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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This box is made from a Wild Plum tree and Purpleheart with purple flocking in the drawers. This wood cutting saw really is top quality, and is geared up for the serious woodworking professional.
Ground cast iron tables tilting to 45° through rack and pinion gear driven mechanism allowing very precise angle location. By selling direct to our customers, we do not have to factor in a resale discount which would apply if we were selling through distributors.
We buy direct from our suppliers, with no distributor involved and are effectively wholesaling these machines. These quality machines are just as good as higher priced, but similar specification machines you may have come accross on the market - the only difference is our price.

We'd love you to see for yourself - our showroom is open throughout the week and you're welcome to inspect our bandsaws in person.
I liked the natural look of the knot but didn't want it showing in the front so I placed that board in the back.
In regards to the quality as posted in one of the prior reviews; with a little tweaking this saw will do almost anything you need it to. If you want a trophy to polish and brag about then by all means spend the extra money and get one of the more expensive brands. If you are an average Joe on a budget this is a great buy but PURCHASE THE WARRANTEE and you will not have to worry about those issues.
I have run thousands of feet through the saw and it keeps on keeping on.VSMost Liked Negative Review CAUTION! 4 Speed Woodworking Band Saw:Purchased this bandsaw back when the paint scheme was industrial green, around 2008 sometime.

The first thing I did was install a set of Delta 14" Bandroller guides into the existing blade guide holders, and the saw settled right out. I recommend getting a set of polyurethane wheel tires to replace the rubber ones that come with it, the rubber ones fell apart after a few years, which is normal. Some assembly steps are a bit confusing, but, looking ahead in the manual to see what it's supposed to look like should give some clues.

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