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The unique design of the Mikron barn-style door track allows it to overcome this major issue. Available in a rustic black or aluminium finish, the track will complement your existing décor. The MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulder is a versatile moulding machine, capable of handling many different kinds of results. Regardless of what curves designers and architects throw at you, the MIKRON M645 Tilting-Arbor Multi-Moulder can handle them all. This unique machine provides quality and productivity-conscious woodworking shops with the versatility they need to handle the production of any and all types of mouldings.
We have developed a Soft Corner Attachment that will allow you to make soft corners that match your custom mouldings profiles. The MIKRON M645 Multi-Moulder is a powerful machine that is designed to provide its owners with an extensive array of capabilities.
The MIKRON M645 is a solidly built unit using a revolutionary approach to forming complex mouldings safely and accurately. There are machines with vertical tilting spindles and power feed, but the MIKRON M645 is the first and only horizontal tilting spindle and feed system for curved and elliptical mouldings, combined into one unit. Choose from a variety of monthly payment options for budget-conscious businesses seeking an affordable path to ownership.
When it comes to special programs and financing options, there are a number of ways to equip your business with woodworking machinery. MIKRON has recently released two newly patented machines: the M652R Multi-Moulder and Router, and the R300 Large Size Automatic Rosette Maker. Founded in 1995, MIKRON is backed by a steel fabricating operation that has been in business since 1964.
With a no-nonsense approach to product development, MIKRON's engineers ensure the end product is practical, functional, efficient, safe and cost-effective. You are invited to contact one of MIKRON's knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer all of your needs, or you can visit our Request Info page. Production capacity is what drives the MIKRON R200 Automatic Rosette Maker, and producing up to 500 rosettes per hour with this powerful tool is a cinch.
The MIKRON R200 Rosette Maker is a handy solution for the woodworking shop requiring a small, transportable, reliable and cost-effective solution.
Small enough to be taken to the job, rugged enough to produce large quantities of rosettes, the MIKRON R200 Automatic Rosette Maker is designed with accuracy and reliability in mind. Wood blanks are simply stacked in the hopper, the cutting head is aligned and the rest is left up to the MIKRON R200. Like the MIKRON M645, the MIKRON R200 is made of high quality steel and precision manufactured to need little maintenance, while providing efficient, cost-effective solutions to your rosette production requirements. When our engineers designed the MIKRON M652R, we made sure that they kept all the same powerful features of the M645. The MIKRON M652R meets the needs of progressive architectural woodworkers and cabinetmakers. The MIKRON M652R and M645 are the first and only moulders with a horizontal tilting spindle and feed system for circular, elliptical, curved and straight mouldings combined in one unit.
This forming rack will meet your most demanding forming requirements with the most versatility and affordability on the market.
The day after the manufacturer of specialty moulding and profiling equipment received the Partner of the Year Award from the Wood Machinery Industry Association, it doled out an award to its top dealer.
The WMIA Partner Award was presented to Mikron during the Wood Industry Conference held in St. Pittsburg State University has been awarded with a brand new M652R Multi-Moulder with Router System, by MIkron.
By far, the Mikron M645, with its ease of set up and quality of workmanship is next to none.

The Mikron M652R, with the 7.5 hp motor and router attachment, is one of the best and most versatile machines I have ever seen. We at MIKRON Woodworking Machinery would like to extend our appreciation to Tom Fantaccione of The Woodshop for all his excellent work in helping us create our new video.
Izzy Spunky Chevron Pink Fleece Throw by Manual Woodworkers and Weavers.Manual Woodworkers & Weavers make some of the best collectibles you can find with their Izzy collection.
While other tracks offer similar functionality, these systems lack the ability to be adjusted.
With fully adjustable mounting points you can attach to the existing studs or any strong mounting point within the track's length. From simple, straight mouldings, curved mouldings, circular mouldings, to bar rails and stairs, the MIKRON M645 is designed to meet your most demanding requirements. Featuring a patented adjustable tilting-arbor head and floating tabletop, a variable speed feed motor and a precise tracking system, you can produce circles, ellipses, stair parts, curved crowns, bar rails and of course, straight mouldings up to 6" wide, with the greatest of ease. MIKRON has re-engineered the tilt system so that customers can now reach up to 52°, which the marketplace is demanding for crown mouldings, and many other applications. Now the feed motor runs from the same switch panel as the cutter head, and the electrical box is installed inside the base. These new machines are built strong, just like their predecessors, the patented M645 Multi-Moulder and R200 Automatic Rosette Maker, which have been industry favorites over the past few years. Under the leadership of Ron Arbuthnot, the MIKRON Team is dedicated to producing superior quality machines. The MIKRON Team works hard to find solutions for their customers and are constantly looking for new methods to improve their products. Easy to set up and operate, the MIKRON R200 uses standard rosette cutting heads and can produce up to 500 rosettes per hour.
The feed mechanism will line up the blanks, the cutting head will produce the rosette and a piston mechanism will eject it into a container. When MIKRON's engineers designed the MIKRON M652R Multi-Moulder and Router, they made sure that they kept all the same, powerful features of the MIKRON M645.
This unique machine, a first in its class, provides the quality and productivity levels for woodworking shops everywhere.
This stability and our patented adjustable tilting-arbor head and floating table provides a revolutionary approach to forming complex mouldings safely and accurately. The university will be using this machine in their Wood Technology program, for the 2003-2004 year semesters. I purchased one for doing curved stock and since it showed up the only thing my shaper is used for anymore is collecting dust.
You can choose from Izzy plush baby blankets, throws, wall hangings, pillows, Izzy totes, Izzy stuffed animals, aprons, Izzy play sets and more. This can make mounting very difficult when proper blocking has not been planned in advance.
An integrated cam in the wheel mounts allows for simple micro adjustment on the height of the sliding door. Create completely new moulding styles or use the MIKRON M645 to match existing mouldings—including restorations to original architectural moulding styles designed over the last several hundred years. In fact, some woodworking shops and cabinet makers have acquired several of each machine to keep up with increased production demands. All machines are manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of woodworkers and cabinet makers everywhere.
The 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with such advanced machinery as CNC lathes, computerized drill presses, brake presses, cutters and saws, grinders and all forms of welding equipment. Quality Control ensures all machines measure up to the highest standards before they leave the facility.
That means, with just a few simple steps, you can replace the spindle with a router mount, providing you with the means to easily router insets and channels on your straight and curved mouldings—ideal for windows, mirrors, pictures, paintings, cabinets, doors, flooring and more!

Known for its versatility, the M652R Multi-Moulder and Router handles the production of any and all types of mouldings. The variable speed motor and precise tracking system allows you to create circular, elliptical and straight mouldings, stair parts, curved crowns, bar rails, door panels, and much more with the greatest of ease.
The award recognizes Mikron's achievements in partnering with its North American distributors.
Recently the class went on a trip to visit a Mikron customer in the area for some training.
We have a small molding machine that would only allow you to run radius or straight, but your machine will allow us to do complete circles, ovals, and almost anything in between. I then spent a lot of time figuring this machine out, but in the end I had to resell it at a loss because the setup time was eating away at too much of my profits. I use a Mikron Multi-Moulder for profiling which has a 52 degree tilting cutter head specifically for for this purpose.
This Izzy Spunky Chevron Fleece Baby Throw Pink will last for years and can be handed down as a precious family keepsake to be enjoyed by your whole family.Fleece baby throw measures 30" x 40". Key words that you need to associate with the powerful equipment manufactured by MIKRON for the woodworking industry. This provides MIKRON with the ability to do all manufacturing in-house, maintaining optimal quality control at all times.
That means, with just a few simple steps, you can replace the spindle with a router mount, providing you with the means to easily router insets and channels on both straight and curved mouldings — ideal for windows, mirrors, pictures, paintings, cabinets, doors, flooring and more!
In fact, many woodworking shops have several of our M645's on the floor because of the extensive demand for custom mouldings. His desire to ensure the well being of his employees was tempered by his fervent belief that he could best ascertain what their needs were.
Like the M645, the M652R produces the results that are needed for today's woodworking professionals. In 1895, he reduced their working day from 11 to 10 hours without any corresponding drop in wages.
In August 1910, Booth gave his 2,000 employees full pay for the time lost due to a strike on the Grand Trunk Railway. Booth told his crew it would be a pity if they had to starve because someone else decided to strike. On July 1, 1911, Booth received great praise from the labour unions because he reduced the working hours of his men in the paper mill to eight hours a day without any request on the part of the employees. Not only did Booth take the initiative to ensure that his employees were well looked after, he responded to the concerns of those he trusted.
When visiting his uncle at headquarters one weekend, Coleman questioned his uncle about the disparity in the quality of the food served in the camps and the food served at headquarters. After a brief strike by 400 of his workers in December,1918 because of Booth's refusal to grant them an increase in wages, the journal, Canada Lumberman and Woodworkers, carried a less than complimentary editorial about Booth which subsequently appeared in the Ottawa Journal. Booth wrote a strong letter of protest, pointing out that, "All the timber lands that I hold I bought in the open market in the same way P.D. Ross, editor of the Ottawa Journal, might buy a printing press, and I paid for most of them a price that was considered exorbitant at the time. Booth's authoritarian mannerisms and his great wealth, his employees felt he was one of their own.
He could afford the most extravagant carriage, yet for 50 years traveled to work with a mill hand in a horse and buggy.

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