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UK Marketing DataComprehensive and complete UK data collections Know your potential customer even before you contact them3,100,000 companies in 4,000 classificationsincl.
Power Business Leads Plus UK SIC Code, Address, Town, County, Phone, Website, Employee Count, Industry, and more! Ireland Contacts on CD ROMEurope B2B Marketing Data98,000 companies in 1,000 business categoriesincl.
Discover Ireland Companies - Ireland Business Database Find your Business Partners in Ireland97,000 companies in 550 classifications incl. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as logging into the App Store, searching “spotify” and downloading the app, because the app isn’t available in the US App Store.

Click on it, and then click on “sign out”4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page in the iTunes Store and clink on the link “Change Country”5) A new page with a list of countries will come up.
Scroll down and click on “United Kingdom”6) Search for “Spotify”7) Click the download button.8 ) You’ll now be prompted to login to your existing account or CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Fear not, you don’t have to put in a credit card number because you chose to download a free app (this is the only time Apple lets you create an account without a credit card).
Choose “NONE” from the list of Payment Methods.11) Using a UK address, complete the registration. Now type in a random store name like “Pizza Hut” in the search bar and it will bring up a list of addresses of Pizza Huts in the UK.

Now use that to complete the registration.12) Fill out all the forms and complete the registration. So go check your email and click the link to activate your new UK iTunes account.13) You’re in! I wish it were as easy as clicking “upgrade” and giving them your credit card info, but it’s not.

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