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The novelty of smartphone apps may have worn off since the original iPhone but every now and then an app comes along that captures our imagination. Watching their promo clip (nice editing work, BTW) makes me wanna explore my carpenter genes (my grandpa was an adept woodworker).
Woodcraft is designed to help professional and budding carpenters draft their next masterpiece.
If you want to watch anti-immigrant YouTube videos, get ready to sit through some pre-rolls.
MISSION, KS  -- With 425,000 items in Apple's App Store, it seems like there's an app for everything now. As the number of apps continues to increase, developers are taking the technology beyond fun and games. ColorSmart: If you're planning on refreshing your home's walls, this app from Behr paint is a must-have. Remodelista: This design sourcebook brings you the latest content from Remodelista, such as DIY projects, 10 Easy Pieces product roundups, and Steal This Look. Paint 'N' Wash: With this app, you can paint works of art -- with your fingers -- then wash it away with the Delta faucet. The wood finishing app also features all of Marvin’s standard colors and lets users make their very own custom color selection.
The wood is black walnut and the finish is Poly Whey from Vermont Natural Coatings an environmentally friendly alternative to polyurethane. It just needs another coat of Danish oil in a few spots and a ramp to sweep the dust out of the tool well.
The wood is black walnut and the finish is Poly Whey from Vermont Natural Coatings an environmentally friendly alternative to polyurethane.

Woodcraft for iPad  ($9.99 iTunes) by software artisans at Fasterre is interesting for its novel idea and professional execution. Combining elements of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and 3D modeling in a delightful and intuitive package, Woodcraft can tackle any woodworking project: from decks to benches, furniture to backyard sheds. Our intuitive view navigation system solves usability problems common in similar applications.
The app is a visualization tool that lets you design your next building project using the basic principles of CAD.
Today, users can find apps that help organize, simplify and enrich areas of their daily lives.
The app makes it easy to try out different styles and paint colors in your rooms without picking up a roller. The new iPad and iPhone app lets users build a window or door with a customized interior and exterior finish.
Marvin delivers with 19 standard colors and unlimited custom colors for any size job — even single-window orders. Say you’re an amateur or pro woodworker and you want to design your next deck, bench, furniture or backyard shed on your iPad. It lets you drag out lumber that you need and assemble it into a finished product using only your iPad and your imagination. When you're working with a designer, this app is a great way to share ideas and inspiration for your home's design.
This app allows users to view windows featuring new factory-applied stains, which include six stains on all available wood species for more than 50 options. Test-fitting the parts… The intersections of the Plans For Building Furniture App For Ipad Free muntin bars are half-lap joints.

Most of the work was done by hand because the parts were too small to safely use power tools and because hand tools are more fun. You can drag the wood pieces onto your canvas and arrange them as if you were building a desk, a porch or even a shed.
There are tools to let you measure the wood, cut lumber pieces down to size and attach the pieces to together. You can switch between a 3D and 2D view which helps you to place the lumber and line up the pieces with the correct orientation. As much as I like the flexibility of being able to conceptualize a project, the app is difficult for beginners and some may prefer pencil and paper to the iPad. New users should be ready to spend some time playing with the app before they're able to use it effectively.
You can grab the plans for a fully assembled desk, break it down and see how someone else put it together. There's also a page with several video tutorials and a version 1.2 manual that's available in iBooks or PDF format.
If you are up to the challenge, you'll be rewarded with an excellent tool to help you plan a project.
There is no free demo, but Fasterre, the company behind the app, has put together a short promo video that shows how the app works.

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