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With our first ever course specifically designed for Rebel Women coming out in two weeks(!), I want to set the record straight today and destroy every myth I’ve heard when it comes to women and strength training.
Which means, I guess, Gweneth isn’t allowed to pick up groceries, move a chair, carry her child, or do pretty much anything. This is the biggest myth in all of female training, and it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall. Side bends will strengthen your side muscles without actually reducing any fat there, potentially making you bigger around the waist unless you change your diet as well. Your body is genetically predisposed to storing fat in certain locations in a certain order.
If the thought of running on a treadmill for four hours sounds miserable to you, don’t do it.
If you never run another mile in your entire life, there’s no reason you cannot be incredibly healthy and look amazing.
Believe it or not, strength training will produce a more efficient weight loss effect than an equal amount of cardio.
When you strength train, your muscles are broken down, and then rebuilt over the next 24-48 hours.
You might read 10 different books on diet, each presenting a contrasting style that promises amazing results.
HOWEVER, in my five years of experience as Rebel Leader, observing tens of thousands of people working to live better, I believe that following the Paleo Diet and strength training give the greatest number of people the greatest chance for success with the best results. In commercial gyms across the country, competent trainers are having their male clients go through intense strength training routines with squats, and deadlifts, and overhead presses, and push ups, and pull ups, and lunges. In those same gyms, other trainers (both male and female) are putting their female clients through light weight dumbbell circuits, and stability ball squats for high repetitions, and having them do tricep kickbacks, machine bench presses and more. Thanks to hormones, estrogen, testosterone, genetic, and dietary differences, those two people will end up with drastically different results.
Women have just as much a right to be in the free weights section and squat rack as guys do. In fact, following a routine like that is a damn good way to give you the best chance to build the body you want! Along with that, there are quite a few issues that women deal with that men do not, and thus require specific information and advice: things likeA hormones, pregnancy, menopause, periods, and so on. This prevailing attitude is responsible for people all over the country being weak, miserable, irritable, and frustrated.
Our bodies need real food, and they need enough of it in order to operate at optimum efficiency. As long as these calories are composed of the right kinds of food, and this diet is combined with a fun workout that gets your muscles exercising and your heart pumping, you will have success.
Conversely, if you only consume 1200 calories per dayA and you try to exercise, I’m going to guess your body hates you, won’t have any energy, and potentially even revolt against you!
Eat enough food to provide your body with energy to get through your day and your workouts.
After women reach menopause, and the potential for osteoporosis kicks in, many women tend to shy away from strength training for fear of injuring themselves.
About a year and a half ago, I announced on Nerd Fitness that we were working on a guide specifically for women. Since then, a lot has happened, and Team Nerd Fitness has learned a tremendous amount about how to best serve the ladies of this community.
Rather than a static eBook that you read, we’ve created a course that will constantly be evolving and improving as more women use it. Once we have women using the course, we’ll be working closely with them, learning and figuring out how we can make the course even better. Our goal with the Nerd Fitness Academy is to help unique rebels discover their own superpowers in the fight against the Empire. Our goal after that is to then continue to add specific courses and classes to The Academy so that you can learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. So, we hope you check out The Academy in a few weeks, as we’ve busted our asses on it to create something fun. Anyhow, I do this crazy thing called HEMA and due to its relatively new immergence has a pretty even gender spread for a martial art.
About dieting, cook food yourself and buy the ones with the shortest, simplest ingredients list. Generally speaking, processed carbs (not simple carbs in veggies!) and added sugars (not the same as eating fruit or nuts) is the only thing I would suggest anyone to be mindful of.
I recently reduced my cardio, increased my yoga and increased my weight lifting…using heavier weights and lower reps.
Leaving the lift heavy alone (i don’t question this), is there a benefit to non-birth control women to train and diet cyclically with their hormonal cycle? There are a considerable measure of amazing smoothies that guide in weight loss, and this is one of them.
With some ice and a base made of milk, yogurt, or sherbet, and a lot of watermelon, you’re ready.
Put a large portion of the watermelon in the blender and mix until smooth, then include 50% of the ice and sherbet; mix until smooth. Numerous smoothies that guide in  weight misfortune are contained blueberries, on the grounds that they’re so high in cell reinforcements.

Break the banana into pieces, put all the fixings into your blender, and mix until for the most part smooth. Strawberry banana is my most loved  flavour  mix in all of life, so I’m truly amped up for this  smoothie. Blended berry smoothies that guide in  weight misfortune are among the most  flavour ful, and make an incredible treat on summer days, as well.
I love kiwi, as well, in spite of the fact that I’ve never attempted it with honeydew. Place the honeydew, kiwi, apple, sugar, and lemon juice into the blender and mix until its smooth, then include the ice blocks and mix until the mixture is slushy. It’s smooth, velvety, and in the event that you like, you can pack in twofold the blueberries. Spot milk, yogurt, and the crisp blueberries into the blender with the ice or solidified blueberries, mix until generally smooth for 1 moment or something like that, then include flaxseed oil.
My top choice ever sweet treat blend is chocolate and raspberry, so I adore this smoothie, as well! A If you pump yourself full of testosterone and eat way more calories than you are burning every day, you will get bigger.
If you have flabby arms or a big stomach, doing thousands of bicep curls and thousands of crunches won’t help. A When you start to lose weight, your body will lose the fat you currently have in a certain order as well – it might come off your arms first, then your legs, then your belly, then your chest, and THEN your butt. BronwynA (above), certainly didn’t achieve her results on a treadmill orA elliptical! A Despite what you might think, and what you might see in a gym, you will never need to step foot on another cardio machine again.
Cardiologists are even starting to recommend strength training for people who have suffered a heart attack as little as three weeks after the attack. A Everybody, both men and women, react to foods, training, and different stimuli differently. Unfortunately, it’s just less common (though the Women of Nerd Fitness are changing that!). A There is no reason you can’t do overhead presses, pull ups, squats, and deadlifts like everybody else. A While the exercises are the same, and women can easily follow the same program, there are slight differences that will change up programming a little bit to make a program more effective for a woman. A Women don’t get old and thus have to stop strength training, they get old WHEN they stop strength training!
A We’ve taken that 18 extra months of experience and over a year of hard work and created a new way to help women get healthy. A In two weeks time, we’ll be soft-launching a beta version of The Academy to women for a limited time. A Thanks to the new platform that we’ll be using for The Academy, updates and improvements can be instant. What about the dudes?”A This is a new platform and delivery system, we want to start with small percentage of the Nerd Fitness Community. A If you signed up for updates a year ago, you might be told you’re still on the list.
How about work the shoulder girdle and back so you stand up straighter and show of what you’ve got.
I find the gender dichotomy to be both historically inaccurate (in pre agricultural human groups) and to be honest unfullfilling and limiting to both gender poles. Turns out my metabolism is slowing down, like everyone at my age, and I needed to do something. Strength training is the best way to go for everyone, including women, to get in the best shape and be the best version of yourself you can be. I am 41 and like countless others have been measuring the success of each day depending on the number of calories i ate.. I hate walking in the gym past women on all the treadmills and only men in the free weights, then they stare at me weird because I like strength training with my mom. Even when I was walking 5 miles per day, jogging 1.5 miles a few times per week, and lifting weights, I would gain fat if I ate anything over 1550 or 1600 calories per day. Not for a standard group of people or because SCIENCE proves it (studies show there are equal studies proving a certain theory both right and wrong). Okay, not regular yet since I joined a gym the day before yesterday, but I keep hearing about this Paleo diet. It’s basically a bodybuilding magazine, which is why I prefer it over most fitness magazines for women.
My belly I would like to tone a little without losing the hourglass figure I get when I don’t workout as much. I wouldn’t have accepted that a peanut spread based smoothie could be all that sound, however the protein is the thing that makes it extraordinary. Watermelon is so low in both  calories and fat that you can’t turn out badly with this one.
This one is especially incredible as a  breakfast smoothie, and it just turns out to around 136 calories. It’s anything but difficult to make these throughout the entire year, however, in light of the fact that you can purchase solidified berries.

It’s unfathomably simple to make and its an extraordinary weight misfortune smoothie, in addition to it tastes marvelous and that is dependably a reward. A Strength train, not with targeted exercises, but with big compound movements that recruit lots of muscle (and thus force your body to rebuild lots of muscle, which requires extra calories burned, even after the workout is done). A However, if you are ONLY doing those things to lose weight and you’re not seeing results, stop. A What this means is that your metabolism operates at a faster level even while you’re sitting on the couch after a workout. A We are all genetically different, have unique characteristics, different lives, preferences, and struggles. A Surviving on 1200 calories (or less a day) is a miserable way to go through life: always hungry, never happy. A Honestly, unless you’re incredibly small, I would never recommend ever putting any woman on a diet of 1200 calories. So I started Weight Watchers and lost about 10 pounds and hit a plateau, and then I just joined the gym. Your articles made me know a lot and prevented me from hearing the “wrong fitness advice” Keep it up! We were supposed to be eating almost 3000 calories when training for the big races (guys almost 4000).
I just have an insanely slow metabolism and the only time I have ever been able to get away with eating like a normal person is when they upped my synthroid dosage and it was a little too high and my TSH dropped to around 1. I dostrength training classes around 3 times a week, along with around 1.5 hours of cardio.
Using magazine covers from something like Fitness magazine or Shape instead of Oxygen would’ve been more relevant to this article.
I used to run a lot and hated the runners body I got, lost my waistline to a more boxy look. I’m trying to get down to my optimum weight which is 125lbs where I look so much better. Reducing the weight with healthy and tasty smoothies is the best way to control increasing fat. What you do is join ice, solidified yogurt, coffee – either decaf or customary, its dependent upon you – and cocoa powder, in a specific order, mix, and have a great time the chocolaty goodness.
The  recipe is a bit entangled yet justified, despite all the trouble, in light of the fact that once you’re done, you’ve got a solid, scrumptious breakfast drink! Decreased up a banana, hurl in a few strawberries, include an orange for  flavour , your yogurt, your ice, and voila. The formula is straightforwardness itself, so on the off chance that you have the fixings available, you can make it in no  time. When you begin, verify you have every one of your fixings under control, that spares heaps of  time. In fact, I don’t recommend women ever dip below 1800 calories per day if they are exercising regularly! Some women just quit the gym cause they’re watching their muscles getting bigger instead of tinier, some instead can do said exercises for years and actually have their frames become smaller. I’m lifting the heaviest weights I can and leave the classes completely exhausted, and I eat more than enough calories and protein. Or can I do my cardio and weight training and eat healthy with minimum dairy and such and still get great results? This article makes me feel a lot better and is good validation that I’m on the right track.
Because of the nutty spread, you get a lot of protein, and all together, its similar to a nutty spread and banana sandwich. Simply recollect to keep all your most loved berries in the cooler or to dependably have a  bag of solidified blended berries available!
Remember that you can essentially add sugar to taste, so you may need pretty much than the  recipe proposes. A I understand that every woman is different, and every woman processes calories differently, but I can’t emphasize enough that quality of food is so dang important!
I think a reasonable diet, plus being moderately active strikes the right balance for weight loss.
It is sad to see the articles that state you can get thin and muscular with the 10 minute work outs or the exercises of lifting weights that aren’t any heavier than their shoes. All I can think of is maybe upping your protein and lifting weights heavy enough to not lift more than 8-10 times in a sitting. I’m a saddle bagged, pear shaped, famine proof hard gainer, and only drugs and surgery will ever change that.
Any ideas on what workouts I can do to keep an hourglass figure not lose breast or butt size? I eat around 1200 -1500 per day, and have a calorie deficit of 300-500 most days but nothing is coming off and although I feel fitter, I’m not losing any weight. I would like to drop 2lbs per week, but that means an 1000 calories deficit a day based on 3500=1lb rule which is 2 hours per day in the gym!

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