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The first step to losing weight is to contact me, as i am trained and accredited by the Company.
Research by Propaganda for global weight management programme The Cambridge Diet has lead to the development of six figure integrated marketing campaign. The research was conducted amongst consumers to determine the brand’s position within a saturated marketplace.
With this in mind, and the brand’s objective to deliver slimmers a strong chance of maintaining their weight goals, the programme was re-named ‘Cambridge Weight Plan’, which allowed Propaganda to define the brand strategy. The Leeds agency has created a new visual identity, which has been applied to the brand’s entire range of packaging and marketing collateral, to portray a more modern look. Managing director of Cambridge Weight Plan Eileen Skinner said of the work: “Working with Propaganda has allowed us to gain a real understanding of what consumers want from a weight plan and we can now tailor our messaging to appeal to a wider audience within a heavily competitive market. Through the Cambridge diet plan, one can curb the hunger pangs and therefore it becomes easy to stay away from junk food throughout the day.

A person who plans to start the Cambridge diet plan, should make sure that he undergoes a medical check up on a weekly basis to ensure whether his body is in a healthy state or not.
Cambridge Weight Plan products can be used as the sole source of nutrition for fast, predictable weight loss with nutritional assurance; with conventional food for more gradual weight loss or weight maintenance and nutritional supplementation. In your first meeting we will weigh and measure you and then discuss the range of Cambridge weight management programmes available. This confirmed that one-to-one guidance throughout the programme appealed to the majority of people, and that real life case studies were key motivators. The meals which needs to be consumed when you are on a Cambridge diet plan, is basically pre packaged food items. There have been a lot of controversies around the Cambridge diet plan because it endorses the consumption of just four hundred calories a day, and this is considered to be unhealthy by many doctors as on an average a person needs around twelve hundred calories on a daily basis. Cambridge diet plan can give amazing results, but it should be adopted after weighing all the pros and cons associated with it.

Together we will decide which programme best suits your lifestyle and dieting needs – a major factor in maintaining motivation and achieving long-term success.
Medical supervision is necessary for people who are on Cambridge diet plan so that if the doctor detects that the diet plan is not sufficient for the normal functioning of the system then it needs to be stopped right away. According to statistics, around sixteen million people have got positive results with the usage of the Cambridge diet plan. If the Cambridge diet plan suits your body then losing weight will not be a difficult task anymore. This diet plan is preferred by many people, as it has been present in the market for more than thirty years and over time it has created a good reputation for itself.

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