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We've been told time and time again that Photoshop is playing tricks on us, stretching, smoothing and buffing the models in magazines and ads to make them even more gorgeous (and less realistic). If models are getting the treatment seen in this video, it's no surprise lingerie model Erin Heatherton once said about her photos, "I feel like it looks like someone else. Like a woman’s hairstyle is the necessary for her, she will usually look for change as well as up-to-date variations. For a smooth, modern and also easy hairstyle,hairs style can rests attractively on your shoulder to emphasize as well as enhance the jaw-line.

Eine ungewohnliche Entscheidung der Photoshop-Experten.Glamour's November issue, she too fell victim to the photoshop madness. This particular type of hairstyle would be a ideal match for you at work, home and even play.
The potentially cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm (which somehow disappears into her leg). It could be styled in a different way along with a range of cuts from one length look, different layer cuts as well as razor cuts.

This particular casual medium hair could be set back for a shorter look or even to obtain it out.

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