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We will send an account activation link to the email address you provide, so please make sure to use a valid address. When looking at Minecraft pictures, I see that lots of people build lots of really neat structures, but I really wonder how they build some structures. To build a sphere for example (one method of many), pick the diameter you want and build up circles as layers. Start with a circle of diameter 7 on the bottom (according to the preceding template, some can vary), as the first "slice" up from the bottom is 7 across. The next slice is 11 across, so you would build a circle of diameter 11 on top, with the same center. Continue on, building circles of diameters 13, 15, 17, 19, 19, 21, 21, 21, and another 21 would be the equator of the sphere. I meant to ask if there is some website besides the minecraft forum where you can find schematics for stuff that people have built in minecraft.

If you're a Bukkit junkie like me, utilize the miraculous in-game editor WorldEdit to generate custom spheres at will.
More complicated structures will require more thought and planning, but by taking things in stages you can break the problem down into more simple steps. Just thought of something else - if you use sand or gravel as scaffolding then it's relatively easy to remove the excess material when you've finished.
Full Glass Empty Clip has a great article on using Google sketchup to model your objects in proper 3D before you go off and build. I try to build the important parts of the structure first (the skeleton of it), and worry about details later.
If you want to make perfect spheres, the 3D plans are available in this Minecraft Forum thread. Use wood for scaffolding or for your base, it will be easily burned and will be little effort.

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2d and 3d brushes (rectangles, circles, spheres), copy and paste, block search and replace, and other functions are available.
MCEdit is good for duplicating existing building blocks, working on curved-in-3D structures, and detail work. By default, output files are saved into the program's folder in My Documents, and they retain the name of the source video. Download YouTube videos as original HD MP4 (High Definition), HQ MP4 (High Quality), FLV or AVI files. You'll be able to play AVI with any video player on your computer. This free Youtube downloader has the batch mode.

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