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Aquarius and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityAquarius is an old-school hippie that is quick to take up a new cause. Aries and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth Aries and Scorpio astrological signs are jealous signs. Cancer and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth Cancer and Scorpio astrological signs are water signs, with the natural flow a good thing for relationship compatibility.
Capricorn and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth of these signs love to keep secrets, and do it so well that no-one will ever guess they are hiding something. Gemini and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityGemini and Scorpio astrological signs live in two different realities. Leo and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityThese two signs can be an explosive mix, both sexually and emotionally.
Libra and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityThe Scorpio astrological sign is much like the scorpion it is named for in that it likes to dig and explore what’s underneath. Pisces and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityHere are two soul mates who aren't an idyllic pair.
Sagittarius and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityThis is a pairing that puts a real emphasis on sexual desire, with both spending a lot of time in the bedroom. Scorpio and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityHere are two soul mates who aren't an idyllic pair.
Taurus and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityArtistry and sensuality are very much at the core of both these signs.
Virgo and Scorpio Astrological CompatibilityBoth Virgo and Scorpio astrological signs tend toward obsessive compulsive behavior. Aquarius and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityAquarius zodiac sign likes to feel free and likes to be flexible, even when in a relationship. Aries and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityCancer will almost always take on the dominant role in this pairing.
Cancer and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityThe two Cancer astrological signs of you are both nest builders, so you can expect the relationship compatibility to quickly develop beyond the dating phase. Capricorn and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityCancer astrological signs love to nurture and are sentimental about romance. Gemini and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityGemini is restless while Cancer astrological sign is a strong nest builder. Leo and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityBoth of these signs are incredibly passionate, and both love to be surrounded by drama.
Libra and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityRomance is important for both of these signs, so expect a very romantic start to the relationship compatibility. Pisces and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityDespite their tough outer skins, both Cancer and Pisces can easily get there feeling hurt.
Sagittarius and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityThe way in which both of these signs approach life is completely different. Scorpio and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityBoth Scorpio and Cancer astrological signs are water signs. Taurus and Cancer Astrological CompatibilityYou both like a traditional, family oriented relationship. Aquarius and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityIntellect and experimentation are elements carried by Aquarius, but to a lesser extent than Gemini. Aries and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityAggression is a common trait that the Aries and Taurus astrological signs share, with the bull and ram frequently locking horns.
Cancer and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityTradition and family values are big with both of these signs. Capricorn and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityBoth of these are earth signs, which means compatibility is likely. Gemini and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityThe Taurus astrological sign is an earth sign, while Gemini is an air sign. Leo and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityThese are the two most hot-headed and stubborn signs in the Zodiac. Libra and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityBoth these signs have considerable leadership potential, but the style of leadership can clash.
Pisces and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityThe outlooks that these two have on life are distinctly different. Sagittarius and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityThese two signs have very different lifestyles.
Scorpio and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityBoth these signs are very sensual and artistic in different ways. Taurus and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityA Taurus normally gets along well with another Taurus. Virgo and Taurus Astrological CompatibilityThese are a pair of signs that share much in common. Aquarius and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityAquarius and Sagittarius astrological signs are very much alike; you are idealistic, adventurous and intelligent. Aries and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityThis tends to be a great pairing, as both have a lust for life and exploration. Cancer and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilitySagittarius and Cancer have completely different rhythms and approaches to life.
Capricorn and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityWhile this pairing can complement one another nicely, they also possess the ability to annoy.
Gemini and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityThese two zodiac signs have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.
Leo and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityA pair of fire signs means a good compatibility match, but with volatility always at the core.
Pisces and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilitySelf-centered Sagittarius astrological sign can be rather unconcerned about other people’s feelings, while empathic Pisces puts people first. Sagittarius and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilitySagittarius is a bit of an egotistical zodiac sign, so you may be quite happy to find someone who is so very much like you, at least at first. Scorpio and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityBoth Sagittarius and Scorpio are signs that have a strong influence on sexual desires. Taurus and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilityThese two signs couldn’t be any further apart in the way in which they live their lives.
Virgo and Sagittarius Astrological CompatibilitySagittarius is usually free from worry and more than willing to adopt a carefree attitude, confident that everything will turn out well in the end.
Aquarius and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityAquarius and Virgo tend to have very different ideas of what they believe to be important. Aries and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityVirgo is sensible in nature, while Aries is a risk taker, making for a rather odd partnership.
Cancer and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityThis is a pairing that is incredibly compatible.
Capricorn and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityVirgo and Capricorn are earth signs, which is a good indication that they will be compatible. Gemini and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityMercury is the planet that rues both of these signs, which makes it easier for them to communicate with one another. Leo and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityLeo is often thought of as a strong and independent sign but, just like the male lion that is his namesake, he needs support.
Libra and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityThese two signs are very different, despite being so close together in the zodiac. Pisces and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityMercury is the ruling planet of both the Virgo astrological sign and the Gemini zodiac sign. Sagittarius and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityWhen it comes to intellect, there are few as clever and sharp as these two signs. Scorpio and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityBoth of these signs are prone to obsessive compulsive behaviour. Virgo and Virgo Astrological CompatibilityVirgo astrological signs have a reputation for being fussbudgets.
Scorpio astrological sign wants to rule the world and will do whatever it takes to get there, making this an odd pairing indeed. The affection that this pair feels for another can very quickly grow and reach great emotional depths. Scorpio may lean more towards music, while Taurus will prefer artistry such as sculpture and architectural design.
The major difference is that Scorpio mostly looks inward, while Virgo mostly looks outward. The Cancer astrological sign is more about security and maintaining a strong bond at all times. This is because Aries often has childlike qualities, while the Aries has a natural tendency to be a caregiver, especially the females.
In fact, you both enjoy nest building so much that you can expect to spend a great deal of time at home. Capricorn zodiac signs tend to be stoic and will do all they can to keep their emotions from becoming known, which can often lead to them becoming neurotic.
The Cancer astrological sign is a traditionalist that expects total compatibility commitment from a partner. This will make building a relationship compatibility easier, as water signs tend to flow together. Virgos are helpful and consistent while Cancer astrological signs are nurturing and responsible. Taurus astrological sign is much more prone to practicality than Aquarius, yet this is a pairing that can be incredibly effective.
Astrologers often see this as a bad pairing, although it can certainly be one that is adventurous. The bull and the ram find it easy to come together and work, since both tend to move at the same pace.
Earth sign Taurus is pragmatic and grounded, plans ahead and isn’t afraid of doing much of the work by him or herself. Pisces like to be part of the crowd and causes, whereas Taurus is a lone wolf type more interested in personal finance than world change. Scorpio might love music, while Taurus is more attracted to the “plastic” arts like sculpture and architecture.
They suit each other well, although their relationship compatibility is one that will be more likely to be practical than incredibly romantic.
A Sag and Aquarius partnership is often more like the relationship compatibility between two playmates than it is between two lovers. Both signs tend to come together on a primal level, creating a mental and sexual compatibility that is hard to match. The problem is that Sagittarius astrological sign is also adventurous they like to see what's over the horizon and are always on the lookout for something new.
The Sagittarius astrological sign is always seeking new friends and adventures, while Taurus tends to be a little more on the suspicious side and is unwilling to readily accept new friend and experiences. Aries can become easily annoyed with the pragmatism of the Virgo astrological sign, while Virgo balks at the lack of seriousness displayed by Aries. Virgo astrological signs like to help and be consistent, while Cancer is a responsible nurturer. This gives them a common ground when it comes to relationship compatibility - an ability to easily communicate. Conversations are seldom dull with this pair, although both tend to be more analytical than emotional.
The biggest thing that sets them apart is that Scorpio looks inward, while Virgo looks outward.
They complement each other and usually exhibit relationship compatibility that is built on practical activity as much as it is steeped in romance. Aquarius has no interest in the ambitions of Scorpio, but is attracted to them nonetheless. Under normal circumstances, both will try to dominate the relationship compatibility and control the other person.

They will always seek to dominate and control, which can make for difficult times when a pair of alphas butt heads. Leo and Scorpio astrological signs are both “take charge” people who will inevitably try to take charge of each other and the relationship compatibility may suffer as a consequence.
Both signs are also strong willed, with the Sagittarius zodiac sign being egocentric and the Scorpio astrological sign a little domineering. When Virgo and Scorpio walk into a room, Scorpio will spend three minutes analysing the color of the walls and deciding whether it clashes with the furniture, while Virgo will ignore the walls and notice the dust on the bookcase. This pairing can lead to Aquarius at times feeling smothered, which in turn can lead to Cancer feeling insecure.
Mutual affection can build quickly and develop into a relationship that can reach great emotional depths. You can expect such a relationship compatibility to prosper, both romantically and financially. That said, relationship compatibility can quickly fall apart if both sides don’t share an appreciation of each other’s traits. For relationship compatibility to work, supreme levels of patience are required, as is learning to be tolerant of one another. When it comes to money, both signs adopt the same careful approach, which means that financial battles are unlikely to occur. True, all that passion can lead to some great sex, but building long term relationship compatibility will be difficult. Air sign Libra prefers to stay aloof and just issue orders that he or she expects will be obeyed.
The Taurus astrological sign, on the other hand, is a bit suspicious of the new and often unwilling to get involved with too many different types of people. The Taurus astrological sign is controlled by Venus, which means they will supply the romance. Both the Aries and Sagittarius astrological signs need to be free to go after all that they want to achieve, whilst always saving time for the funny side of things. Sagittarius astrological sign loves adventure, discovery and is far more casual about commitment. This has a tendency to make Sagittarius the one who seeks adventure, while Gemini spends a bunch of time in the silence of a library. It is Sagittarius who will likely be more practical and adopt the leadership role in the partnership. This can often serve as the glue that binds the relationship, but when those traits are turned on one another, it can get ugly.
It is those differences that can make this a very difficult romantic compatibility pairing. Virgo may end up more than a little unhappy at the free spending ways of the Sagittarius astrological sign, as they prefer a strict approach to money. Virgo astrological sign is more concerned with the tiniest details, which often means they miss the big picture. That said, they are both able to teach one another about the others way of thinking, which can create a nice compatibility balance.
This tends to lead to a pairing that thrives in both the romantic and financial departments. It is planet Mercury that rules the Virgo astrological sign, making them a great communicator, which can help when dealing with the moody Capricorn zodiac sign. Gemini likes to think ahead and talk about new ideas and innovations, whereas the Virgo astrological sign sticks to what is happening at the present time. This is why Leos don’t often do well when paired with fault finding Virgo astrological signs.
This is a duo of signs that value independence and who are incredibly careful about who they choose to commit to.
For example, Scorpio will take time to look at the interior of the room, analysing how everything fits together, while the Virgo astrological sign will become obsessed by the layer of dust on a shelf. The difference is that Taurus is ruled by Venus and has a romantic streak that makes him or her quite different from down to earth Mercury ruled Virgo. Scorpio will often look at Aquarius as a bit of a cuckoo, but also enjoys the fact that being with them helps broaden their own horizons.
Barriers will need to be broken down, but of both signs can maintain their true water nature and remain patient, this is a pairing that can be mutually beneficial, as well as being one that lasts a lifetime. Gemini hides his or her thoughts under multiple personality shifts and can easily change his or her mind when inconvenienced. However, if you can work out the priorities and responsibilities, you can make a fabulous team that can reach considerable heights of personal fulfilment and material wealth, together. Scorpio is a fact checker that likes to find fact based solutions, while Libras are happy with a quick solution. The Scorpio astrological sign is stubborn, which can very much rub quick-tempered Taurus the wrong way. Aquarius will be looking for a partner that they can debate with and talk about the world, while Cancer needs emotional support and time spent alone together at home. Both sides need to take a grown-up approach to the partnership compatibility if it has any chance of long term success. Neither of you likes to mention the other faults when it's possible to be encouraging and caring instead.
Cancer can help Capricorn relax, while Capricorn can make it clear that you don’ have to get all mushy to show love. Leo astrological sign is the Sun sign to Cancer’s Moon, whilst also being a fire sign to the water sign of Cancer. Libra tends to be light and airy, whereas the Cancer can have emotions that run incredibly deep. Cancer does not care for that fact that Sag often expresses love by allowing a loose leash. Cancer astrological sign tends to crave emotional security while Taurus is more interested in material security.
The emotional attraction between these two signs is strong because both individuals have caring for others as a top priority. This often means that the pair will need to agree to disagree, whilst staying loyal to one another when those disagreements get heated.
The type of security they seek is different, with the Cancer zodiac sign seeing emotional and the Taurus astrological sign looking for material security.
Secrets and personal matters are always kept close to the chest by both signs, which allows for trust to be built up over an extended period of time. Gemini is the dreamer and often dreams big, while Taurus is the pragmatic plodding bull, tough and no nonsense.
Leo loves to strut and has a big ego that need stroking, while Taurus digs in his or her heels and refuses to budge.
This may not sit well with obstinate Taurus astrological sign, who wants Libra to share some of the load. Both signs have a little love of luxury, especially when it comes to good food, wine, and conversation. Scorpio doesn’t have the stubbornness of the Taurus astrological sign, but can be moody and quick tempered. That is something not so readily displayed by Mercury ruled Virgo, who adopts a more down to earth approach to life. All of that can become an issue, as neither is able to rein the other in when their goals and dreams stretch to the unimaginable or impossible.
Cancer doesn't like Sag's tendency to express love and compatibility by leaving the other person on a very loose leash indeed. This is fine as long as Sagittarius remembers that Leo might need a little ego stroke now and again. Since each can be easily figured out by the other, there are few surprises and the tendency will be to go your separate ways in search of adventure unless you cooperate to manufacture adventure that you can both share. This doesn’t mean that there is no hope for them, but both sides will need to be willing to compromise. Each can fill the gaps in the other quite nicely, making them a great team if they can get over their differences. Since the two have strong caring sides, the emotional attraction is often incredibly strong. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn, and since that is the god of cultivation, Capricorn is able to help Virgo forego their often stuffy nature. Gemini will go on and on about the newest book or movie, with Virgo more concerned with things like bills and the leaking roof. Libra can sooth Virgo and can convince nervous Virgo that things aren’t as bad as they seem.
Gemini prefers to speculate and communicate about innovative ideas, while Virgo’s communication is more concerned with day to day activities. The cautious Virgo astrological sign likes to be productive, while the outgoing Sagittarius zodiac sign prefers a carefree attitude that is often driven by spontaneity and a need for adventure. It is this that makes this pairing a little problematic, as they tend to be unable to agree on what is and isn’t important. Virgo astrological signs can expect to become immersed in romance whenever Taurus gets the urge and Taurus can expect to bump up against Virgo’s tendency to put romance on the back burner in favor of solving the latest problem. Even so, when two people of the same sign are in a relationship, they do tend reinforce the most prominent elements of their astrological characteristics.
This is a compatibility that can definitely work as long as both sides are allowed to explore their own paths and ideas.
This is one of those partnerships that take time and patience to develop, which can be difficult, because both are highly erotic.
Both will need to learn how to work as a team and understand that allowing one to lead may sometimes be necessary. Gemini has the ability to dismiss unwanted ideas by instantly becoming the type of person who doesn’t think or believe a particular thing. The dominant role in the partnership will be held by the Scorpio, because that’s the only way they will accept it. Both signs are political beasts, which means negotiations will often be required to build the relationship. The water of Scorpio and the Earth of Taurus can be combined in a way that erodes much of the negativity in their relationship compatibility, but both will still have to tread carefully if they want to succeed in a loving partnership. Cancer need quality attention, which Aquarius can’t always deliver over long periods of time. Aries really needs to take control of their own actions, while the Cancer astrological sign must eschew the need to control just so that they can nurture. The only drawback is that your sensitive natures can easily lead to emotional injury, sulking and withdrawal. This is a definite odd compatibility, but is a pairing that can work very well if each is able to accept the other’s differences. This would make it seem as though no common ground would exist, but short tempers are shared.
Your love for the finer things in life can spur you on to achievement, but be careful that you don't overspend. Cancer will spend time nesting and building a home, whereas Sagittarius is happy as long as they are liked by their partner. This craving means that your relationship compatibility has a very good chance of being long lasting, as neither of you is predisposed to roam. Taurus will be the stable one in the partnership, which makes up for all that Aquarius lacks. Jealousy and a lack of forgiveness are other shared traits, making unfaithfulness a deal breaker. Both of those needs tend to make for great relationship compatibility, as neither sign is interested in roaming.

The Taurus astrological sign is often filled with lust, which is a perfect fit for the imaginative Pisces zodiac sign. Fortunately, Scorpio is a water sign that can be contained by the earth sign Taurus and Scorpio can erode some of Taurus’ hard-headedness. Taurus normally don’t tolerate living in poverty and can get quite upset when things start to wear out and can’t be replaced. The romance can burst into life when Taurus get the urge to play the part, but Virgo can also expect to see it ignored completely if Taurus is involved in other things.
Neither of you is particularly impressed with the seriousness of the world, so it's good to have someone to play with. Both need to be aware that failure might very well be an option, and that blame should not be laid at the other’s feet when things do go wrong. Cancer wants hearth and home, while Sag says, "Hey, you're a free spirit, just like me." Both of you will need to adapt to the other's approach and this might take some real soul searching.
This is best achieved by offering praise and admiration for a job well done, which will make the Leo very content. The best chance this pair of zodiac signs have is to find middle ground that both can exist in. That said, Sag may well enjoy the fact that Virgo can help take care and organize the financial side of the partnership. Aquarius will happily take all the time it needs to solve a specific problem, while Virgo wants everything tied up in a neat little bow as quickly as possible.
That can be done if they realize that embracing those differences will actually make them a more formidable team. Rather than being lustful, though, this is a love partnership that will fall more on the romantic side. Earth signs often have carnal instincts, which can help further the possibility of a relationship lasting longer than it might otherwise. Virgo may thus look at Gemini as irresponsible, which can result in Gemini thinking that Virgo is a bit of a killjoy.
So, if you’re a Virgo in love with a Leo, you may have to curb your perfectionism for the sake of relationship compatibility. Gemini wants to talk about the latest movie or a recently read book on philosophy, while Virgo wants to talk about the leaking roof and the bills that need paying. This makes building relationship compatibility a real challenge, with middle ground needing to be achieved before it can move forward.
The sexual sparks can easily fly and blind both partners to the need to establish a working relationship if they are looking for something long term.
This match is a union that requires a lot of effort for it’s compatibility to work, but when it does, it can be a great one.
Just remember that you are both very intense people who tend to make high demands on each other.
Building relationship compatibility where both signs are happy is something that will take a lot of work. It is well worth the effort, though, as these two strong-willed types will accomplish a lot by working together. Aquarius generally doesn’t fit well with people that they see as emotionally needy, which means that family and home living Cancer may not be the best fit for relationship compatibility. So, make sure that you stay in communication and realize that those minor slips of the tongue really are minor.
You are both thrifty, so your home may look like it was furnished from a thrift store and neither of you would object to driving a beat-up old car that’s cheap to run and easy to fix, rather than an expensive new car.
Leo’s tend to have a big ego, whereas Cancers are sensitive souls that are easily offended.
The Cancer astrological sign will need to jettison the baggage being carried around, while Libra will need to understand that easy solutions are not always readily available. It can be very difficult, yet absolutely essential, for these to adapt somewhat to the approach of the other.
While Taurus is the more lustful of the two and may have a wandering eye, both of you prefer the bird in the hand to the two in the bush. If both sides can keep their egos in check, they will be able to prop each other up quite nicely. That said, Taurus can have a little bit of a wandering eye and lustful thoughts, but the need for security keeps them with the one they are currently with. Of the pair, it is Capricorn that is disciplined and less likely to become self-indulgent, which is not something that can be said for the sensual Taurus astrological sign.
For example, Taurus can rein in Gemini’s tendency to be a spendthrift, while Gemini can reveal aspects of the world that Taurus would not normally see. This is the kind of partnership that ends up on the front cover of the supermarket tabloids. Taurus must be less demanding and Libra must be more allowing within their relationship compatibility.
It doesn’t mean that Taurus and Sagittarius can’t get along; it does mean that both partners will need to do a lot of compromising.
But, to create perfect compatibility both of you should tread carefully and treat each other with respect.
Taurus astrological signs isn’t like carefree Gemini, who's more interested in inner life than outer success. That should not be a sign to not try, though, as this can be a good pairing if both sides give and take a little.
That said, a ridiculous amount of effort is going to be required for peace and compatibility to be maintained. The Leo astrological sign does have to remember that the Sagittarius will bring skill and potential to the relationship, and should thus not be concerned when advice is not heeded.
The Sagittarius astrological sign can be rough around the edges, which can be tough for the sensitive Libra to handle.
Sagittarius will need to learn how to enjoy staying at home now and then and Pisces will have to learn how to leave the nest once in awhile.
Travel or starting a business partnership can also add sufficient adventure to the relationship.
Sagittarius will be sure to share those happy feelings, while Virgo tends to be much more guarded with their thoughts and emotions. That makes compromise absolutely essential if this pairing wishes to have relationship compatibility that lasts.
Neither sign cares for one night stands, as they would rather have a long, meaningful relationship compatibility.
This is a pairing that should not be underestimated, though, as they do a great job of balancing one another out. This can cause Gemini to feel that Virgo is cramping his style while it can make Virgo feel that Gemini is irresponsible. Both will need to embrace the way in which the other views the world if they are to make a real go of it. A Virgo and Taurus pairing can be a very happy union if each can learn to give way, just a little bit, to the other.
A Virgo to Virgo partnership will be one of careful husbandry and pragmatic planning.This is not a relationship compatibility that will overflow with imagination and experimentation, but it will exhibit a Virgo characteristic that is often overlooked, curiosity. A Leo and Cancer compatibility combination is often like walking on eggshells and taking things very slowly. So set some limits, realize that you can't have the home and garden magazine's lifestyle right off the bat, and work together to fulfill you dreams.
Bad habits can be an issue for Taurus, whereas complete freedom in the bedroom can be a problem for Capricorn, but overall, this is a strong pairing.
The only hope for the two of you is to channel all that energy outward toward some worthwhile goal.
This is a sign that has definite standards that they don’t take the time to make everyone aware of, making it impossible for people to reach the bars that have been set.
So the only time the two of you may find your relationship compatibility strained is when material wealth becomes elusive.
Careful Cancer must learn to trust wild Sagittarius and they must remember Cancer's need for togetherness.
When the going gets tough, Sag will need to let Capricorn take control, while Capricorn must allow Sagittarius to set the course ahead if this pairing is to be successful. Sporting events and thrilling action flicks aren’t required to keep the excitement level high. Libra will want to take a slow, steady approach, yet can often act on impulse when it comes to spending.
You are both very political animals and so building a relationship will mean much politics and negotiation. Sagittarius will be stimulated intellectually by Virgo at times, but will more than likely be more inclined to think of them as dull.
The problem is that Virgo may become uncomfortable with the extroverted nature of Sagittarius, which they can often view as irresponsible. Gemini can simply drop a problem, if it gets in the way, and will become annoyed if it keeps coming back, while Scorpio will hold on to a problem until it is solved and may bring it up a year later, much to Gemini’s consternation. But, Gemini will have to learn to accept Cancer’s sentimental moments and Cancer will need to tolerate Gemini’s tendency toward detachment. Cancer will need to ingest a whole load of trust, while Sag will need to be a little more committed to Cancer. It’s a difficult thing to do, but if you can both avoid being petty, you can have a very dynamic relationship. This is a partnership that can work if both are able to put their own desires behind the needs of the other. Fortunately, you both have the stubbornness of the bull and can tough it out and climb out of the problem, if you work together.
So keep it light and gentle, even when you are engaged in serious activity, like settling an argument or planning a future together. This is a union of star signs that can build great relationship compatibility based on quiet intimacy. The Sagittarius will dive in and get the job done, but often at an increased financial cost. This is a pairing that needs to understand what makes the other tick and then come to accept it. Since finances are often the catalyst for arguments, this pairing avoids that with their thrifty ways.
And Libra must trust that Virgo’s worrying might have some justification and work to make corrections. Sagittarius will often look at Virgo as being way too serious or overly devoted to their work to form a good relationship compatibility. Scorpio will need to pay more attention to Virgo’s obsession with material details who will need to accept Scorpio’s penchant for analysing emotions and ideas. When the relationship compatibility with this pairing works, it is usually because they balance one another out by filling the traits that the other is missing.
If you can come to agreement and form a team, the combination of your strong wills means that you can accomplish almost anything. If that cannot be done, this is a relationship compatibility that will require a ton of work. Two Virgos together can build a much grounded union based on mutual understanding and trust, just by helping each other answer questions as they come up.
So, don’t expect wild adventure, but do expect a very functional relationship if you can stay devoted to each other and overlook petty details and unimportant personal flaws.

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