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If you don’t believe me, consult Joseph Moxon, who wrote the first English-language book on woodworking. But yet it is counted a piece of good Wormanfhip in a Joyner, to have the Craft of bearing his Hand fo curioufly even, the whole length of a long Board; and yet it is but a fleight to thofe, Practice hath inur’d the Hand to. A couple months ago, one of the students in my campaign chest class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking showed me a little L-shaped jig he used for edge jointing and it blew my mind.
Sure, I’ve seen all manner of commercial fences and long-grain shooting boards and whatever. I told the student to submit the jig to Popular Woodworking Magazine as a “Trick of the Trade” and he did.
Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press.
If a jointer plane is the best plane to use on a long edge,how does the shorter jack plane fix up a board that has been badley shaped by the jointer? And is this the same sort of thing that David Charlesworth shows in his video on handplanes? I ‘ve been using a fence clamped to a plane like this ever since I started woodworking decades ago.
I also do the same thing with a sanding block – clamp a right angle to it and you can sand at a perfect right angle. I perfected a jig similar to this last year but I think everyone is missing the reason this works. A slight change to the design and you could slip it down from the front of the plane … without the C clamp. Couldn’t you, uh you know, bevel the edge the rides against the work piece (think of the profile of a plane blade)? I assume you mean to bevel the edge that rides against the face of the board to force a skew angle? Christopher Schwarz has helped many of us solve some pretty frustrating problems over the years. As an added bonus, FREE templates for making the spectacular INCRA Double-Double Through Dovetail and INCRA Corner-post Eagletail are included.
Cutting BoardContrasting strips of wood arranged in a simple geometric progression create a tantalizing visual effect.
The INCRA Master Reference Guideand Template LibraryThe Master Reference Guide comes complete with 51 interchangeable templates.

Dovetail-Jig Stabilizing Fence: Woodworking PlanDescription:Have you ever struggled to keep boards properly aligned in your dovetail jig? Lately I’ve got a ton of comments and emails asking about how I got started building or what some of my woodworking sources are. It has a ton of  simple illustrations and doesn’t get too complicated and throw you off. The book also has some simple woodworking projects that are geared mostly toward smarter work-spaces and tool usage. I know I said there were only two books but this third book I received as a Christmas gift.
It didn’t win as the best trick, but it is featured in the latest issues as one of the worthy trick. Skewing will make only one corner of the jig register against your work and reduce the drag. The scrap I used to make the jig is thinner than yours and it tends to tilt forward a bit when I hit a knot or the vise. They cover face-frame and case joinery, a tall bookcase, a quilt rack, a window bench, a chest of drawers, a kitchen display and storage cabinet, coffee and end tables, a hall table, a framed mirror, a pendulum wall clock, and a child's clock.
This 148 page book contains detailed plans with over 400 illustrations and photos to build 14 of Perry McDaniel's intriguing original projects. Most jigs rely on a small cam to position the board, but don’t provide enough support along the length of the board to prevent racking. I’d say that the more you read the better you opportunity to grow your woodworking skills. If you’re anything like me you are impatient and ready to start doing something by page ten. I feel that to provide you with the most detail possible, you should know what brand of product I'm using and where I bought it. If the jig is too far in front of the iron you will have a difficult time with the dismount.
Each project has exploded diagrams, a hardware list, a cutting list, and step-by-step color photos.
Also included are 11 Techniques sections that will turn any woodworker into a real INCRA pro, plus complete instructions for making four exclusive new INCRA joints. With numerous examples it will help you create any one of thousands of possible joinery styles.

We built this fence for a Porter-Cable model 5008 Dovetail Templet, but you can adapt the fence to fit your particular jig. He watched me throw temper tantrums and at that moment when I was ready to throw in the towel he gave me just a tiny hint to get me through the project. After jointing the same edge 20 times over, it becomes almost impossible to correct (without a jack plane).
Professional color photography of the finished product taken after we’ve finished building the project ourselves in the WOOD(r) magazine shop.
Her plans are also designed to save you money by using lumber that you can easily find at your local home center. Plus I like having the knowledge of professionals who have been woodworking for 30 years–like you mentioned about checking for square. What I discovered is that, depending on the thickness of the board and the width of the plane, you may want a different size of step in the jig. She also shows you ways to create the look of more complicated woodworking skills using basic skills. I think the simpler building methods like Ana uses have opened up woodworking to so many people (namely women) who wouldn’t have tried it before with more complicated methods like biscuit joinery and dovetailed drawers.
While someone else is ignoring me and breaking their neck trying to watch a damn football ??game on his cell phone. Or, sometimes when planing close to the vise, I want a shorter fence so it (or my fingers) doesn’t hit the vise. For a clear idea of how our projects go together, we provide an exploded-view drawing with helpful details. And unlike most woodworking books, she shows you that you can still build amazing furniture using a Kreg Jig.
Large color photos and step-by-step instructions show exactly how we built the project in the WOOD(r) magazine shop. Parts-view drawings are used to dimension individual pieces to guarantee your building success.

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