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In Mongolia a door is made a certain way, a certain size and shape as it works better that way. All the doors that we provide come with a security lock, and the traditional poles for each side of the frame.
The solid looks and rustic finish complement and blend beautifully with the interior of our yurts. When it comes to doors we love to make them how you like them and we look forward to hearing from you. We can supply hand made door hinges, handles and scratch plates, shutter catches for our doors. Hi Rob, I have been meaning to email you for days now to say how much we love our new yurt.
The wood frame of a yurt is long-lasting, and should not have a “wear out” date, just like other wood structures. It’s all about the conditions your yurt lives in- a yurt in the rain forest in Washington faces much different environmental factors than one on a sunny mountainside in the Rockies. Most people get many years of use out of yurt walls, but at some point they will need replacing. We recommend trying to replace the wall and roof fabric at the same time- just for installation ease. We are always happy to answer your questions, take your suggestions or make replacement parts for your yurt. This entry was posted in About Colorado Yurt Company Product, Yurt Questions Answered and tagged alternative housing, buy a yurt, Colorado Yurt Company, environment, mountain yurt, stay in a yurt, work in a yurt, yurt, yurt family, yurts. Following in his brother Ray's footsteps, David came up this summer for ten days of hard work.
In the summer of 2003 I bought six pine doors that had been on some log cabins near Lake Lauderdale.

David spent a good portion of his time here refinishing three of these doors as well as applying Danish oil to some interior wood and preservative to the beautiful exterior doors that Jack built.
Our yurts are simple and easy to pitch and come with an detailed pitching guide and telephone support.
On the road from Ulaan Baatar to a ger camp You would think that China and Mongolia, countries with a lengthy common border and an inextricably linked history would boast at least superficial similarities but this is not the case. As night fell on the grasslands after our afternoon of yurt building, Shirley, my fellow local guides, our guides and I left our nomadic accommodations for nighttime revelry, Inner Mongolia-style. Made to the same functional design as in Mongolia, using modern glues and finishes, and given a special tweak so they not only work brilliantly but they look just right with our beautiful yurts. After studying the yurts and the craftsman from Mongolia and Central Asia we implement their understanding and centuries old  craftsmanship into our doors and door frames.
Neatly fixed to the inside of the door frame the fly screen door allows you to keep the door open and the flies out! The best part of our day is spent talking to our customers and potential customers about yurts (and tipis and tents). Since yurts are covered in fabric, environmental factors play on that fabric in different ways.
If thread is showing through the vinyl, the roof is leaking or your windows are coming apart- it’s probably time to call for a price on replacements. If there wasn’t insulation on the yurt originally, adding roof insulation is much easier when replacing the fabric. Wash fabric walls as needed with a mild soap, such as Ivory Flakes (never pressure wash a yurt, as it can damage the fabric). The doors had been exterior doors but, as the cabins were being renovated, the doors no longer met code as exterior doors. China has the Great Wall, the imperial palaces, ancient cities and centuries of recorded history….

However, Thursday proved to be equally eye-opening, with more hands-on activities and more unique perspectives on local life. In the communal area bordered by yurts, we gathered around a bonfire to watch traditional Mongolian dance and throat singing. The best woods are selected and we use traditional mortice and tenon joints, secured with the traditional wooden pegs, and in addition, for added protection we use high quality boat makers glue to make sure the joints are sealed and they give many years of trouble free life. Hand made door hinges and door handles, shutter catch all of which are hand made at the local forge.
We’ll be using this blog to address some of these common questions and concerns, and hopefully get the word out about these unique and useful structures. We do offer replacement walls and roofs, and can usually fit them to your yurt- (even if you didn’t purchase the yurt from us).
Re-staining or re-coating the doors and outside wood might be necessary every few years, depending upon the climate. It was then a matter of re-shingling the Yurts and completing the shingling of the connecting buildings. The golden shingles on the Studio Yurt are the new ones that were laid to replace those that we had to remove. The height is restricted to allow ease of transport, protection from the wind and, we believe, a better looking yurt. Panel doors come with the hand made hardware found on the Deluxe Rustic Doors and can be painted to your specification.
Our vinyl is seamed with a welder, not thread, (which tends to degrade faster than the fabric around it).

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