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Mix the sliced olives and sliced roasted red peppers in a bowl with garlic and cilantro or green onion.
Heat the olive oil in a large skillet and carefully brown the sandwiches, turning once or twice as the cheese melts and holds the bread together.
Sandwich the sardine salad between the bread slices along with the lettuce ,tomato,cucumber and sprouts.
Some of the cheese will ooze out and crisp in the skillet, which is delicious, even if it burns slightly.

Cream cheese with sour cream, cheese, chilies, olives and green onions - whats not to love?
Divide the cream cheese filling evenly among the 5 tortillas and spread over the tortillas.
Slice the Tortilla Pinwheels into slices with a sharp knife,  and arrange on a serving platter. For several years we have had appetizers for our Christmas Eve together, and Tortilla Pinwheels are usually there.

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