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PAM GREGORY studied for eight years with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, obtaining the most highly respected astrological qualification in the world (D.F.
Due to heavy work pressures, Pam is no longer taking bookings for chart consultations for the next few months. Sun in Virgo Astrology Forecast will give you practical suggestions how to adjust with the energies of the stars this month. It is unique to you, and is your own sheet of music, revealing all of your skills, talents, gifts, and challenges, and how many of your motivations have developed.

The cost for this is ?250, and the reading can be given in the New Forest area, or by Skype or phone. She achieved Highest Honours in Noel Tyl’s Masters Course, and has been involved in the astrological world for over 30 years. If you have a reasonable idea of your birth time within 20 minutes or so, we can look at events in the past which can locate it precisely.
The more we co-operate with our natural abilities as shown by our chart, the better our life will work.

Equally, the more adrift our daily routine is from who we really are the less well our life will work.

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