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An ambitious 21-year-old woman who weighs nearly 400 pounds embarks on a one-year challenge in hope of losing weight.
A former professional football player who weighs 531 pounds wants to get in shape before meeting the son he didn’t know he had; a 313-pound camp counselor named Panda feels out of place in his adopted family.
FRIENDSSpecial thanks to all independent cappers: err0001, TM, Reb, XS, tNe, wrcr, Reb, MW, pwe, JannaJives, GF, SHO, bigfish5, loadstone2k12, thirteen28, CLDD, RKSTR and anonymous other cappers and suppliers. Chris Powell helps a 32-year-old woman who cares for her 2 young children and sick husband on top of working full time.

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: LaRhonda LaRhonda is a 24-year-old who has an addiction to eating.
At the 90-day weigh-in, Chris takes a look at her new number and says that he's "really sorry." Yeah, sorry he's so good at his job! Chris moves out of the house and leaves it up to LaRhonda to lose 60 pounds in another 90 days. Despite her bad habits, she looks amazing when Chris comes back into town at the end of Phase Two.

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