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Two weeks ago I was listening to the Wood Talk podcast, and he mentioned that the next weekend there would be a great show in Winston-Salem, NC called Woodworking in America. The show itself spans three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a couple different ways you can attend. We arrived in town on Friday afternoon, checked into our hotel and took some downtime to relax and do that whole family vacation portion of this adventure. Saturday at the show rolled around and my folks and I arrived at the convention center, not exactly sure what to expect. The hands-on nature of the show and the interactivity of the floor really brought home to me just how different Woodworking in America is from some of the other conventions I have attended in the past. Nel 2012 abbiamo partecipato per la prima volta come espositori alla fiera dell’artigianato manuale in legno (Messe HOLZ-HANDWERK) a Norimberga, il più importante evento di questo tipo in Germania. L’evento è stato un grande successo, e vogliamo ringraziare tutti quelli che hanno visitato il nostro stand.
Nel nostro stand Friedrich Kollenrott ha spiegato come affilare un ferro da pialla od uno scalpello completamente smussati fino a ripristinare un filo a rasoio.
Anche in un piccolo laboratorio con un numero relativamente basso di semplici utensili, è possibile affrontare progetti complessi ed impegnativi. Contrariamente a chi utilizza utensili elettrici, l’artigiano che usa utensili manuali non viene a contatto con così tanta polvere e rumore. Molti visitatori hanno imparato come fare tagli che producano trucioli sottili come quello nella fotografia a sinistra! Questa foto di gruppo mostra i membri del nostro forum woodworking.de raggruppati attorno al banco da lavoro Roubo.
Una dettagliata introduzione a questo bancone, con video ed istruzioni di costruzione è disponibile nel nostro sito, come la componentistica necessaria alla costruzione.
Conosco diversi tipi di banconi da falegname, e ne ho restaurati e costruiti molti di nuovi, ma nessuno di essi mi ha neppure lontanamente affascinato come questo banco in stile Roubo. Anthony Scull è un artigiano ed un grande fan del sistema Incra, ha spiegato come effettuare vari tipi di giunzioni utilizzando questo sistema. Per l’utilizzo con la fresatrice ed il banchetto, Incra propone un sistema di accessori avanzato. Free Woodworking Plans – Building The Table BaseThe first step in building the portable shop table featured in these free woodworking plans is to build the base of the table. VOLUNTEERS DINNERRuth Kaarlela, Chair MOTHER'S DAY BUFFET CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH Get your family party together for the Come out and take a hand in our woodworking projects. New Products, Seminars, Industry Experts Headline 50At this year's event, companies could enroll as a team in the expanded College of Woodworking Knowledge rain-catchment areas. Annual*Meeting * Reynolds PlantationWho is thinking of attending to make a reservation, and you can cancel later if your plans change. WOODEN HOUSINGThe Convention culminated in Gala Buffet Dinner organized at the Villa of Kshesinskaya.
Ybor City – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaYbor City is a historic neighborhood in Tampa, Florida located just northeast of downtown.
THE SAWDUSTThe fare included a buffet of all the traditional Barbeque main courses and ‚fixins?, including some special Note: Steve plans to have some nice wood for us to raffle off! January 26 AT THE TABLE TENNIS CLUBWe don't have to talk about woodworking all the time, (or do we) .

Guild Of Oregon WoodworkersBill and Jackie had a lovely buffet spread, and the assemblage spent a congenial evening socializing. Want to see it in person?  The client has very kindly offered to accommodate interested visitors.  Contact me for details. Gramovox launched the Bluetooth Gramophone with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that more than doubled its initial goal. If you haven”t been to Woodworking in America yet, then I highly recommend looking into attending next year when they announce the dates. You can get the full pass that allow you to attend all of the various classes and other events going on around the show, or you can just get a pass for the dealers floor. That evening I had been invited to dinner by the awesome folks at Highland Woodworking to hang out and talk about all things woodworking. Most of my experience with conventions comes from the comic book and animation side of things, so this would be my first real foray into a woodworking convention and boy was I in for a treat. The first thing I learned about the show is that everyone there was eager to talk to everyone else. If the conversation was one half of what made the show great, the other half was the ability to get hands-on with all of the various tools. Since I was unable to get one of the full passes to the show, I was not able to sit in on any of the big classes, but I stuck my head in the door to a few and they looked to be well worth the price. All around were people who were passionate about woodworking; every step I took on the convention floor brought me to some other conversation about woodworking. Le sue Sharpening Instructions (solamente in lingua tedesca) sono un riferimento in tale lingua per quanto riguarda l’affilatura di scalpelli e ferri da pialla. Come parte delle sue dimostrazioni nel nostro stand, ha portato la sua ormai leggendaria stazione di affilatura, splendidamente organizzata e con tutto l’occorrente per ottenere un filo ottimale a portata di mano. Durante la realizzazione del bancone, Henn ha anche realizzato un serie di dettagliate istruzioni per la costruzione corredate da disegni, creando anche alcuni video di supporto che permettono ad un artigiano esperto la costruzione del proprio banco da lavoro in stile Roubo.
Per chi vuole costruire il proprio banco fresa offriamo una serie di componenti ed accessori utili come i binari a T e gli angoli.
In più, doppie code di rondine ed altri incastri molto ornamentali sono possibili di man in mano che si acquista esperienza. This base is made using simple butt-joint construction, but could easily be adjusted for half-lap joints.
6Floor plans are They are known for their quality woodworking, creating a warm ambience in their homes. Nigerian friends of Darin & Christina Troftgruben will prepare a buffet of and include paintings, photographs, needlework, quilts jewelry, floral arrangements and woodworking. It was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by thousands of immigrants, mainly from Spain, Cuba, and Italy.
Turns out it has been running for seven years, and is put on by the awesome folks behind Popular Woodworking Magazine. Since I was going into this on such short notice I opted for the second, and cheaper, option.
Dinner was wonderful; the conversations at the table ran the gamut of woodworking interests, from model making to furniture work, woodturning to carving, and everywhere in between.
Stepping through the doors, I was greeted by what I can only imagine a piece of heaven for woodworkers might look like.

Each and every booth I passed had staff who were willing to stop and spend time talking to anyone that walked by.
The class list was expansive, covering topics like French Marquetry, Southern Gothic style woodworking, Japanese hand planes, Table saw joinery and so much more. The atmosphere was so full of passion and a willingness to share knowledge that I left the show feeling invigorated and inspired. Al nostro stand molti visitatori hanno potuto ammirare con gioia questo inconsueto banco da lavoro.
Nulla si muove o traballa mentre si pialla, e lo spessore del piano, 104mm, non si muove minimamente, neppure tagliando mortase profonde. This year they moved the show to Winston-Salem and from what I can tell it was a great move. I loaded into the car with my companions, also known as my parents, and we headed north from Atlanta toward Winston-Salem. Along with good food and good conversation I got to meet Matt Vanderlist and David Picciuto of Matt’s Basement Workshop and The Drunken Woodworker respectively.
There were rows and rows of booths, all filled with things that caught the eye: hand tools, power tools, and the products they can be used to make, stretched out in all their shiny perfection before me. If you have ever experienced a convention where the people in the booths look at you with dead eyes and no interest then you would have been as surprised as I was by everyone at Woodworking in America. The vendors and tool makers were eager to show you how their products work but were almost more eager to have you test drive them yourselves. Walking in the door to Woodworking in America, I never would have thought I could spend an hour talking about chair carving, or get lost in a conversation about wooden hand plane construction. La possibilità di bloccare i pezzi sul banco praticamente in ogni posizione immaginabile, lo rende una scelta eccellente anche per chi usa utensili elettrici. Meeting two accomplished woodworkers and having an evening to converse and pick their brains about all things woodworking was one of the highlights of the show for me.
Not only was I talking with the vendors at the Saw Stop booth, or the Micro Jig booth, I also spoke with amazing woodworkers like Scott Meek, and Peter Galbert as well.
I personally got to use some fabulous planes at Scott Meek’s booth, at the Japanese Hand plane booth, and at both Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen’s booths. One corner of the show room floor was dedicated to a small stage and presentation area. There I was able to attend several talks and conversations with many woodworking luminaries without needing to spring for the full pass. When you can stand around and listen to Scott Meek talk about his wood bodied hand planes, then talk to him about their construction, the design, and how he uses them in the shop, you know you are at a great show. If you couldn’t get your hands on a particular tool at this show, the vendors were often eager to show you every in and out of the product themselves. Every person I met at the show, whether they were a fellow attendee or someone like Matt, Scott, or even Roy Underhill, still took time to talk about woodworking. If you have any sort of passion for this craft, you will only leave the show inspired and eager to work some wood.

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