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The Cancerian character is the least clear-cut of all those associated with the signs of the zodiac. That is not to say that the Cancerian is unsociable, just that for them there is a time to socialize and a time to be solitary, and this is part of the apparent contradiction in their nature.
In their personal relationships they are mentally a mixture of toughness and softness, often emotional and romantic to the point of sentimentality in their fantasies; but in real life and in marriage, their loving is not so sentimental but tenaciously loyal. Cancerian man and woman love unreservedly, giving much and asking little in return - in fact, one of the most important lessons they have to learn is how to receive gracefully. Cancerians have a retentive memory, particularly for emotionally laden events which they can recall in detail for years afterwards. Physically they are average to below average in height, with a fleshy body and short legs in comparison with the rest of them. Cancer governs the chest, breasts, elbows, stomach and digestion, womb and female reproductive organs.
PROBLEM: You can be oversensitive and something of a clinging vine which may cause you to harbor imaginary hurts and slights, this can make for highly unsettling conditions with your spouse. SOLUTION: Be sure that the love you are expressing is not simply your need to hang own to someone for moral support, and if necessary, you should seek professional help in order to overcome this negative, clinging aspect of your personality.
PROBLEM: One of your biggest personality flaws, next to neediness, is the habit of being so self absorbed that you sometimes fail to notice what others are doing and accomplishing in their lives, you feel shut out and jealous if a family member has more success than you do.
SOLUTION: You should make a special effort to change this in yourself by forcing yourself to rejoice over their good fortune and when you do this you find that it will eventually become a habit and you as well as they will be happier for the change. SOLUTION: Try keeping an ear out and find out how the ones who have been on the job for any length of time gets along with the boss and coworkers. PROBLEM: You also have a problem with putting things off until the last minute which upsets your family and friends.
Solution: Make taking care of the business at hand your prime objective from now on for, when you do not have all those worries in the back of your mind you will find it more pleasant to be around people, and you will also find that life goes smoothly for you from then on. The crab is a nocturnal water creature that is well equipped with its massive claws to defend itself and survives very well in the 'wilds' of the underwater world in which it thrives. Rasi Palan 2015 predictions are now available before you that will give an idea about the upcoming year 2015.
A birth chart (also known as kundli janma kundali janam kundali janampatri Vedic horoscope Vedic chart Complicated things might appear today as the Aries horoscope foresees a score of 2.5 points out of 5 for the general aspects in the life of Aries natives.
Aries (march 20 april 20) : Change is on the horizon dear Aries and a spiritual revelation or attitude eakthrough occurs in May that propels you along While some communication snafus can get your goat especially with a romantic partner your creative flow returns mid-month. Ouija boards can prove to be useful when trying to communicate with your dead hopes and dreams.
Damn, girl. You may need to keep a quartz obelisk in handy and hang a crucifix above your breasts just so your pathologically clingy boyfriend won’t possess you. It’s all fun and games until he stops messaging you after that hot night. Show him who the real boss is and unleash the animal within you.
Expect several drastic changes in your body this time around. There’s that chance of a delay in your menstrual cycle, for instance. As the Mercury approaches the lower half of the thermometer, girls born under the water signs such as yourself will inevitably crystallize into a hard, unforgiving glacier. Have a tube of oil-free moisturizer within reach to keep them boys’ hands on your skin.
No, dear, it wasn’t your filter—the photobomber beside you really had died three years ago.

What Happens When You’re Faced with Every Millennial’s Problem: Passion or Financial Stability? It is a fundamentally conservative and home-loving nature, appreciating the nest like quality of a secure base to which the male can retire when he needs a respite from the stresses of life, and in which the Cancerian woman can exercise her strong maternal instincts.
Outwardly they can appear formidable - thick-skinned, unemotional, uncompromising, obstinately tenacious, purposeful, energetic, shrewd, intuitive and wise, sometimes with a philosophical profundity of thought verging on inspiration.
Even if they have affairs (and they may do so, for the male in particular is open to sensual stimulation), their first loyalty remains to spouse and family, of whom they regard themselves as the protector. They are too easily influenced by those they love and admire, and swayed by the emotion of the moment.
They can be untidy, sulky, devious, moody, inclined to self-pity because of an inferiority complex, brood on insults (very often imagined), yet are easily flattered.
As they are interested in what people are thinking and able to judge what they can safely be told, they can be good journalists, writers or politicians, though in this last capacity they are more likely to remain in the background rather than attain prominent positions of power. Their hair is usually brown, their faces round, their complexions pale, their foreheads prominent, their eyes small and blue or gray in color, their noses short, perhaps upturned, and their mouths full.
Cancer, which can affect any part of the body, is sometimes said to have taken its name from this sign, which can therefore afflict its subjects with imperfections anywhere. If you follow his lead or simply decide that you will simply keep quiet and follow orders you will soon see how well you can be really liked by all concerned. This also has a tendency to make an unpleasant matter even more unpleasant when you procrastinate. 2015 writing with symbol of chinese horoscope Indian astrology hindu astrology horoscope moon sign Get free online indian vedic astrology reportbirth chart and horoscope 2015 based on moon sign and consults the best astrologers online. It’s your November forecast knocking on your door, promising no tricks and treating you to wholesome, practical lifestyle advice. Have a little “me-time” this month. Slather on that massage oil and feel your torso breaking away from your hips as leathery wings sprout up from your shoulder blades. If it’s any consolation, at least you WON’T find any vampires scavenging through your trash bin for used napkins. You couldn’t present a half-decent cup of latte art without it dissolving into an amorphous mass of froth. Then again, it’s probably better to post it anyway as your #SquadGhouls will definitely be the talk of the town this month.
Their intimates, however, may see a very different character, one with a sympathetic and kindly sensitivity to other people, especially those they love. They can be tactless and difficult yet, because they are normally ambitious, they will curry favor by floating with majority opinions, outlooks and fashions of the day.
This is incorrect, however, the derivation of cancer being the Latin cancer meaning gangrene as well as crab. However, with astrology we can examine the problem and assess the proper solution based on the sun sign characteristics. Crabs come in a variety of 'styles' and species and are found in most of the oceans of the world, as well as in many inland waters. The pearl takes on its silvery, shimmering, colors from the color of the linings of the mollusc (oyster) in which it is grown.
The good news is that you can still take your raw skills to a remote village and get paid to hold a candle over a basin of spring water.

They are able to identify with the situations of others because of the keenness of their imaginations. As a result they often change their opinions and loyalties and, indeed, their occupations, and lack stability.
They can serve in other departments of public affairs, especially those which involve looking after others, for example in any kind of service from welfare and nursing to catering - their own love of comfort and good living makes the Cancerian an excellent chef or housekeeper. A beautiful, perfect pearl can sell for as much as $250,000.00, so speaking of a 'pearl of great price' becomes readily understandable. Scorpio Free Horoscope January 28 relationship horoscope for aquarius best which is bed 2015. They are often over-imaginative and prone to fantasy, sometimes trying to shape their lives to fit some romantic ideal. They are easily corrupted and, because they are convincing romanticizers, can make successful confidence tricksters. They sometimes have a penchant for trade or business and are often successful as a captain of industry. The excitability mentioned above can lead to weak digestion, gastritis and other stomach ills, and there is a tendency to coughs and weakness of vision.
This precious stone can be harmed if subjected to hair spray, acids, perspiration, and some types of cosmetics. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle Reading App. They are appreciative of art and literature, and especially of drama, where the spectacle and ebb and flow of action and feeling particularly excite them. Their romanticism in another sense make them ardent supporters of causes, for example a football team with whose heroes they can identify in a world of fantasy. This is because they are excellent organizers with a good sense of value and economy which they may combine with a flair for inventiveness and originality.
If you find yourself on the receiving end of the negatives below, it is because you are failing to express the positive. The romantic side of their natures make them enjoy grubbing about in places where exciting discoveries may be made (old stamp collections in attics, etc.), and if they can do this professionally as a secondhand dealer or specialist in antiques, they will be happy. Their sharp ears and talent for mimicry can sometimes give them success on the stage, though their tendency to be emotional may make them overact. More common occupations which suit some subjects of Cancer are real estate broker, gardener and sailor.
Interestingly - because they give the impression of being down-to-earth - they are often fascinated by the occult and are more open to psychic influence than the average. If they can reconcile the personal conflict of their urge to be outgoing with the reserve that causes them to withdraw into themselves, then at best they can inspire a generation, especially the youthful part of it, by their idealism. A job in which they can express this, and in which they can do well, would be as a leader in a youth organization.

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