted to demonstrations of woodworking skills and methods by members. Plans for the coming year will focus more on the use of power tools and machinery in projects. Tammany Woodworker’s Guild develop their unique style, progressing at their own levels of skill and knowledge, focusing their talents on specific techniques for individual artisan pieces or for working together on community projects. The program offers original, new-to-the-Internet, woodworking videos allowing members to stream content anywhere, at any time on a their computer, tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices.
However, visitors can also choose one of the new Premium Membership options to gain access to video content that has never before been released on the Internet. WWGOA is focused on improving woodworkers’ skills and is a leading destination for high-quality video tips and techniques.
Ben will demonstrate the use of many hand tools, handsaws, bench planes, shoulder planes, chisels, scrapers, rasps, and a host of other traditional tools and techniques, and designs direct from the 18th century, while making an entire Pencil Post bed. But there is another dimension of organization that you may not have great knowledge about: Feng Shui.
Check it out and if it looks like it might be a helpful resource, bookmark the page so you can go back to it in a jiff. Please join us in congratulating Anna on her grant and wishing her good luck in her new business. Congratulations to Anna for achieving this grant, and Good Luck in your woodworking business.
You might find the membership well worth the small fee, since you can access all of Fine Woodworking’s archives online.

Two heavy-duty fence hinges are bolted to two 10-in.-wide stand-offs to hold the rack away from the wall. The guild is exhibiting a variety of work at the Myrna Loy Center through the end of November. Carlson Woodworker Fine Furniture, discussed their craft and the wealth of talented woodworkers based locally. If you know of anyone who is interested in woodworking, as a career, skill or hobby, please invite them to attend one of our meetings and consider joining the guild. Tammany Woodworker’s Guild generously working many volunteer hours, the kitchen floor and the cypress wall in the living room were repaired and the bathroom floor was replaced.
Many of these young boys and girls have never held a hammer, so nailing pieces together for the first time is a real learning experience.
Inside their tent, guild members are ready, with pieces and parts organized for selection and assembly by budding nautical designers to create their treasures of wood-crafted boats. From such varied projects as the making of one-of-a-kind wooden toys designed for several generations to treasure, or finessing the intricacies of crafting furniture in artisan designs from reclaimed or sustainable materials, members learn from one another, sharing expertise while discussing nuances of the techniques, the challenges and the rewards of working with wood. Always at their fingertips for their creations are Louisiana’s exquisite native woods—pine, cypress, oak, magnolia, persimmon and more—for turning, for shaping, for polishing to a luster as treasures to be enjoyed by generations ahead. The new Premium Membership expands the video content offerings available to include: woodworking classes, step-by-step projects, and feature length DVDs in addition to original video tips and techniques produced for exclusive distribution to Premium Members.
The WoodWorkers Guild of America produces “The Complete Woodworking Video Collection” and has shipped over 900,000 DVDs from the series to woodworkers during the past year. In his blog Al shares his woodworking passion and his expertise building one-of-a-kind furniture with a mix of power tools and hand tools. There are not many female members of the Guild (in fact, only 2 at present, and one of them is our webmaster who is most definitely NOT a woodworker. Past projects have included blue-bird boxes, flower planters and step stools, and each child takes his or her assembled item home as a useful keepsake to enjoy.
Premium Members can choose between a monthly or annual membership, both of which provide unlimited access to all of the premium video content on the website as well as new video content delivered to them on a monthly basis.
Heh) so we can surely use your leadership and energy not only in general, but also to encourage more women to join us and get their hands into the sawdust. Please check back to see what your peers in the guild think about membership and our activities.
All members who would like to help us promote our exhibit are welcome to come pick up a handful of the cards, to send to your customers, family and friends.
Lance showed guild members how he bent the wood for the mantel in his vacuum bag, something that about half of our members had not tried before.
According to retired attorney Walter Babst, a guild charter member, “It’s always fun to be together, which goes beyond the pleasure of meeting with people of a similar interest. You do have to build your knowledge base and skill level, and that can be done through instructional books, videos and the experience of other woodworkers. Mounted in the corner of the front of my garage, it can stay against the garage door until I have to get in or out that way.
If you subscribe to updates via email (the subscription box, right) you will be sure to get a reminder when we post the results. Busfield says, “We have built as many as 1,400 boats for children in the two days of the festival.
As you become more experienced, build your tools and equipment as needed.” He adds, “We would love to get some younger folks involved.

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