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When you buy a hole saw make sure it is long enough to go through whatever you are drilling through. The gluing was straight forward, except that the purple primer ran and dripped all over on me.
While setting up our 3rd party electrical inspection I realized I should talk about the process of getting permits. I was surprised to find relatively little help or guidance on creating permit drawings online.
For the electrical drawing you need to draw the walls, doorways, windows, etc of your home.
For kitchens you’ll need to show the countertops and cabinets, sinks, and any appliances that are fixed in place such as ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, dishwashers, and your fridge. You need to show the location of outlets, switches, fixed lights (don’t show lamps or anything else that plugs into an outlet) and fixed appliances by placing the correct symbol on the drawing. Like the electrical drawings you do not need to show exactly where your pipes will go, you create a schematic showing how things are interconnected. As far as books go I purchased Taunton’s Plumbing Complete after reviewing it in the store. The metal bar that goes between the ceiling joists slides and retracts for different joist spacings. After that it was time to build my bulkhead and deal with the wiring that goes in the cubby near the stairs.
One of these small wires goes down into the basement where the voltage transformer will be located. I didn’t get a chance to photograph our palettes but he had a mini fork lift of sorts to wheel them right into the garage. Paul called the electrical inspector to get our second rough-in inspection and he’ll be doing plumbing this weekend. Under normal circumstances, we always look and verify everything is okay before inspection.
Still no word on our flooring and where it might be in the port backlog but hopefully we’ll get an update by the end of the week and it atleast ships next!
I was upset we’d have to lose the free standing range hood but all that changed when we were able to get a base cabinet that was smaller so we could move everything over a few inches to get out of the way of a ceiling joist.
There’s stuff in my way, get out of my way I want to yell in a Grandpa-Simpson voice. I think this stuff is kinda ugly and I wouldn’t put it over my counter tops or in a living room.
If you just put your tape in the middle of the short wall and try to measure out to where the fixture is you could be at an angle to the long walls and thus the light won’t be centered. Great news because our flooring is stuck in the Port of New York, in the huge backlog after 2 days of strike at the port. To pick up from my last post where I was waiting impatiently for our cabinets to be delivered the delivery guys showed up around 4pm. I cut a piece of leftover 2×3 to fit horizontally between two studs and attached it with decking screws. After that was all done I started cutting the holes for the ceiling boxes, where the lights will go. Paul & Renie's Kitchen DIY content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The big improvement we are adding to the plumbing is installing a vent to serve the kitchen sink. I located the hole where the riser goes through the floor so I could make supports out of leftover 2x3s with the small end against the floor joists.
Irene held the pipe in place and I put the level on top, lined it up, and nailed the white hangars into the blocks I attached to the joists.
I had already installed a ceiling fan brace in the kitchen for the white fan and was just going to move it. In this cubby we will be placing an 88″ high pantry cabinet or high cabinet as they are called by Ikea.

Because the voltage and watts of these lights are so low they don’t use regular Romex wiring. The voltage transformer will be connected to the 120V supply in that rectangular metal box. Our home renovation made things a little more complicated and since we changed the brakes 2 years ago and just about everything that would make it fail inspection was pretty new for a 15 year old car – we figured everything would be fine. The additional electrical items that the inspector has asked me to do are turning out to be a real pain. Because of the stairs, underneath each of those three walls is a doubled up joist that is the exact width of the wall. Since our kitchen is still in shambles we had them put everything in the garage which made it easy for them.
Over the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning I ripped out the old wire for the range and installed the new one. They are a little wide, the cable can move some side to side, but that is not harming anything.
It will make a cleaner looking installation, not that anyone will see it once the range is in place. I am re-purposing one of the existing 20 amp kitchen outlet circuits for the range and dishwasher.
Since it wasn’t deep enough I had to stop 4 or 5 times and chisel out some of the wood so the bit could go down further.
Most municipalities these days have websites and they may have an email address listed for the codes department. For everything but electrical my township adopted the International Building Code (IBC) which is the defacto standard now-a-days.
I am a mechanical engineer and I deal with engineering drawings all of the time, so making up a set for our renovation wasn’t a big deal for me. The inspector required that the wiring be Class 2 and the LED vendor said I should use 18 gauge. Paul thinks we missed a symptom so that really made things annoying so we lost a day to that. That means to get wiring into this wall from the basement I have to notch out these important joists, something you have to be careful doing and I don’t want to do.
They even gave us a pallet so that the boxes wouldn’t get wet if water came in the garage. I think the actual code calls for a way to safely disconnect them from the electrical supply and an outlet is just the easiest way. That circuit and the outlets are still in place so we can use the shop vac and other power tools. Normally you would tie the vent coming off the sink into the other vents so there is only one pipe going through your roof. While 95% done with the last cut the bit jammed and broke at the shaft, taking my quick change adapter with it. I am waiting to coordinate with the roofer who will be doing the flashing around the vent pipe. It’s hard to define exactly when you do and do not need permits because every renovation situation is different. For instance when talking about pipe supports they cover how to support horizontal runs of pipe but not vertical. There is a switch at the bottom of the stairwell, on the opposite side of the wall to the right. You need feet or you need to build a structure under the cabinet otherwise the door will be on the floor and it won’t open. The other thing that needs to go in that wall, on the other side, is a light switch for the kitchen.
The best approach to untwisting it was to just bend it the opposite way that it was trying to twist to as you are stapling it up. But that main vent is clear on the other side of the house and it would require a lot of piping and some cutting into the second floor ceiling to connect the kitchen sink.

Drawings for each discipline of engineering and construction have their own formats and specialized set of symbols and terminology.
You will see that in the example the drafter got fancy by drawing out the blades of the fan and using colors. Our side entrance is through the door next to that area and there is no switch to turn the lights on in the kitchen there. Unfortunately one light fixture will be underneath this set of cabinets the previous owner built in the attic. While at the store buying this monster I also looked at the staples available for fastening it in place. Since we just have an attic above our kitchen it is much easier to just go straight through the attic and then the roof with a separate vent.
You have to go to a real plumbing supply place, you know the kind of place that closes at noon on Saturday. After providing a description of what we wanted to do I received a prompt response that we would need electrical and plumbing permits and I should bring some drawings or sketches to the township office for them to look at. LOL The book I bought to read up on electrical stuff, Creative Homeowner’s Guide to Wiring, also had examples. It took me the better part of one day just to deal with that and the other end of the switch on the second floor. You have to go through the kitchen to hit the switch in the doorway leading to the dining room. Where the fan is currently does not make sense for the new layout so that fixture will be moving as well. I wanted it low, out of the way of the plumbing for the sink, but it can’t be below the bottom of the cabinet! Only clamping it to one horse would allow it to move when the weight of the circular saw was on it.
Though I can get by with the big holes I am putting through the top and bottom plates I could not go sideways with the piping! By the way, I recommend this book to anyone looking to learn about doing your own electrical wiring. And you can’t see it but the wiring for our 3-way controlling the kitchen lights is up there too. So I got a bigger piece of lumber that was big enough to go over both horses and put my small piece on the one end like so.
The author does a good job at going from the basics to fairly comprehensive instructions for a lot of tasks. In addition there is a switch for the basement lights that I have been meaning to rewire (it has no ground). I am going to have to get the wires to the switches though the attic, which means cutting holes in the wall to fish wires through.
And the online access is through a Java applet that keeps you from printing, copying, or saving the content. As it turns out the middle fixture was just a few inches from being centered on the range so I moved it to be on the center. I tried to think about changing the floor colors but I fell in love with the look of it all.
You’ll also want some clearance between the cover plate and bottom of the cabinet so I rounded up to 7 inches. That is above the finshed floor so don’t forget to add in the thickness of your floor if it is not yet installed. Currently, at the time of this post, the NFPA is offering free preview access of the 2011 NEC.

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