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Frittatas are great when reheated and are very filling but light enough for a nice meal at work that won’t have you dragging half way through the day. It’s great to save money and lose inches off my waistline on my way to becoming a millionaire.
Thanks, yeah I can definitely tell based on the scale that taking my lunch is helping with the health.
Snack pockets. We love these little snack pockets for our lunchboxes, but they also work well for parties! Here are some ideas that don’t involve lots of sugar, artificial stuff and cheap plastic. Mini boxes of dried fruit. Try to find organic ones as regular dried fruit often contains sulphur dioxide.
Playdough. So easy to make a batch of homemade playdough – colour with some beetroot or spinach for a really natural dough! Colouring-in pages. Print off some colouring in pages to suit your theme, roll them up and tie with string. Bits and Bobs from The Eco Party Box. Crystals, eco-balloons, alpaca wool finger puppets (pictured)  pencils, notebooks and wooden whistles. A tip if you don’t want your child to have a party bag from a party, is to tell them you will swap it for a healthy treat at home.  How else do you handle this? Wow Sonia, all this stuff is going to be so good as a ready reference on your easy to navigate blog! Also, if you can find some good yoghurt covered berries or sultanas are like chocolate to little ones! Loving the kids week themes NNAM I have some reading to catch up on as I have been away for a few week! Let them pack it themselves!  Have I ever told the story of when Nathan traded his entire lunch for ONE candy corn?  True story!  From that day forward, I started making my kids pack their lunches, so they would want to keep what they brought, since they chose what they brought.  They can do this as young as kindergarten, I promise! Keep snack foods in a single location that are reserved just for lunches.  These can include homemade granola bars, single serving string cheese, single serving yogurt tubes (pre-frozen and by lunch they are still cold and ready to eat. I am taking my son’s last year of preschool as practice this year, packing lunch three days a week and making it healthy AND fun!
I ask my daughter what she wants and then pack her lunch in a Bento so that I can make sure I hit all the food groups- somehow it’s easier to see if I got them all in those separated containers! I like to wrap a few pieces of ham or turkey around a cheese stick & secure with a toothpick.

Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. My favorite little trick in preparing my lunch is the storage container I use to prepare my lunches.
The average lunch costs around $7 to dine out where most of the options below will only cost $2-3 per servings.
You can precook multiple breasts at one time at the start of the week and then slice them up and toss them in a salad, shred them for tacos or even a Chick-Fil a style chargilled sandwich, there’s tons of possibilities! Try making a large batch on the weekend in your crock pot then save some in the fridge for the week and freeze your leftovers in ziplock bags for easy weeknight dinners or future lunches. Just like wraps the possibilities are endless; chicken salad, hummus and veggies, egg salad, lunch meat, anything.
Pack over all of the leftovers from a nights meal in individual containers and you already have at least a days worth of lunch ready if not more. You can add in sliced carrots, zucchini, and whatever else your pretty little heart desires. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
I’d like to up my savings, put a down payment on a house and I plan to open a betterment account here soon. You can certainly still participate in the party bag tradition in a much healthier and eco-friendly way. If you are clever on the Janome, whip up some little cloth drawstring bags – these can be re-used by the kids to store their treasures. They are 100% cotton and canvas fabric, ethical and eco-friendly. The Natural New Age Girl is in love with the little birdy print! It’s old-fashioned, but it teaches kid’s good manners and to focus on the fun time spent with friends, rather than just presents!
I have hungry caterpillar theme with paper bags matching… The popcorn butterflies will be perfect!! The (wiggles-coloured paper) loot bags had a bubble stick, homemade playdough (the 4 wiggle colours in snack size zip lock bags), unpopped popcorn with instructions how to make on stove, circus stickers, reusable & recyclable plastic cups with lids, and homemade ribbon twirlers (chopsticks with wiggle coloured ribbons and bells attached at the ends). Something I’ve done in the past for party bags is buy a box set of small books and divide it between the bags. A small water bottle (8 ounce size) is usually sufficient for my kids.  Nate always wanted to bring a quarter and purchase a milk in the cafeteria, which I obliged to.  You can also fill the 8 ounce water bottle with homemade juices!

I like that you provide a number of options and substitutes to make one simple little adjustment to a basic sandwich. One of the main downsides though is being at a desk for 8 hours and not having many options to eating healthy. Use whole wheat tortillas as your base, if you use canned beans be sure to rinse them, add a lean meat if you want, all the veggies and some fat-free shredded cheese. If you are not so good at sewing (like me), just cut some circles of fabric, load your goodies in and tie up with a pretty ribbon or string.
There is everything from fold up cars, fairy mobiles, bookmarks and an awesome vegetable colouring in! But having said this I too remember how relieved the parents were that they didn’t have out of control children after consuming the contents. Treat inside where, eraser, pencil, mini lego set (of ebay), stickers, printed of a Star Wars Activity Book, Organic lollie pop and small pk of Ovaltinies. I made 18 sub sandwiches the other day (4 kids plus husband pack lunches) and then cut up a bunch of carrots and celery and put them in baggies! We’ve even agreed that if she changes her mind after a couple weeks of brown bags we will go out and get a lunch bag to use.
I sent a half sandwich, an apple, a juice and a cookie and my 1st grader didn’t even have time to get through that today.
From breakfast bagels to birthday lunches, food temptations at the office can easily be the downfall of any diet. That’s a Caribbean vacation for us single folks or a nice chunk of change to help get your family to Disney world. Packing your desk and your lunch bag full of healthy snacks can help offset the temptation to grab something out of the candy bowl. My kids go back tomorrow and tonight they will be packing their lunches by themselves so it’s what they like. Filling your body with wholesome foods will also give you a whole heap of energy, especially when the afternoon slump starts to set in.

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