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I'd like to start a project but would like some advice on it, AT is generally the only place I look to for advice, but I think for this I'd like to have the depth of knowledge for something specific that a woodworking forum can offer vs AT's very broad base of knowledge but sometimes lacking in depth! Not sure what type of project you are looking to start but I have found great plans and tutorials at Ana White's facebook page and website. The biggest problem with America is not faceless corporate forces; the biggest problem with America is people who blame faceless corporate forces instead of accepting accountability for their own lives. So i'd like to go more in depth than just a 6 hour weekend project, but build something that can last for a long time. My main concern is attaching the table top to the legs, I am reading that a sliding dovetail is the best way to do this, it will allow the table top to expand, is removeable, and requires no glue, screws, nails, etc.
Figure 8s seem too cheap for a nice table that is the centerpiece of a room, maybe for a coffee table or side table you don't want to spend an entire weekend on fastening the top to the legs. Buttons might be okay especially because if I do a farmhouse style table I don't know how a sliding dovetail would end up working.

What looked like a great subject headline about sliding dovetails was behind the membership wall. As far as tools that pertain to this job, I only own a drill for dowels (would buy a dowel jig to get perpendicular dowel holes), a circular saw (was planning on building a rip fence for this). As for the farmhouse suggestion, I think my GF also prefers the farmhouse style, but I would like to construct it without screws if possible, just mortise and tenon joints, dowels, and wood glue.
Since the structure of the table looks really solid, I expect warping to be minimal -- and if you look closely, almost all outdoor furniture is warped at least a little bit. Essentially everything but high end woodworking industrial tools like a jointer, mortiser, things like that. Certainly no visible screws like the ones you can see in the picture, also not interested in plugging what would otherwise be visible screw holes. We offer custom bases in virtually any design and style, including trestle, slab, scaffold, trapezoid, and splayed or tapered legs, in wood, steel, aluminum, and iron. Browse through this slideshow and the portfolio to see examples.

I would need to check all my lumber for face-checking as construction lumber is kiln dried very fast which can stress the wood out. My only reasons for considering for the trestle table is that it would be less wood overall, and the stretcher can be wedged in with no glue, so the top, legs, and stretcher can be disassembled for extremely easy transportation. If that doesn't work, an exterior stain to match the patina can be used a few years down the line. My worry is doing trestle legs that are too simple might make it look a lot more amateur, whereas it would actually be the norm for a farmhouse.

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