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However, for people who are afraid of surgery or who think the idea is just too radical, there soon may be a new option. Doctors at certain Allegheny Health Network hospitals are studying a balloon that takes up space in your stomach.
Some rare risks include injury to the esophagus and the inserts deflating on their own and blocking the intestines.
The device is approved in Europe, but studies must be done in the United States for FDA approval. Half will get the actual balloon, while the other half will get a balloon made of sugar, which will simply dissolve in the stomach.
To qualify, you must be between 20 and 60 years of age with a body mass index of 30 to 40 and no prior bariatric or abdominal surgery. Throughout his career, Dave has visited many towns and has enjoyed learning about community activities and interests. Seven people here at KDKA-TV have lost significant weight and they’re all on the same diet. But this time, he hopes his own story will inspire others because he has lost 55 pounds over the past six months. Paul lost nine inches around his waist, went off his cholesterol medicine and cut his blood pressure medicine in half. A critical part of the Ideal Protein Diet is the food journal, individual counseling, classes and weekly weigh-ins.
Joyce Freeman of Bridgeville still weighs in monthly, a year after she lost 65 pounds on the program. Now that she’s lost the weight, Danielle went to Kennywood and the beach for the first time in years. The program costs $325 to get started and then costs $84 a week for the weight-loss portion.
Brooks said she did eat better and drank about three liters of water a day, but she did not exercise. She explains that Vanquish is designed for people who are already healthy, but have that extra layer of fat they can’t get rid of through diet and exercise. It was a leap sweeps this year, with local Nielsen ratings confirming KDKA-TV's strength in news broadcasts from lunchtime on.
Adam Brock, 27, was not among the top 10 vote-getters from earlier in the week, and was not one of the judges' three wild card choices.
KDKA-TV news anchor Susan Koeppen is scheduled to undergo surgery next week to repair a faulty heart valve. The PBS Online Film Festival will showcase 20 short independent films produced by a number of public broadcasting organizations. Del's Bar & Ristorante DelPizzo has been a fixture on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield for more than a half-century.

By turning the camera lens on his own struggles, John Kaplan created a beacon for others dealing with cancer. Growing up in the segregated south of Little Rock, Ark., Chris Moore lacked career role models. Life was getting pretty busy for Augie Malekovich; he wanted to spend more time with family and was starting a new career. INDIANAPOLIS -- Three decades after his Coke commercial won advertising's version of the Oscar, Joe Greene and his No. Queen of darkness Sharon Needles didn't realize she had the capacity to be shocked anymore. Whenever there's a new TV show from veteran writer David Milch, there is reason for some excitement, or at least curiosity.
It's a busy weekend in TV land with an unusually full Friday night of new programming. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you’ve made your New Year’s resolution to get in shape, you’re in luck. If you’re just starting out or you have back, hip or knee problems an elliptical is a great alternative to a treadmill. Spin bikes provide a good interval workout Consumer Reports recommends the Diamondback 510ic for $800. PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – For some people, losing weight may take more than just diet or exercise. Now, weight loss is going high-tech with new gadgets promising the end of diets, exercise regimens and even surgery. The scale tells you how much food to eat over how much time and if you eat too fast, it gives you a warning. Studies show eating slower, smaller portions and taking fewer bites can help you lose weight.
The Mandometer was originally developed for people with eating disorders, but is now being offered for regular weight loss. Because of that, you still need a referral from a Mandometer clinic to be eligible for the scale. The Bite Counter is available online for anyone, but it’s very expensive at almost $800. For both KDKA and Antkowiak it's a pretty smart, savvy move, so much so that when I first got the news I exclaimed something in shock and then chuckled. KDKA desperately needs to get some ratings traction in the morning, the only time slot where the station is an also-ran. One possible downside: As the Julie Bologna experiment at WPXI has shown, you can't always go home again.
KDKA can avoid such perceptions because Antkowiak isn't pushing anyone well-established out (some may argue that Stephanie Watson, who has been filling in mornings and will now return to weekends, gets the short end of the stick, but she was a fill-in and never guaranteed to get the job).

Time will tell if hiring Antkowiak will help improve KDKA's ratings in the mornings, but it's hard to imagine that it could hurt. A morning co-anchor for Antkowiak has not yet been named -- this would be the replacement for Keith Jones, whose departure preceded Abatta's -- and probably will not be until after Antkowiak's late-September debut. KDKA-TV is joining forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Pittsburgh to give you the best Pittsburgh has to offer. They stay there for six months, and then they are deflated and removed with a tube through the mouth. Yeah, you have to have a higher BMI to qualify for surgery, but we know there are millions, actually 50-60 million people out there who need help who are either overweight, or have class one obesity, who have diabetes and other medical problems, that they are struggling and need some help,” Dr. Maria Simbra is a multi award-winning medical journalist, who brings a unique set of skills to her position as medical reporter on KDKA-TV. So, the outcomes are what our focus is and they’re predictable, repeatable and measurable,” Ideal Protein Regional Director Mary Brown said. She can be seen hosting Pittsburgh Today Live, anchoring KDKA-TV News at 5pm alongside Ken Rice and doing special reports for the evening newscasts. In addition to the treatment, Brooks was instructed on how to eat healthier, told to start exercising and asked to drink lots of water. In my problem area, I saw it immediately, and that kind of kept me excited to keep going to try to eat healthy,” Brooks said. Johnston, son of former Penguins coach and general manager Ed Johnston, is among the show's executive producers.
It's a potentially brilliant move but one I never considered because 1) Antkowiak had completely fallen off my radar; 2) I wasn't sure KDKA would welcome her back after what could have been perceived as disloyalty after her departure. Bologna failed to raise ratings at Channel 11 and viewer resentment began to crop up when she was perceived by some viewers as pushing out Mike LaPoint, who got moved to mornings.
Her "Jennifer" show on WTAE, which will now disappear, never made her into a local "Oprah." A morning news anchor slot is a better position from which to launch her second book on care-giving, due out in October. Antkowiak will not anchor at noon but she may fill in on evening newscasts and do some reporting for those broadcasts. We're obsessed with things that aren't here anymore, to borrow a Rick Sebak title, whether it's giving directions ("turn left where the Sunoco used to be") or recycling a familiar face. Join us on-air or online for Pittsburgh’s up-to-the-minute news talk, weather and traffic reports.
Sportsradio 93-7 The Fan is Pittsburgh’s broadcast home for Pirates Baseball as well as Pitt Football and Men’s Basketball.

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