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Reading about what’s made other people or companies successful in the past gives me lots of great ideas about how I can improve my own work at Single Grain.  The following biographies and company histories aren’t just inspiring – reading them can also be a good way to avoid the common pitfalls that other entrepreneurs have faced.
In my opinion, these books are default reading for anyone who’s even remotely interested in business (although really, the lessons taught in these books can help you to achieve greatness in any aspect of your life).  Seriously – they wouldn’t be known as classics if they hadn’t stood up to the test of time! The following recent titles have all earned rave reviews by the business community at large, so while these books aren’t quite on the well-known level of “Good to Great” or “Think and Grow Rich,” my suspicion is that they will be someday.  Read these important current works to get a feel for what works in today’s business world.
As a startup entrepreneur myself, I’m looking forward to reading the following books for wisdom on the fast-paced world of new businesses.  Recommended to me by other entrepreneurs and blogs I frequent, these titles should provide a balanced look at both the mistakes made by past startups and the steps I can take to be more successful. You might have noticed that this list is a little Seth Godin heavy, but really, the dude’s got some great things to say about business strategy and promotion.  And really, without a good promotion strategy in place, you’re never going to reach the business goals you set for yourself!  Check out his books below, as well as the other marketing and branding texts listed below. Understanding your customer is key – without customers, you really don’t have a business!  For this reason, it’s important to understand the psychology behind how people behave in the marketplace, which is why the following titles should all be considered an important part of your preparation before launching a new business. Sometimes – when the thought of spending yet another hour hustling away on my business seems entirely overwhelming – nothing gets me motivated like reading success tales from past entrepreneurs.  The following books are all ones that have been recommended to me as being particularly motivating, so I’m looking forward to seeing what inspirational tips I can pick up from them.
Networking has been incredibly important to the growth of Single Grain, so I firmly believe that it’s not what you know – it’s who you know that matters.  To keep growing my skills in this area, I’m picking up the following books for some concrete tips on how to expand my network even further.
Finally, I consider understanding general economics to be a vital part of my personal MBA program, so I’m planning to take a look at all of the following books.  Each of them has been recommended to me as a great way to learn general economic principles (without having to pour through college textbooks or sit through droning lectures!). However, since I’m always looking for ways to grow further, I’d like your recommendations as well.  Are there any other books I should be reading?  Add your thoughts to the comments section below to help me improve my list!

Wow nice list, I recognized a few books that I have read, and found awesome, so it gives me trust that the rest of it is genuine. Thanks for the article which may help entrepreneurs to read some books, We practice Entrepreneurship in our organization and we teach it also. An author once said, I write books for kids, because adults read only book reviews and summaries.
I suggest if you can put this list on a website or something, and some thing like a wikipedia option exists, then you and us the rest of the readers can begin to write a summary of the book, and it can keep getting edited by newer readers..
This way, we can sample these books, and then, go for a full read, if we found something specific to pursue. It might even be on the net already , then it might be a question of organising it, in one website !
Seeing that we have some great books in common like Good to great, how successful people think, Getting things done, Seven habits of highly effective people etc..
I know that one can read all of these books with adequate comprehension but ruling out interaction with peers and professors in the classroom context will somewhat be depriving oneself added flavor and wealth of understanding. That’s one awesome list, in fact, I just bought Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity!
This is a great list and one that will always be lengthening.I listen to audio books whenever I am driving any distance and have listened to a few of these ones on audio.

Thanks ?? I read about 60 books per year… and I see that I will add many books from here to my list.
Though I agree with most of the sentiments above – where does one even begin or find the time to read these in ONE YEAR? If I want to search on Retail, then a get a summary or links from these 100 books’s summary on Retail. Unless we recognize that insights of others have a way of clarifying or simplifying issues beyond our own perspectives, it is likely we may end up with only with our individual grasp of what is read. I’m thinking of combining their subscription with this list — productivity win!
The list of books is great, of course and I can add two or three books here: The Holy Bible, Strategic Agility and the Conversation Manager.
Principle-centered leadership by Stephen Covey is also a great book to include in the list.

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