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This is a motivational post written to deliver the personal secrets of how my wife & I have successfully trimmed our grocery budget along with our waistlines! Above is a picture of me at my new weight.  I know, it’s a terrible picture, but the best I could do with a self portrait on a cell phone! Start with smaller portions – when dishing up your meals consciously give yourself a smaller portion. Preplan grocery shopping – My wife & I make a list based on what we need for our weekly menu and we stick to this list! Things get progressively easier – The longer you eat healthy, the less you crave bad foods.
As for team BETA & the PF Blogger Weight Loss Challenge…I hope this helps us win!  GO BETA!
Matt has written 321 articles for Debt Free Adventure!Matt created Debt Free Adventure to help people pay off debt so they can build wealth and give generously.
I am noticing some side effects to this challenge… I’ve hardly had any time for blogging!
This will help…when you do slip, make sure you simply pick yourself back up and continue to push toward your goal. This is an excellent common sense alternative to a formal diet and I’d like to work it into my routine. Yeah, it’s amazing how many times you can eat the same foods, but turn them into totally different meals just by switching up spices, veggies added, and or cooking methods! Thank you for the encouragement & systematical backing bro, I know you’re the expert! People should change their eating habit, not keep going on diets, what do you do when you finish your diet, you’re back to your eating habit which got you into trouble in the first place. Well said Bart, that is the exact philosophy my wife & I have adopted and the advice we give to others. Great site, as an insurance health broker i see education as the way forward the weight loss and diet industry is full of rubbish designed just to releave people of there money great site.
I’ve also changed my diet (without being overweight) and the results are similar to yours. Butter, cheese, eggs, popcorn, and ice creame are only bad if eaten from cows and chickens that are raised improperly.
For the last two months, during work hours, I have been drinking only water from my Nalgene water bottle.
A healthy workforce is a more productive one1, so how can busy people make changes to their diet that will keep the weight off in the long term?

A healthy, engaged workforce is better for business1, and being a healthy weight is important for overall health. To put it simply, if you want to lose weight, you need to burn off more calories than you take in from food and drink3. Around 600 calories a day is the general recommendation (although if you usually eat much more than you need, you may have to cut out more)4.
Consuming fewer calories doesn't always mean eating less, it can just mean choosing different types of food. For example, instead of snacking on crisps and cakes, satisfy your hunger with bread, potatoes, rice and pasta at mealtimes.
It's important not to 'crash diet' and lose weight too quickly as it won't help you to keep off the weight in the long run. Barriers to and Facilitators of Long Term Weight Loss Maintenance in Adult UK People: A Thematic Analysis.
Obesity: Identification, assessment and management of overweight and obesity in children, young people and adults.
They have an awesome program for the Average Joe to save and invest simply and effectively. And drinking it out of one container all the time (instead of just using whatever cups or mugs are around) has helped me reinforce the habit visually and tactilely. Rates & offers from advertisers shown on this website may change without notice: please visit referenced sites for current information. Losing even a few pounds can make a significant difference in the overall health of the body, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as improving the function and health of the entire cardiovascular system.
It can also help to increase the amount of physical activity you do – especially if your calorie intake is too high4. As soon as you stop restricting your calorie intake, you'll probably put the weight straight back on6. This way, your body will still get the fuel it needs while you make some improvements to your diet that will help you to keep the weight off – for good.
In the interest of continuously improving our services to members, we may record or monitor our calls. I specialize in weight loss for men and woman and for woman after giving birth, I always tell people your diet is only temporary, its the way you live your new life with your new weight that counts.
I’ve replaced these with 4% cheese or dry cottage cheese and trans-fat free olive-oil based margarine.
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Losing weight may also play a huge part in reducing blood glucose levels and helping the body control these levels more effectively, an important benefit if the individual is pre-diabetic or has diabetes.
What we need, says Bupa dietitian Lindsey Milligan, is a common-sense approach to weight loss. Close your eyes so you can’t see the food in front of you and feel the texture and taste of your food. Of course, getting in shape physically and looking fit and healthy is also an important motivator.
Losing excess fat while at the same time building muscle tissue will not only create a more slim and trim silhouette, but will also improve energy and stamina levels.No matter what the motivating factor is, selecting a sensible weight loss plan is vital. Age, poor eating habits and lack of exercise can make it nearly impossible to manage cholesterol levels and, even if the doctor prescribes that an individual buy generic vytorin or other cholesterol-lowering medication, it may not be enough to successfully lower the “bad” LDL number. Making changes to lifestyle, including diet and exercise, and the resulting weight-loss that will occur, are the top way to successfully lower both LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.Losing weight sensiblyHealthy eating habits are the first step in sensibly dropping excess pounds.
A number of different types of diets exist that decrease consumption of certain food groups such as carbohydrates but the important thing when losing weight is to control portion size. Eating several smaller meals and snacks throughout the day is better than fasting for long periods and binge at the regular meal times.
Many of the most popular weight-loss plans rely on a meal structure that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with light snacks in between and before bed. This is with the idea of keeping the body’s metabolism going, burning calories more steadily.Heart-healthy diets have become increasingly popular as weight-loss and weight-maintenance options.
In addition to be relatively easy to follow and including a host of delicious foods, heart-healthy diets have been shown to significantly lower LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triglycerides.
Heart-healthy diets include plenty of fruits and vegetables, fish and beans, as well as high-fiber grains and cereals and unsaturated fats such as olive oil.While weight-loss may be achieved by simply changing dietary habits, exercise should be an important part of the process.
Exercise stimulates the metabolism, tones the muscles, and increases flexibility and strength. A combination of cardio exercises, stretching and strength training are the most effective when it comes to losing weight.

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