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I retired 13 years ago from a position as Agricultural Engineering Consultant for an investor-owned electric and gas utility.
Subsequent to our exit from dairy farming, I took a job driving a bulldozer at a coal fired power plant near Elmira, NY. In 1983, I had an opportunity to work in the field of agriculture again and took a job with the above-mentioned utility.
In 2008 I decided I would try my hand at woodworking again and bought a bunch of equipment. The building is super insulated (R50 ceiling, R38 walls, R28 foundation) and will cost about $200 to heat electrically this winter. As you can see I make most of them on the fly and in my own head.To keep wood cost down, I use a lot of poplar wood with stain. When I moved the old shop cabinet from the garage to new workshop in the barn, it became very obvious that something had to be done. To list your used equipment or tools, provide a detailed description including price in the form below, upload a picture of the item, and indicate how to contact you.
The Air Filter alone cost over $50, and is rated 99.9% efficient to minimize dust emission. One and a half days after ordering we got it shipped from Maryland across the border to Toronto!
We ordered additional fittings to have dual air flow from our HI-Flow pump and were very pleased with the quality of these pieces. Because it was so clean and new we had to put in a chain to the corner of the work most times because the bag would self seal around it and provide no pressure. If you’re new to this clamping method, they also provide low cost venturi or oil-less pumps to make up a complete system. It’s all good now, yet it seems that some guys in the shop are still not perfectly clear on the concept. Nice tip with the small chain, I have been using small strips of plastic mesh and they always slide around.
I made the venturi style years ago from their free online plans and my own bags from the heavy vinyl that soft boat tops’ windows are made from, edges glued with vinyl pool repair glue.

I use grooves in the base, really squares going both directions and my hose goes into the side of the melamine and up into the groove.
I’ve also found it easier to use a large caul put it on the bottom and then place my veneer on the veneer side down. I also cover my bottom caul with butchers paper which is a white paper with a plastic coating. The veneer source that you referenced also sales a top sheet of what looks like plastic fencing.
Hammer veneering is intriguing to me, but, I’d probably need a tutor to get started and also not be working on a time critical project for a client when I do it.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I have had several issues with my design, and worked through each problem to create a really decent cycloone dust collector. Some dust does collect inside the saw base on both saws but hitting that area with the shop vac about every 5 or so hours of sawing takes care of that. I put the cyclone an blower in a lean-to on the outside of my shop and us NO filter on the blower’s output and have yet to detecy anything exiting the unit.
I’m very happy with the setup but am still fine tuning the hookup the the jointer, drum sander, drill press and Inca bandsaw.
I’ve been thinking about getting a Clearvue cyclone for a shop vac, but like to build things myself (sometimes to a fault).
I always enjoyed working with wood mostly for the satisfaction of making something with my hands. When I can I use cherry wood and walnut.I have made a lot of furniture, clocks, jewelry boxes and lamps mostly for our home and for relatives. Besides providing an amazing array of veneers and supplies, they also offered a Build A Bag system for a reasonable cost. No more un-pressurized ridges on top (so important with veneer) and it also being a glue releasing surface. For a bag replacement or entry into the world of vacuum pressing I heartily recommend this company and their products.

I will probably never need one, but I have an old carpentry book from the early 70’s where a vacuum bag setup is just a black plastic trash bag and vacuum cleaner was used to pull out the air. There is an dead on 8” torsion box underneath, holding two sheets of melamine inside the bag.
I’m not too concerned about the jointer and drill press as they produce mostly wood chips, not dust.
It was used sparingly and has a diesel truck cartridge-type air filter exactly as described in the plans. What it was consisted of a seamless tube of 20 mil polyurethane plus the bag closures and a flush mount valve stem. I never get an caul bending over the edges and giving low pressure toward the edge of the panel.
The best thing I did was to put a 4 inch hose to the Excalibur table saw blade guard and another 4” to the base of the Unisaw.
I startedA┬áthe business in 2001A┬áto provide a resource for those of us who desire truly unique, custom pieces to enhance the beauty and value of our homes.Being a small shop allows me the flexibility to focus entirely on your project alone. This way the panel itself is the top cau and the bottom caul is pressed against the veneer. I really think the counterbalanced blade guard with the 4” flexible ducting is the most important part of the system on the table saw. In 2012, I decided to build my current shop and now I can work on one level and stand on a heated floor. I am always available to meet with you to answer questions, work out design details, and to provide quotes and samples, etc.
The band saw, router table clamp rack and sanders are on mobile bases so I can move them around as I need.
I select all materials with great care as to suitability, quality, grain orientation, color, etc.

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