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Atkins aficionados, Paleo enthusiasts, and Dukan devotees, you may want to reconsider what's on your plate.
Researchers at the University of Southern California's Davis School of Gerontology believe high protein consumption in middle age could mean a much higher risk of death from cancer and diabetes.
The study also pinpointed animal proteins as the culprit behind the 74 percent increased risk of death within the study period, from any cause.
The USC study defined low-protein diets as those where 10 percent of calories or less come from protein, and high-protein diets as those with 20 percent or more calories coming from protein. A recent study, published in the journal Diabetologia, found high protein diets improve blood sugar control in diabetics without negatively affecting the kidneys. For the research 37 patients – both male and female – with type-2 diabetes either received the high protein diet with animal-based protein or a high protein diet with plant-based protein. Authors of the study concluded, “In diabetic subjects, the six-week high-protein diet leads to an improvement in glucose metabolism and decrease in liver fat independently from the protein source. The authors suggest larger studies need to be conducted in order to further prove their findings. On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional. Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How do I clean mold out of carpet fiber? The ideal protein intake for weight loss and maintenance has been extremely controversial for more than 40 years. Be sure to read ‘Sharper Than Ever’ every month online and in the print magazine and follow Shannon on Twitter and Facebook.
While high-protein diets have been all the rage over the last few years for their waist-whittling goodness, a new study says they could be as bad for you as smoking. The study followed 6,318 adults from a variety of ethnicities and health histories over two decades and found those with diets high in animal proteins were just as likely to die as a result of cancer as a regular smoker, according to a university release.
Even when controlling the amount of fats and carbs in the participants' diets, high animal protein diets had negative health effects. High-protein diets could actually be beneficial after age 65, when IGF-I levels naturally level off.

Health experts stress that these diets are deceivingly high in saturated fats and low in fiber, which could mean high cholesterol and an increased risk of heart disease or stroke.
But even moderate-protein diets in middle age were shown to result in three times the likelihood of death from cancer.
Even slight increases in IGF-I have been shown to significantly increase the chances of cancer-related death. Previous research has shown positive and negative effects of a high protein diet for diabetics. Insulin resistance only improved in the group which ate the animal protein diet, but the plant protein group had a significant reduction in plasma creatinine – this means their kidney function improved. No statement herein is to be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, preventative, or cure for any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state. Researchers from McMaster University in Canada pooled the results of 74 studies that examined the effects of protein intake on body composition and health. Other researchers, however, say that there simply hasn't been enough research to draw this conclusion.
People over 65 with a high- or moderate-protein diet are actually less susceptible to chronic disease. In 2010, a study found a direct link between high-protein diets and high rates of lung and colorectal cancers in men.
For the latest findings, researchers used two high-protein diets with the same amount of calories, but one with animal-based protein and the other with plant-based protein. Prior to the start of the diet, and once again at the end, various tests were administered to measure parameters. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Foods and Drugs Administration or Health Canada.
A low-protein diet will aid in reducing the residue from protein metabolism that the kidneys need to filter. Compared to normal diets, high-protein diets resulted in greater weight loss as well as reduced body mass index, blood pressure, insulin and triglycerides. Diets high in plant-based proteins, however, including foods like beans, lentils, and nuts, did not have the same dangerous effects as animal proteins.

The health of Atkins Diet founder, Robert Atkins, was also cause for concern, as he had a history of heart attack and heart failure before his 2003 death. Researchers wanted to compare the effects the diets had on metabolism function and liver fat. Cats with chronic renal failure often do not eat enough, so it is helpful if the low-protein cat food is also high in calories. Researchers found no effects on markers of blood sugar metabolism (blood glucose, hemoglobin A-1 C).
Cats have unique nutritional requirements, and cannot synthesise taurine, niacin or arachidonic acid, so their diets must provide these nutrients. It is especially important for cats suffering from chronic renal failure to receive all essential nutrients. The study concluded that high-protein diets had a positive effect on body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Ron Hines, DVM, veterinarians are unsure as to the efficacy of very low protein diets, and some commercial kidney care brands have increased the protein level to 18%. Canned food also tends to be less calorie-dense than dry food, but it also has more water, which helps the kidneys flush out toxins. Canned foods often appear to be lower in protein than dry food, but this is often because of the diluting effect of the added water.
Heating up the food or adding clam juice or low-salt chicken broth to the food often will induce a cat to eat. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
The veterinarian may also prescribe a longer-term maintenance cat food containing restricted levels of protein, phosphorus and sodium, and increased levels of fat and vitamins and minerals. Meat, poultry, fish and dairy products are high in phosphorus, and you should avoid feeding them to the cat.

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