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Ridgid bc210 top-screw bench chain vise -40185 at the home, Visit the home depot to buy ridgid bc210 top-screw bench chain vise 40185at the home depot.
Legacy cnc wooden bench vise – youtube, Building a wooden bench vise using a legacy cnc. For six years, this Franklin, Ind., enterprise has been cranking out wooden vise screws for workbench builders. There are plans for a traditional face vise, tail vise, wagon vise, leg vise, twin screw and others. It’s actually remarkable that we now have (at least) three companies to choose from when shopping for a threaded wooden vise screw. All three of these wooden screw companies are small family-run shops that turn out products that haven’t been on the market for almost a century. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. The Beall Tool Company sells a fixture that you can purchase and make all the wooden screws you will ever want. I seen them across from your booth,definately thinking of useing them when I build my bench first of next year!
Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. The Benchcrafted Tail Vise is the original flagship of the award-winning Benchcrafted line of workbench hardware. Machined — This handwheel is fully machined and features an acrylic-infused American black cherry knob. As I mentioned in the last blog entry, the vise screw is constructed such that I wouldn’t be able to put the screw in after I built the bench top. The first step in making the wagon vise was to finish the lamination of the three strips of wood that would create the rows that would make up the wagon block. After I finished drilling the dog holes, I jointed and planed the laminated top piece to get it to final glueable width. I could have saved some time by mounting the guide with the nut sticking out into the opening of the vise.
Next step was to drill the dog hole in the wagon block, and attach guide blocks to the sides of the wagon block. In designing the wagon vise, I wanted to make sure there were no obstructions or guide rails protruding into the vise opening.

So the vise was now constructed, and it was time to glue up the rest of the top sections in that half of the top.
One problem that came up along the way with the wagon vise is that since the vise screw had to get built into the top, I wouldn’t be able to easily do a final cut along the edge of the top as I had planned. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. Been poking around the internet for ideas on a wagon vise myself, and came across your workbench build. I recently built a variant of this vise, where I used some oak for the vise block as well as the runners (I didn’t rout the inside of the vise but attached separate runners). DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Silly me, but the gude rails have countersunk holes on one side so make sure to have them facing right side up.
If you have the Festool Guide Stops for your OF1400, you can eliminate the need to clamp the aluminum straight edge to support the Edge Guide as you have done, and just place one of the Guide Stops on the Rods between the router and the Edge Guide.
Jimk or anyone for that matter, can you tell me how long it seems you have to change you ct33 vacuum bag?? I just admired your pictures again, those dovetails came out really nice & are going to add so much to the beauty of your bench -- wonderful wood! I also got a call from my wood dealer who had brought some more wood down from his warehouse for me.
Over the next couple of weeks I went over there when I had some spare cash and bought the wood he was trying to liquadate out of his garage. I got a call one day saying he really needed to get the rest of the wood out of his garage, along with all his woodworking gear(which included a carvewright cnc & high caliber tools).
Then a few days ago he told me to come over as he had got me some wood from his warehouse up north for me and he wanted me to come pick it up. Anthony, I'm not surprised at that story -- you have a wonderful personality that even comes across on this forum.
Even if you don’t buy one of their wooden screws, the plans offer a lot of good ideas for how you could adapt a vintage wood screw into your workbench. And you’ll find the prices very close to those offered by Lake Erie Toolworks and Big Wood Vise. When I built my first bench with wooden screws, the Holtzapffel, I bought my screws from some guy who bought them a decade earlier at some California flea market.

It’s a huge American-made book that has several plans for benches incorporating wooden vise screws. Luckily for me they are so exact in size that flipping them over did not make the already predrilled holes offset.
My nest project is kitchen cabinets which will be made of cherry with spalted maple panels. I came over and asked why he was getting rid of his gear, only to find out he was just told the cancer he thought he had beat spread.
It's nice to know that his hard work is going to someone who will do something really nice with it.
The small site offers a good selection of free plans and instructions for incorporating wooden screws into a workbench. Matthew said he’s happy to do a custom hub if you are trying to match an old-school design on a workbench – vintage workbenches tend to have far more elaborate hubs than what you see today.
And I was happy to get them, even though their quality isn’t even close to what you can buy today.
Just a quick question: Would it work to run the screw through the bench exterior and attach the end collar to the far end of the vise opening, and the moving collar to the block instead, so the handle doesn’t ride out away from the bench edge when you loosen the vise?
My 1400 with the edge guide, and you need to put some sort of straightedge to support the edge guide. He did not want to have to have his wife deal with all the wood and tools & extra wood so he offered to just give me alot of FAS furniture grade wood for free.
I tried to take some pics of the front laminate which is a beautiful tiger and quilted maple. He said he was so pleased to meet me since when I came over I did not bicker and tire kick with him like he said everyone else that had came did.
Once I was satisfied with the motion of the vise I punched for the holes and continued to remove the guide rails while the screw was still connected to the dog bolt. So after I picked my 30 individual boards and payed him, he was so impressed with my courtesy of helping him restack his lumber and all that he said go ahead and take another 10 boards for free.

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