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DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I may have to adjust my handle placement (mine is simply screwed together) as I broke most of the boards I pulled off of the one skid I tested it on.
This is a cool little way to split twigs, small branches,and dowels quickly and safely on a table saw!
I have several slightly curved or bent branches that are dry now will this jig put enough force to straiten them out or do I need to soak them or steam them ? Thx for the comments, the side walls can be thinned out both by cutting the exterior thinner by raising tbe blade or the interior can be thinned out as well by moving to jig forward into the blade.. I like your ingenuity but I feel your hands were way too close to the blade at the end when you were cutting miters. Great clamps guys, will have to give them a go, can’t seem to find them for sale in NZ. I watched another video a few days ago of the same thing, but the guy wasn’t using a jig like yours – I give you points for hgh gizmosity! Quite a challenge to figure out a jig to turn a bowl on a table saw, but you pulled it off.

Some of you may remember about 4 months ago i posted pics and video of a simple jig designed to make wood bowls on a table saw.
As A result of my little experiment I built this following Jig and designed it to be very versatile in use with over 48 indexing points on four different fields. For most of my career I have designed and built rustic furniture, and need to find a way to cut twigs in half that was fast efficient and safe this fun little project has served we well for many years.. These shop made toggle clamps come in very handy for use around the shop and on jigs and fixtures.. I do a lot of fine sanding, lathering and routing, this clamp is going to be the first attachment for it.
I’ve enjoyed watching all 52 of your videos, but you really raised the bar on creative jig making with this one.
That jig was an experiment to see how well it would preform and get a better understanding of the stresses, pressures, and dangers. They are not nearly as nice looking as yours, but they only take about 15 minutes to make using the templates that are also pictured. Using the jig i am able to use my table saw to create the traditional parabolic curved shape on the outside of a wood bowl.

Much to my surprise the blade deflection and ware turned out to be much less then the standard cove making method on a table saw. The bark stays on fairly well on a couple of different species of wood but they have to be harvested in winter month when the moister content is at its lowest.
The amount of deflection was less then half and the ware was also considerably less as best as i could measure it anyway.
I designed and made them because I couldn’t find any for sale here in Norway at the time. I love the idea that yours and mine too are dirt cheap to make and work just as good as the commercial ones.

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