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You are unique!  Based on your biochemistry, your genetics, and your lifestyle you are different than anyone else.  That is why at Evolution Body Transformation in Madison, Wisconsin we offer different programs so we can tailor the best plan to your lifestyle. A number of individuals can be a good candidate for a weight loss program, but not everyone makes a good candidate. It’s a fact of life that being overweight or even obese brings along with it a number of health conditions and risks. North Hollywood Fitness TrainerPersonal Training By SandyI don't believe in diets, I believe in living a healthy lifestyle! I have a huge passion for assisting individuals get in shape, tone up, lose weight, build muscle and just get motivated to stay active. I want people to feel good about themselves and to know that they are worth changing their lives so they are able to explore life with the best of their ability. I go above and beyond the call of duty to help you stay on track and continue to be healthy for the rest of your life. TopStar Fitness is an affordable mobile professional personal training service that is dedicated to help people reach their fitness and health goals. Dallas Fitness TrainerElite Personal TrainingMy Sports Medicine certifications are a guarantee that I have the qualifications and training to help you safely achieve your goals. Norcross Fitness TrainerResultsfitnessproProvide safe, effective fitness programs to transform your health and your life for better! Over the years, I have helped many individuals like you reached their fitness goals and get back in the best shape of their lives.
When you make the commitment to Personal Training with me, it becomes my responsibility to naturally take care of your health and fitness. Macon Fitness TrainerET FitnessmovestrongStrength and Conditioning is our specialty, mostly sports specific. ET Fitnessmovestrong Can Offer You:Experienced personal training services100% satisfaction guaranteedAnd much much more!
As a Personal Trainer, I've also helped people improve general fitness qualities from various ages and backgrounds. Vienna Fitness TrainerFitness Stop LlcRobert Armstrong became certified as an ISSA Personal Trainer in May 2009. Robert began his personal training career at Anytime Fitness in Fredericksburg, Virginia before joining the training team at one of the largest franchise gyms in the US, Gold's Gym. Robert has trained over 100 individuals and currently has 30 clients that he is currently training. New York Fitness TrainerCertified Personal trainer and a firm believer in teaching clients, friends and family about a lifestyle of health and Fitness. Personal Training certifications by the American College of Sports Medicine and American Academy, previous experience working for Work Fitness and New York Sports Club.
Sebastian Fitness TrainerPersonal TrainingInspiring others to follow their dreams through the happiness of what they love to do.
There are a few things that you should consider when you’re thinking about embarking on the journey to lose weight through one of our programs.
If, however, you’re a woman who wants to lose ten or more pounds, or a man who wants to lose more than 12-15 pounds, you are likely to be an excellent candidate for one of our weight loss programs. Individuals who are more than 15-20 pounds overweight tend to have higher blood pressure and are at increased risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, and in some cases diabetes and other conditions.
I have been an ACE certified personal trainer for over 13 years and have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 16 years.

Hard Work, consistency and dedicationThe passion and love I felt for fitness lead me to become a certified personal trainer and later a strength and conditioning coach. My qualifications include a master's degree in exercise science, CPR and AED, certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I can help you look and feel your best.If you're motivated to get healthier and stronger, you've come to the right place.
As a certified ISSA personal trainer, I must be able to: Provide you with the knowledge, skills, guidance, support and motivation to enable you achieve your own full fitness potential and enhance the quality of your life. Together, we will help you reach your overall physical fitness goals, and have fun in the process.
Aquatic and indoor classes designed to allow you to bring your child.I am passionate about helping women feel and look their best. This includes: an individualized training program, semi-private or private coaching, nutrition coaching and gym access. Robert played college football at the University of Maryland College Park for three years before embarking on a journey to play football in the NFL and the Arena Football League. At Gold's Gym Robert continuously raised the bar in personal training sales, team work and making sure his clients reached their fitness goals. I now works as an independent trainer, Guiding my clients to accomplish their fitness goals whether they are weight loss, muscle gain or just to lose body fat. An hour charismatic dance fitness craze in the spirit of love focusing on weight loss and body toning. Of course, the first thing you should do if you are interested in losing weight quickly is to speak with your personal physician to determine whether or not you’re physically healthy enough to lose weight safely.
Our programs are not crash diets, like so many books promote —we are not only interested in helping you to lose the weight in the first place, but also to help you maintain it.
While there are some individuals with health conditions who should not participate in our weight loss programs due to the nature of those conditions, there are very few individuals who wouldn’t be a good candidate. Laughter is a great stress reliever and when you're not stressed you can focus on your goals more so. The joy I receive from changing someone's life physically, spiritually and mentally is the most rewarding feeling ever! After listening to TONS of wrong advise and not losing ANY FAT (I even injured my back!), I decided to seek help from actual fitness professionals.
As an ISSA-certified fitness professional, I can help you set realistic goals and transform your health and your life for the better. I specialize in helping moms of all ages and stages, develop healthy practices and sculpt their desired body while living their busy life.After gaining 70lbs while pregnant with my first child I gained control of my habits and began to exercise for my health for the first time in my life.
Get Athletic.After going back and forth between jobs in personal training and strength and conditioning, I made the decision to stay put in Houston and build my own business.
After overcoming many obstacles playing college football and pursuing the professional football arena, Robert decided to dedicate his fitness knowledge and training skills acquired from football towards helping individuals reach their fitness goals. Lose body fat, build muscle, Boxing training, Muay Thai Kickboxing training, and much more! Extensive exercise and fitness is the perfect way to achieve all weight loss and fitness goals.Whats Your Fitness Goals ? Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or run (or walk) a marathon; I can help. By living a lifestyle directed towards a healthy living I understand what it takes and what you need to be healthy and happy.I believe the mind and body are incredibly powerful.

Many of our successful patients have lost large amounts of weight — you can find out more about their stories elsewhere on the site, but we have had patients lose as much as 35 pounds in a 42 day cycle.
If your doctor has real concerns about your ability to healthfully follow a program, you should keep that in mind. Develop fun, effective and efficient exercise programs that offer variety and meet your needs. It was an eye opening experience and eventually found myself helping friends and co-workers adjust their habits and provide workouts, to help them reach their personal goals. After struggling with gaining a hundred pounds after football ended, Robert decided to take control of his health and weight by becoming a personal trainer. Spread the good word and invite your family members, co-workers, friends, acquaintances in the community. Grab your tropical colored tank tops and favorite fitting Zumba sneakers because we are taking this one outside.
While you shouldn’t be daunted if you’re only interested in losing 10 or 15 pounds, if you have a much larger weight loss goal in mind, a customized, doctor-supervised weight loss program  may be just what you need to finally get the pounds off. Some of our patients who have successfully completed the program and lost weight have had issues ranging from high blood pressure to type 2 diabetes. I took a personal trainer certification course to transform clients lives and help create a better future that you want. Incorporate a complete approach to health and fitness that combines cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition, stress and lifestyle considerations. I've helped improve athletic performance as a Personal Trainer, Student Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Texas A&M University and as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Professional Baseball. While you should listen to your doctor’s concerns, it is also a good idea to have our practitioners evaluate you before making up your mind one way or another—you may be a better match for the program than you think. My passion lead me to pursue a personal trainer certification and master's degree in exercise science. Together, we will help you reach your health and fitness goals, and have fun in the process. You should always have goals for motivation, but the long term goal should be to change your lifestyle in a way that is sustainable. If you have none of the health problems mentioned above, then you are very likely to be an excellent candidate for the program without any modifications or extra steps taken. I have devoted my entire life to helping people struggling with FAT LOSS achieve their desired goals! Network with allied health professionals regarding the care of a client and incorporate recommendations as needed.
Your customized program can be combined with our other services to help you achieve you goals more quickly, and help heal the underlying cause of why you are overweight. Establish a warm, receptive and non-intimidating environment that facilitates and enhances the learning process.

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