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December 6, 2012 by geekmummy 17 Comments A couple of months ago, the geekdaddy and I started the 5:2 diet, as made popular by the Horizon programme investigating the health benefits of intermittent fasting. I’ve lost 2 stone since August and it was a fortnight on Jenny Craig that kickstarted it for me. As you know, Weight Watchers online with the iPhone app worked really well for me cos it actually changed the way I ate long term. Atkins is not for me, simply because it doesn’t seem healthy long term and is clearly a short term solution.
What I want is a StarTrek transporter device, miniaturised, which I can impant into my oesophagus, and transport the naughty things I eat out of my body before they hit my digestive system, and only let through the low calorie and nutritious stuff! If only we loved exercise and just marginally liked food Ruth, life would be so much easier! I wonder if you over-compensated on non-fast days and didn’t have a reduction in weekly calorie intake ?
After a couple of years (coming up to 3) on an Atkins style eating regime my GP says I have the best weight loss and health of his patients, so I wouldn’t be concerned about health. But if you have no self control around food then your doomed to be fat and unhealthy, sorry. I started 5:2 last year (around 5 weeks behind you two mainly because it takes me that long to catch up with stuff we record) and, like you, did it for the health benefits with any possible weight loss as a nice side-effect. However my main reason for commenting is that I’ve read two other interesting snippets which may explain why some are more successful at this than others.
I know I’ve written more about weight loss than the other health benefits, and that those are not and will never be visible, but personally I find eating less on Mondays and Tuesdays easy. We didn’t particularly start it in order to lose weight, rather for the health benefits in terms of decreased risks of cancer, heart disease and other nasties.
I know I need to lose weight, I know I’m overweight, and I know I will be more healthy if I lose weight. I cook sensible meals for the family, I eat my fruit and veg, possibly not five a day, but usually three or four at least.
I refuse to stress about this stuff over Christmas because, let’s face it, there are plenty of other things to stress about over Christmas.

I’m lucky enough to have another month on it at the moment, hoping to lose a stone by the end of it. More than any other diet, the people I know who’ve lost a lot of weight on Atkins have been the ones that have put it back on (and then some) most quickly. BUT I suspect a lot of her success is that, unconsciously, she’s switched back to reduced calorie for the rest of the week too.
I have taken bits and pieces from all of them and I’m sure you will find a path to better health also. I knew you’d come off it from a conversation with John at curry night, but I’m wondering if it might be worth you (both) giving it another try? By Christmas I’d lost a stone at which point I took five weeks off to celebrate and promptly put 10 of those 14 pounds back on again. The first: research published recently has suggested one of the most important aspects of fasting is the timing of meals, not just the calorific intake.
While some derive benefit immediately, it can take others up to 13 weeks to begin to see any change. Bacon and eggs for lunch and a small evening meal from one of the 8 (or so) 300-cal recipes we hunted down, all very tasty and popular, soon becomes a habit.
We discovered that rather than just eating one single meal on a fast day, it helped to have a low calorie cup soup in the evenings to stave off the hunger pangs.
The health benefits are not visible, and it was really difficult to stick to an extreme eating plan without any visible benefit whatsoever.
I did have some blood tests shortly before, because of some health problems, so could do a comparison in the future, when I start it again. This explains why it’s taken me so long to get back on track after Christmas, and I found it boosted my motivation to assume this explained the few weeks of no weight loss.
But the absolute best thing about this diet, for me, is the fact that for the other 5 days I can eat what I like. I know I have a dreadful weakness when it comes to cakes and chocolate, and I know on the whole I eat big portions of things. But when my maternity leave ended I found it impossible to make eating choices at the work canteen that fitted the diet, and the weight came back again.

It involves cereal and a banana for breakfast, a lunchpot (potato or pasta) and salad for lunch and a meal pouch for dinner which is usually pasta or a curry or something.
Then once it becomes a habit, I usually try to bring things more into balance using the principle that it’s the every day things that define us.
The first group became obese (unsurprisingly), while the restricted group LOST weight, and blood tests revealed greatly reduced levels of IGF-1 (or whatever the mouse equivalent is) as mentioned in Moseley’s Horizon. Having been fasting now for an unbroken run of 7 weeks I’m starting to see the weight loss pick up again.
But it was just a couple, and after the first two or three weeks the weight loss stopped completely. In addition to this it tells you to have three snacks a day so a mid-morning snack is usually fruit and low-fat yoghurt, afternoon snack can be the same although they also give you a snack bar or crisps, and then evening can allow for 3 crispbreads and some cottage cheese. Having a kid and going back to work after my maternity leave has wrecked my schedule for exercise so I’m trying to get back to it. I enjoy eating, and no matter how conscious I am of the effect of that doughnut on my waistline, I haven’t yet found a way to stop myself from eating it. Throughout the day it also allows me one or two starches, proteins, fats and dairy products, so I have a pitta bread with my lunch and a quorn sausage chopped up in the salad, and tofu with dinner. If I’m being mindful about it, it means I get to indulge in the really good stuff, but can keep myself from eating handfuls of chocolate chips every afternoon.
I don’t believe I can be doing things so very wrong to have weight loss methods that work for so many other people not work for me.
In the Summer I found it weird to eat so often but it works by keeping your metabolism going throughout the day, so grazing keeps it at a better pace.

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