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Meal PrepIt's a sad fact that most of the people who attempt to lose weight ultimately fail.
Meal Prep RecipesMy rest day is Sunday which is also the day I prep my meals for the week.
Meal Prep - Carb MealRoot Medley4-5 Sweet Potatoes2 Beets1 white onionCut all ingredients into cubes. If you would like more 1-on -1 help with meal prep ideas or 1-on-1 coaching simply click the button below and register for free.

I love everything your saying but I’m a visual learner like most of the people that got drawn to this show us close up pics of what your making each day!!!
Make sure to purchase a nice, durable and dishwasher safe Tupperware set to store your prepped food in.
After consulting our nutritionist we’ve concluded that your list should consist of any lean meats, poultry, or fish you like, followed by various fruits and veggies, as well as a carbohydrate source such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta, or whole grain breads.
If you don’t have access to a fridge at your workplace or are on the go a lot, I highly recommend purchasing a small carrying cooler to store your daily prepped meals. Have the best of luck on your meal prepping, weight loss and fitness journey.

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