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You have always put your best foot forward and it shows on the outside as it comes from within.
You are a free willed individual which means your way of thinking is not necessarily like anyone else’s.You are, let us say, unconventional. You are the peacemaker that everyone comes to.Being an Aquarian, you have strong personalities that fall into two groups. On the other hand, you look for the truth and have strong opinions.While developing close relationships with friends and partners, it is not the easiest thing to do for people with 2nd February birthday. Aquarius love compatibility shows that you tend to put others on the back burner, irrespective of how they feel about them.Your friends or lovers may say that you are not involved or unapproachable but it goes deeper than that. It is your need to stay alive and to live well that you keep your nose clean and to the grindstone. What your birthday says about you is that the more friends you have, the more you distance yourself from others. When one individual has satisfied your interest, you move on to the next one.When you look to your past, you will probably find that some situation still affects you.
Aquarius with February 2 birthdate bring this baggage to your current personal relationships.
You should unpack your bags before committing to a long term relationship or marriage and having children of your own. If you cannot do this, the perhaps it is better to remain alone, Aquarius.Oh, but when you are in love, you can be a very attentive lover. You are romantic and with your creative side, you can shower your intended with lavish gifts.

Aquarius birthday astrology analysis shows thatyou would not be happy unless you are able to make the lives of others better. They are honest and forthright lovers.Aquarius, you take risks and do not think of your health. The menu has greatly improved its choices for awesome and healthy meals.It is easier now that you can make your own health drinks.
Although you should not disregard the conventional doctor, a nutritionist would make a good addition to your list of contacts.Being born with birthday February 2, these Aquarians look for jobs with flexible hours or a job that they can work at their own pace.
If it meant taking a job that paid less money, you would.As long as you did not have to give up yourself, you can reach your full potential. With your many interests and hobbies, it is hard to keep track of what you are doing at any given time.Aquarians with February 13 birthday do not like to discuss what they are doing either. In your impulsive and spontaneous nature that’s shown by your birthday personality, you also have a restlessness about you that is clearly domineering. You love to socialize but when you find someone that is interested in you, Aquarius, you become hesitant.
The butterfly is a true Aquarian birth date symbol – it is beautiful but before you have the time to examine its real colors, you both are gone like the wind. Because of your early maturity, you have natural abilities to meet life head on.What your birthday says about you is that Aquarians would make great PR people, teachers, or counselors.
February born Aquarius are determined individuals who do well in their chosen field of business.While in pursuit of happiness, people with zodiac birthday Aquarius, have an optimism that is contagious. You look at setbacks as a sign that you need to take another route not that it was not meant to be.You love your freedom so perhaps, Aquarians, you would be interested in a career that does not place restrictions on your time.

The stress could actually make you ill.Aquarians could suffer from headaches, bad dreams, hypertension, heart disease or fatigue. You can appreciate its value because you know tomorrow is not promised to anyone.You also know that if you live long enough, all things could change and could change in an instant.
Aquarians with 13 February birthdate know the importance of a dollar.Your birthday astrology shows that you have a clear mind for reasoning and a temper that is practical. You tend to be tolerant of other people’s opinions and can accept them with valid points of evidence.Aquarians are serious minded individuals. Usually, your mind is made up on certain issues but you can be persuaded to change your mind. You as a father would ensure strict discipline or as a mother would allow the children to have their freedom.
It is my advice that before you start planning a family, you should discuss values and moral codes.In conclusion, Aquarius birthdate analysis predicts that you are smart, impulsive, interesting and unique. You know the value of and the difference of being wealthy and rich.In love, you will shower your partner but it is hard for you to make that connection and make that connection stick because deep down, you like being single.

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