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These simple exercises are effective in part because they can be done any time (morning, midday, and evening) and almost anywhere. Similar to the earlier article 4 Exercise Routine for Beginners, here is the follow up for those who are at the more advanced level of weight loss and fitness.
As you may have noticed, the routine is still spread throughout an entire week, but what the numbers have increased.
This workout routine will certainly take your fat burning to the next level and position you for success.

Posted in Daily Workout Tagged Exercise routine for beginners, weight loss, workout routine, workout tips. For many people who have decided to make that weight loss change, this exercise routine for beginners is the perfect workout guide for making that life change. This four week schedule is designed to take you from the bottom while gradually improving your fitness and fat burning.
The chart above gives you daily exercises to do, so now the secret to getting the best results from this is,  all in one word ….

Posted in Daily Workout Tagged exercise routine, Exercise routine for beginners, workout plan.
All bodyweight exercises that don’t require much space, so you can even do them in a dorm room!

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