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The menu at True Food Kitchen, which opened last year at Fashion Island, features gourmet dishes made with "good for you" ingredients. Stonefire Grill, which has seven locations in Southern California, just introduced a Healthy Alternatives Menu with items containing less than 500 calories. The Technomic report said Fazoli's is among several national chains adding crave-worthy, low-calorie foods to its menu.
Earlier this year, the Cheesecake Factory debuted five new Skinny-Style Cocktails that are 150 calories or less per drink. Seasons 52, a Florida chain by Darden, opened its first Orange County restuarant last year at South Coast Plaza.
Subway, now the world's largest fast-food chain, revamped its breakfast menu last year to better meet the growing demand for low-calorie foods.
Panera Bread was one of the first chains in California to start adding calorie counts to menus.

Beyond restaurant menus, the low-calorie trend is playing out in food manufacturing, as well.
The fight against obesity in America and a government crackdown on menu labeling have triggered restaurants to step up the flavor of healthier dishes, a new report says.
That trend is playing out in Orange County, where a growing number of upscale establishments and fast-food chains are telling diners that good-for-you foods don't have to taste bad.
Shown: Halibut Street Tacos ($16) served with Anasazi beans, which are easier to digest and cause less gas than pinto or black beans. For example, Mimi's Cafe just introduced the Broiled Chicken and Fruit plate, which is 425 calories. Shown: Spicy Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread made with grilled pineapple, feta cheese and roasted poblano peppers. Its low-calorie, low-fat sandwiches are made with whole wheat English muffins and egg whites.

For example, Matt's Munchies in Santa Ana is slowly gaining momentum for its low-calorie, gluten-free leather fruit snacks.
The reformulated veggie burger is testing at the chain's South Coast Plaza eatery in Costa Mesa. The chain, which has one unit in Costa Mesa, recently added this Turkey Jalapeño Wrap. Shown: Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon with whole roasted carrots, red bliss potatoes and fresh asparagus.

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