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Following the 7 day diet plan is the recipe for a delicious vegetable soup, perfect for this time of year. If you have lost more than 17 lbs, stay off the diet for a minimum of two days before following it again. There is NO bread, alcohol, carbonated drinks (including diet sodas), and absolutely no fried food allowed. Put all the above in a large pot, season with salt and pepper, curry, parsley, or if desired hot sauce.
What fad diets have you heard of that might have good recipes but would be silly to follow for an extended period of time? That seems to be the perfect one for me, I’m doing a hard diet right now and I had been searching for nice fat burning recipes for a couple of days when I found your article. I look at it as a wonderful veggie soup that fills me up and just happens to help me shed a few pounds in the process.
I wanted to take my love of not only cabbage soup, but my love of tortilla soup and add the two recipes and turn them into one wonderful, filling, fat blasting soup!
All you do is throw everything into a large soup pot, bring to boil, then simmer until all the veggies are tender.
Update: I forgot to note that often when I make this, I will add all the vegetables except the cabbage and cook until tender then puree the veggie mixture. Many of you have been interested in the cleanse I posted about a few weeks back so I thought I’d show you the “Extremely Healthy Fat Burning Soup” recipe.

I’m sticking loosely to the cleanse this week to get beach body ready and pairing it with lots of Pure Barre, of course. This recipe is my loose version of Clean Eating friendly by getting whole wheat macaroni noodles and including lots of veggies.
Here’s what the cleanse booklet has to say about this soup, “This soup is intended as a supplement to your diet. If followed correctly, it gives you a feeling of well being by making you feel lighter and more energetic.
If you are not a vegetarian, eat 10 – 20 ounces of beef and a can of tomatoes or as many as 6 tomatoes on this day.
You can even have 2 to 3 steaks if you like with green leafy vegetables but no baked potato. You are allowed black coffee, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit drinks, cranberry juice, and skimmed milk. I remember the lady thought we were crazy the day we went to the store and bought tons of bananas. The hubs and I are super excited to be going down to a friend’s beach place this weekend for Memorial Day.
This recipe does involve a lot of chopping and dicing of veggies so I usually cut up the veggies the night before and then get the soup together the next day so it doesn’t take a large chunk out of my afternoon. Eating a cup of bran or fiber is beneficial with this diet and, although black coffee is allowed, the craving for coffee might not exist after the third day.

Bananas are higher in calories and carbohydrates as is the milk, but on this day, your body needs potassium and carbs, proteins and calcium to lessen cravings for sweets. Usually I’ll make the Cleanse Fat Burning Soup and split it with a friend doing the cleanse with me or you can freeze half of it for later if you want.
I’m pretty sure if Eric had a nickel for every time I said “I’m so excited for the beach!” he’d be a rich man by now. It is cholesterol free and virtually fat free.” Recipe yields 16 servings at 1 cup each and has 158 cals per serving.
Add tomatoes, sage, thyme, oregano, pepper, and bay leaf Cover & cook over med heat 20 mins.
If you’re looking for more recipes like this, check out eMeals and they’ll plan your menus, recipes, and grocery list for you! The diet DOES NOT allow drinking alcoholic beverages at any time due to the reduction of fat.

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