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GA Foods offers high-quality, nutritious frozen home delivered meals in bulk and our Total Meal System packs for Meals On Wheels programs nationwide. For great tasting, nutritious meals, GA Foods has a solution that is as convenient as it is delicious.
Choose a category below to see our options, nutritional information and product specifications. My family and I received food boxes after Hurricane Wilma; we were so relieved to have some food.
The carrot salad with the cold sandwich meals was a big, big hit!!!  Clients are asking for more of it. Family Chef brings you America's most popular website for prepared Gourmet Meals, USDA Choice Premium Aged Steaks, Ocean Fresh Seafood and Special Diet Meals. Something for Everyone - Choose from a menu having a large variety of prepared Gourmet meals or from a Special Diet menu designed to promote good health through nutritionally balanced meals. Everything from side dishes for your BBQ or dinner party to complete meals for when you don’t have the time to cook. Whether you're a senior looking to simplify meal preparation or a loved one who wants to help a family member, Senior Meals are an easy solution for maintaining good health through well balanced meals. Prepared Weight Loss Meals are perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced by food experts.

Your guests will love to linger over coffee while enjoying a restaurant quality indulgence. He then called his office and they contacted my case manager who was able to send help to get my heater fixed. Thank you. My new case manager with United Health Care will contact you to continue to deliver frozen meals to my home, only now through UHC. Sharon Cornish for the wonderful job they do on a daily basis to prepare and deliver food to our students at The Academy of Scholars. In the past, when her husband had fallen, Mike helped him off the ground on multiple occasions. She was feeling ill after a doctor appt and Jack was there at a crucial time to help her get to the sofa without falling. It’s a big morale booster getting away from the whole routine of eating MRE’s 3 times a day.
All prepared meals are shipped and delivered fully-cooked, flash frozen to lock-in freshness and go from freezer-to-table in minutes. Your friends will be impressed when you offer them a Ham and Spinach Quiche appetizer before dinner. You'll find a treasure of great prices, all time favorites – and perhaps a few gems you may not have tried before.

Hand-trimmed Beef and Steaks have superior marbling and surpass the quality of even the most popular of local and online steak retailers.
Whether it's coffee with friends or a family gathering, you'll find a dessert for every occasion. For a long time, Dorothy’s primary diet consisted of popcorn three or more times per day – but not because she loved the snack. We had no grocery stores opened until over a month after Katrina, and couldn’t get to out of town groceries. Chef prepared meals and meal plans also make a wonderful gift with home delivery nationwide. Without your support these special  events we host for Senior Adults in Augusta  would not happen!

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