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A bench hook is quite possibly the easiest way of holding a piece of wood steady when cutting by hand. Popular Woodworking already has a comprehensive guide on making and using a bench hook full of good information, so I hesitated for a moment before adding my particular version. Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. The workbench is the most fundamental, yet most important tool in a traditional woodworking workshop. When looking for a workbench to build or buy, look for a style that is very heavy and sturdy, to prevent movement when hand planing and sawing on the workbench.
Building your own workbench can certainly seem overwhelming, but with the right assistance it can be an amazing project for beginners, and will even teach you many fundamentals about traditional hand tool work. Christopher Schwarz, the founder of Lost Art Press, released a DVD about making a very basic, yet affordable workbench. This actually seems like a very economical yet sturdy workbench, and $25 for the DVD seems reasonable. If you’ve got big woodworking power tools to mill the lumber, and space for a HUGE workbench, then a Roubo Workbench is a fantastic historical choice. If you’re really set on building your first workbench with mostly hand tools, Paul Sellers gives a free tutorial on what looks like a pretty good workbench. Buying a workbench is a valid option for woodworkers who don’t have the time or are nervous about undertaking such a large project as a beginner.
If you’re new to woodworking, and are short on time, then you may decide to buy your first workbench.
Nevertheless, I found an amazing Scandinavian style workbench (made out of European beech) and decided to make a purchase so I could get building projects right away. Bench dogs are essential to a workbench, as they enable you to wedge your work piece between the vice and the dog. Here is a huge selection of more affordable bench dogs on Highland Woodworking: view bench dogs. Just make sure you get the right size or that you drill holes the right size for whatever you buy.

A bench hook lets you quickly hold your work piece in place while sawing across the grain, without having to clamp your piece down. A shooting board is used to square the end grain on your work pieces, and should also be made in your shop. These simple blocks are designed to help prevent racking when clamping work at one side of a vise. Shoot Wayne, I thought I was finished!Nice job!I am wondering if I should run a recess in mine to allow for the saw to break through without touching the hook?
Ah, this refined guys from the city that need all the luxuries available to them… tsch tsch! OK, it could be very romantic and fancy seen from across the pond but I don’t like at all to work in such a way.
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Although it is incredibly simple in its design, a high quality bench hook can be invaluable.
However, I thought it worthwhile because there are many ways to skin a cat, I have some board left over from the last two projects, and because there is nothing wrong in reminding anyone new to woodworking how useful a bench hook can be – regardless of the version you make.
Naturally, if you can cut square and then glue and square flush, they will not be out by much but I could not care less if there were out. If you have square benchdog holes, then you’ll have an easier time making bench dogs. You drill holes in your bench top, and then you drop your holdfasts into the holes and hit the top of the holdfast to wedge your workpiece down.
You can easily build several common sizes to set in the unused side of the vice, like in these photos that I took at the Woodwright’s School. This bench hook is made from solid kiln dried beech and is glued and dowelled for extra strength.
What I like about the type I describe here and in the video below is that requires little or no precision to make and takes mere minutes.

I like this because the batten helps hold the board flat, I have no concerns about moisture movement here. I now realize that if I had been aware of a step-by-step resource like the Moravian Workbench DVD (or Will’s class) then I could have quickly built my first solid workbench with hand tools. It’s not as heavy as my two workbenches, but you can remedy that by placing bricks underneath the workbench. The board below the batten is only about 7″ wide and the arrangement is similar to old floorboards on joist or boards on a ledged and braced door and that always seems to work just fine. If you’re on a tight budget, then building a workbench would be the best option for getting a sturdy workbench. I built mine from a scrap piece of white oak, but you can use almost any wood since it’s meant to be replaced.
Some pressure is needed irrespective of push or pull cut, but do find out what works well for you. I’ve had feedback that some people find locating a bench hook in a tool well can work great on pull saws so as always keep an open mind. I love the tool tray on my Moravian Workbench, but I also love the wide, flat surface of this Sjobergs workbench. I hope this post has encouraged those new to woodworking to investigate the humble but effective bench hook. The bench came with 1″ dog holes, and I drilled my own holes for holdfasts (see below). I actually purchased my workbench with an optional under cabinet, which is handy but not vital.

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