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This Non Fat Yogurt has a creamy and sweet flavor that surpasses other non fat yogurts available from large organic dairy companies. Thier secret lies in the fact that all Butterworks products come from the same cows day in day out. To create a new Order you must place an order after adding your desired items to your shopping basket.
You may place an order by using the place an order link at the top right hand corner of the page or by going to the shopping basket and clicking the Place an Order button at the bottom of the page. Lowell Foods Yogurts are filled to the brim with character - beneficial, balanced, healthful, and invigorating!
The temperatures are slowly but surely rising, which means that now you can relax with this sweet dessert.

Here we will present you a recipe for a homemade ice cream that you can make in just a few minutes and enjoy it without guilt because unlike the one that you will buy here you will know all the ingredients. They use holistic practices to create a sustainable farm that produces some of the best dairy and grain products in New England. Lowell, the family-owned company recently launched its flagship line of Lowell European Classic Yogurts. Butterworks was one of the first Organic Dairies in the region, and they have tended to their soil and animals in a way that assures many decades of bounty, flavor and beauty for our great grandchildren. A product we all know and grew up on, yogurts constitute a very nutritious snack, with Lowell Yogurts leading the way in variation and diversity as far as their creamy goodness is concerned. They come in three versions: non-fat, whole milk and Multi Grain, which are made with whole milk and whole grains.

Kefir is one of the most highly nutritious and oldest in nature of fermented milk beverages. These healthful European-style yogurts bring creamy texture and natural fruit intensity to the American consumer. Lowell Foods Kefir is probiotic and made out of all natural ingredients, the main one being cultured and pasteurized milk. With the fat content reduced, it is additionally enhanced with various fruits for wholesome flavor!

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