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Women in India are obsessed with looking good for the day, not just for an event of importance. Typical Indian eyes, most of which are large, would be beautifully accentuated with brown and charcoal shadows for evenings when you have a party to attend. Natural skin tone colors are something no one can ever go wrong with, irrespective of their skin, hair, or eye colour. When you start off your day, which is in the morning, you would want to stick to the basic and simple tones of ivory and peach, if at all. Large eyes, which most men look for and women in India wish for, would require three shades of the same colour – a dark one to fill the shadows, a medium one to give the mid tones and the light one to add highlights. Neutral colors like taupe, peaches and even browns are all great colors that go fantastic with brown eyes, and you can just go with eyeliner in these colors too, that will really highlight your eyes.
Metallic tones like gold, bronze, browns and even pinks are all colors that can truly make your brown eyes stand out that much more. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Smokey eye makeup is for pushing the idea of your beautiful eyes shine and make it look more glamorous.
My eyes are hazel , tgey go back and forth from green to brown and green depending on my mood and color if clothing. In fact, use eye make up in the morning only if your eyes colour or skin colour is too pale or you may look sleepy and you want to look alert. In addition there are yellow eyeshadow, purple and black eye makeup, shimmery rainbow eyeshadow, glitter makeup for beuty eyes, and so forth. Therefore, knowing exactly the colors that highlight your features is essential to obtain an attractive, glamorous look.

I use eyeshadow colors for brown or green eyes depending on wich color u want to accent that day. They ask their husbands to get them imported makeup kits and try to make use of each of the cosmetics arranged in front of them, irrespective of whether they know its use or not. You could begin by brushing on a colour very similar to your natural skin colour all over the eye lid to form a base.
You could pair it with a conventional black or brown mascara to give that extra dramatic look to your eyes. This makeup ideas that are present as a good idea for you, the women who want to remain stylish while certain formal events.
This makes it a lot easier for females with brown eyes to determine what color eyeshadow for brown eyes, they should try because any of the hues will definitely look great.Choosing the Right Eye Shadow ColorThe most common colors females with brown eyes use include purple, peach, gold, brown, and bronze.
Read our tips to learn more about which eyeshadows will bring out your eye color and create a stunning makeup for every occasion.
There is, however, one product of this lot that remains unused for most of the time – the eyeshadow section. But if one wants to try other great hues of different colors, then she should not be afraid of trying out new ones. Like the neglected sections of the Indian society that find it hard to keep the faith of someday coming into mainstream, the eyeshadow section of a woman’s vanity case is always turned a blind eye to by women who do not have the time to learn its technique. But to be truthful, learning to wear eye shadow needs practice and thus most women shy away from it. For more details, you can apply some makeup colors for your beautiful eyes with respect to the image below. Also, they do not know which eye shadow will suit them best and which eye shadow would look best with their skin tone and eyes.

For those who are trying to experiment with new looks, consider trying out the following colors.Vibrant blue eye shadow. This is perfect for those playful females who are not satisfied with just wearing the same old natural look they have.Purple mascara.
With any shade of eye shadow, purple mascara will surely highlight eye shadow making the eyes pop.
Brown eyed females wona€™t have to bother creating a dramatic feel because the mascara alone can handle it.Greenish gold. It can improve the looks of the eyes by animating it without exaggerating.Copper, like taupe or bone colors, can give a neutral shade that will emphasize natural shading.
It will help highlight the eyes while adding a textured look and shimmer.Warm Metallic Shade. It can complement any sort of eyeliner and even clothes.For brown-eyed women, all sorts of colors will surely work.
But the best thing to keep in mind is for her to feel comfortable whatever look she will be trying out.
This is simply because a female with a confident look will always look beautiful regardless of all the makeup on her face.
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