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Did you know a small red bell pepper delivers 157% of your RDA for Vitamin C for only 4 carbs compared to a medium orange that only delivers 116% for a diet blowing 15 carbs? And within the low carb community there are a lot of people who insist that low carb diets are by far the most healthy, as well as one of the best ways of losing weight.
If you cut the starches but eat masses of butter, cream, sausages, bacon, huge slabs of meat etc., then you will in all likelihood gain weight, or certainly not lose it. Advocates of many low carb diets get a little gung-ho in their approach to food intake and don’t see the results they thought they would. The bottom line is that all diets work on most people if you are simply eating less calories. But if you read the guide to Insulin linked to above then you will  see that there is a very strong case for this approach, if you want to get your body burning fat optimally. If you have totally messed up your Insulin production levels then low carb diets are one of the best ways to get your body back on track and burning fat for fuel as it should.
But for those who are just slightly overweight, or have no issues with Insulin then any calorific deficit should result in weight loss. But cutting carbs out of the equation is still one of the easiest ways to cut calories whilst still being able to eat well. Those that follow the blog, or have bought the huge Lean Ape Living Book, know that our approach is somewhat different to what most people think of as a strict low carb diet. Different approaches work for different people, but there are a number of factors that optimize fat loss for all people.
People think in terms of losing weight, when the reality is that normally they want to lose fat. So the best approach is going to be one where we take advantage of the great fat burning capabilities of a proper low carb way of eating, but also think past this and consider the fact that if we lose weight then we lose muscle too.

It is why although we love eating low carb for a number of days a week we also believe in cheat days; to up the calories, for our own sanity, and we also believe you should up the carb intake on days that you are involved in resistance training. But if you combine going low carb for a number of days a week, with eating higher carbohydrate meals after you perform some hard exercise, then the results of your quest for a better body will be all the better. A better approach may be to consider not just sticking to this one way of eating all the time. If you are clear of medical issues and simply want to lose weight then adopting a low carb lifestyle can see the weight fall off you pretty quickly. At first this may not be the case, water weight lost through going low carb can see some quick changes on the scale.
While a low carb lifestyle may have many health benefits over different options, one of them them being sorting out your Insulin levels to stop fat storage amongst other things, it is not the only way to lose weight.
We like to eat cheaply on a low carb diet, but also mix in more expensive cheat days, and combine this with Intermittent Fasting as well. And personally I think this means that you should not always stick to just your protein, and that you need to think beyond just losing weight.
What many fail to consider is the fact that when you lose weight on a diet you lose muscle as well as fat. If you lose a load of weight without exercising with resistance then you will lose muscle too.
But they are not optimal if you want to get a body that has a great shape to it once the excess weight has been lost. But rather to combine it with exercise and upping your carb intake when you eat after a heavy workout of 30-60 minutes a few times a week.
Preferring to go into ketosis for extended periods, or to stick with foods that only fall under titles such as Paleo or Primal.

And if you do it right then you can eat all of this, be good for most days of the week, and get the great benefits of eating low carb. Before beginning a new exercise regime or diet plan please consult with your own physician. For us the better approach is to always have an open mind, and to always understand there is no perfect solution, or only one solution. But there are also a number of reasons why a low carb diet will not work for you, and this is really the same as for any other diet.
But over time you need to ensure you are in a deficit in terms of overall calories consumed.
And in all likelihood if you do get down to your desired weight you are going to be a little disappointed with what you see in the mirror.
In this way you can lose fat, not muscle, and at the same time develop your body so it looks pretty damn hot too. Although for the most part we do live a relatively Paleo style of life we also like to eat cakes, drink wine, and have a big plate of spaghetti bolognese now and then too. But combined with eating luxury foods now and then, without having to feel guilty or feeling like you are breaking some kind of rule.

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