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Your program will be based on your comprehensive blood test results and customised to suit your lifestyle and food preferences. There are no pre-packaged foods, no shakes or pills, just real everyday food you can buy in your local supermarket! FREE weight loss coach, with one-on-one phone or Skype consultations ensuring you get the support, encouragement and advice you need to reach your weight loss and health goals no matter where you are in New Zealand. We all know that two litres of water is essential for our health, especially whilst we are trying to lose weight. A complete list from all the food groupsThe Core Food List is your guide to the wholesome, nutritious foods that make up the Core Plan™.

Simple, no fuss weight-lossNo more guessing or wondering whether certain foods fit your weight-loss plan—the answers are here. In this fantastic new cookbook, Weight Watchers members share their meals and their love to cook. Use the Core Food List - stick to the rules - and there’s no counting, no weighing, no fussing. Simply Delish features 70 real-life recipes are from real people who enjoy cooking and are committed to losing weight.

These recipes are proof that by swapping ingredients, you can make any recipe healthier - even lasagne and chocolate cake!

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