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Along with the Mortise Jig you can instantly have a mortise and tenon joint that fits snugly and aligns correctly. Instinctively you would think a spinning tool enclosed in a metal case is not good for jigs and fixtures but it is. That is how I found out about the show, one of the wood working videos or podcasts mentioned it. When I was 28 I got a job as a finish carpenter, of which I knew nothing, but I loved woodworking.
This shelf below is made from American Elm wood with an inlay of an American Elm branch on both ends.
February 13-14, 2010, woodcarver Chad Awalt will lead a hands-on class on how to enhance furniture by carving classical architectural elements.
Save $18.98 by purchasing the bench mount unit packaged with Tormek's SVD-185 gouge jig and TTS-100 turning tool setter.
Our premium German-made Hofmann & Hammer workbenches are on sale and available for immediate delivery in plenty of time for Christmas if you order now. I am interested in giving my kitchen cabinets a "facelift." They are old and dingy-looking. Steel City's 14" deluxe bandsaw was a huge seller for us last year, but unfortunately our demand has exceeded their supply for the last several months. This is a great opportunity to equip your shop with a professional-duty bandsaw at a very affordable price. This little gem has already proven itself to be an excellent value as a 10" bandsaw, especially at this low introductory price.

Now keep up with the latest news from Highland Woodworking via our frequent posts on Twitter.
The SawStop PCS is a world class precision piece of woodworking machinery based just on its own merits as a tablesaw. A similar discount applies to the price of an MFT-3 Multi-Function table when purchased with a Festool circular saw or Kapex miter saw.
Manufactured by Performax for many years, the popular 16-32 Drum Sander is now made by Jet.
The makers of Hock Tools are well known for their much-sought-after high-quality tool-steel plane irons. Errors regarding pricing and specifications are subject to correction.Some items may sell out and become delayed or unavailable at the advertised price.
The Festool Roadshow will roll into Highland Woodworking's parking lot in Atlanta on Friday, April 15, 2016. Those attending the Festool 2016 Roadshow at Highland Woodworking by noon will be eligible to enter a drawing to win a $300 Highland Woodworking Shopping Spree. These photos are from earlier Festool Roadshow events held in Europe over the past few years. Using these two woodworking jigs you can craft precise mortise and tenon joints in less time than any other method. This is an excellent reason to use first-rate materials and take your time to align the pieces. With a Tenon Jig the cutting results are excellent the process fast and guaranteed safety.

My employer knew very quickly that I didn't know much, but he saw that I had a lot of drive and love for what I was doing. It is made from pieces of Paddock cut from same board just turned a little with each inlay to reflect light. My 2 grandsons are on the top, hand painted on glass and then turned upside down and installed in the top of the box.
Purchase a Festool dust extractor now along with select Festool saws, sanders, routers and jointers and save 10% off the regular price of the vac. Atlanta Ga Atlanta Ga Woodworking Show Woodworking Show it provides precise four-faced tenons of nearly any length and width. I retired 6 years ago and decided to teach myself how to do wood inlay in order to finally make her that table.
With a better-quality jig few mistakes are possible and not much skill is necessary for good results.
There had to be at least three demonstrations going on at one time as I was walking around.
Everything I have done up to this point is learning, which has lead up to my next project of finally creating her a full dining room table and 8 chairs set.

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