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Through the rapidly increasing amount of information, messaging, reviews and data online, we know that consumers are presented with more options than ever before. When considering what and when we’re delivering to customers, we need to keep in mind that most consumers are now doing their research through multiple platforms.
It’s something that the advertising industry has excelled at for years and something that the digital world can certainly learn from.
To fully answer these questions, let’s take a look at the restaurant dining experience. Clearly establishing who is going to be using the interface, identifying their wants and desires surrounding your product, and then mapping out their decision making process are things that can’t be overlooked in your planning process. This becomes easier to accomplish when we consider all of our customer touch points throughout the decision making process and specifically what they’ll be looking for at that point.
After identifying what environment or device consumers will be on at any given point along the way, remove all unnecessary options along that path, giving them exactly what they need at each step—no more, no less.
Cake Batter Truffles: These truffles taste decadent and rich—and just like real batter!—but don’t involve raw eggs (or baking!). So I scoured the Internet for some other wonderful no-bake desserts that feature fun summer flavors so YOU TOO can look like a rock star. I created this dessert with the intention that you can make it ahead of time and keep it in the freezer. My mom's favorite candy bar is an Almond Joy, so I love finding recipes what play with those flavors. I like the idea of serving milkshakes after a dinner party and having everyone make their own.
Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Like the choco taco, the frozen dessert pizza is a brilliant mash-up of comfort food and ice-cold treat. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! The last thing anyone wants to do on a hot day is bake — cranking on the oven when it's already sweltering outside sounds so unappealing.

Thanks, I needed some ideas since I have quite a sweet tooth at certain times of the month. As a result they are becoming more and more savvy and resourceful to research products and services that they’re interested in. Whether it’s through their laptop browsers, iPads, Blackberrys or iPhones, the need to develop smart user experiences and intuitive interfaces on every platform is greater than ever. Generally, once someone sits down to eat, you have their full attention and their commitment to spend money with you. Can you imagine sitting down for dinner at your favorite restaurant and having your waiter ask you what you would like to drink, and then immediately ask what you think you’ll want for dessert later on?
Much like how they stage your dining experience, in web and mobile experiences, our approach needs to be as equally simplistic. The end result will be smaller bounce rates, more sales, customers who feel like you understand their needs, and hopefully as a result, more word of mouth referrals. In this article we touch briefly on all aspects of Interaction Design: the deliverables, guiding principles, noted designers, their tools and more.
Then when it's time to serve it you simply add a fizzy drink and enjoy the watermelon slush. It's not like you really need a "recipe" for a no-bake dessert, but this book has so many great ideas and it's really nice to have them all in one place. Plus, more easy treats to make when it's so hot out that turning on the oven just isn't an option.
The recipe, from Angela Liddon's The Oh She Glows Cookbook, begins with a Rice Krispies Treat-like crust made from crisped rice cereal, sweetener and cocoa powder. That's where no-bake desserts come in; they easily satisfy a sweet tooth, no oven required.
Even if you think you can handle the heat -- that baking your special pan of brownies is more than worth it -- you'll soon regret your foolish decision. Ultimately they’re becoming wiser with how they are making their buying decisions and more demanding to have the information they need, when they need it. For whatever reason, they’ve chosen to engage in a dining experience at your restaurant.

You likely have enough trouble trying to figure out what you want for a main course, or if you even want an appetizer. An example of this would be someone looking up your website on their way to your store in hopes of finding your address. Even if you're an interaction designer yourself, give the article a read and share your thoughts. A fun alternative: host your own no-bake dessert party and invite friends to indulge their sweet tooth! So I grabbed a new book I just got, “101 Gourmet No-Bake Desserts in a Jar” and found a recipe I love! And because there's no baking involved, they usually take minutes to make and omit the need for overly processed ingredients. Here are 36 no-bake desserts that are about to make your summer cool, comfortable and seriously delicious.
In our case, what information and options do we need to provide them with to move them to the next step towards their purchase decision?
In the same way, once someone lands at a website, mobile site, iPhone app, or any user experience that you’ve provided, you have their full attention. When it came time for dessert I just reached in the fridge pulled out a big ol’ trifle that seriously took no time at all, and then I looked like a rock star. The toppings are up to you, but Liddon suggests an almond butter-chocolate-maple drizzle, sliced almonds, cacao nibs and coconut.
Whether you follow a raw, vegan, or gluten-free diet, one of these desserts will surely satisfy.
Now all you have to do is keep their attention and walk them down the path that you’ve carefully planned and thought through.

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