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To be able to read effectively for others, one must first be able to read effectively for oneself.
If we don’t get too caught up in the minutiae of interpreting symbols, but rather look at the chart as being an expression of energy, then the communication is in terms of energy. If one utilises this philosophical basis, which underlies all the assumptions and deductions of astrology, one will learn to properly read, interpret and communicate with another. This prediction horoscope reading┬ácovers any chosen year, but most people choose to look ahead over the coming year.
The ancient science of astrology was created because of the need to mark seasons and guiding the periods of cultivation and harvest. The twelve signs, meanwhile, are governed by the seven stars closer to Earth, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
For Taurus, having a happy family and peaceful surroundings are the key ingredients to their life.
If a Leo has not found their purpose in life, then they can become overly dependent on the admiration and validation received from others. Virgos are not easy to get to know, but if you win one over, you have gained a real treasure. When Libras learn to appreciate their own happiness, only then can they shake the fear of losing the affection of others.
Sagittarians are usually in good spirits and want to share their sunny outlook with others. Their positive energy and sensitivity to the beauty found in nature and in other people make them well liked. But more is involved in the process of reading for another, especially someone that one has never met before.
Therefore, what follows in the next few paragraphs will have some bearing for any student of astrology and hopefully have some interest for the general reader too.
You know yourself, at least relatively well, and your chart can be used as a guide or roadmap for the understanding of your life energies.
How much energy is required to move on from this point, or for a particular outcome to happen? My astrology readings are unique horoscope readings that cover any particular year you wish.
Curiously, the Astronomy, Physics Astrology, arose from the observation of stars, based on mathematics. Their innate cheerfulness and engaging social skills combine as a gift that allows the Sagittarians to share what they know with others. Due to their clear sense of right and wrong, Sagittarians find it difficult to witness injustice. The disadvantage is if you try to force some outcome, thus becoming too caught up in subjectivity.

The reading itself should come from a much broader perspective and understanding than just regarding what is portrayed or enclosed in the nativity.
When are the peak times when certain energies are available and others are less forthcoming?
Some clients are planning to emigrate the following year and require an astrological reading for that year.
With the passage of time, scientists realized that certain astronomical events had a more specific influence on men. Once they set their mind to something, they don't stop until they have achieved their goal. Consequently, Sagittarians can often be found working as teachers, counselors, ministers, and journalists. Why not buy an Astrology reading for a few years ahead and keep it safely to see just how accurate these astrological readings can be. They have a thirst for knowledge and continue to seek anything new, so much so, that it can destroy some relationships.
Aries tend to begin a new life in retirement, after deciding what will be to their advantage. They find it difficult to believe that not everyone in this world is interested the problems and difficulties facing their fellow man. When it comes to relationships, they spend a long time choosing their partner to be sure they are the right one.
They are capable of quickly regaining their composure and return to their normal good-natured state. Your birth-chart is merely an agreed symbolic way of arranging the heavens for your moment of birth. From this interactive perspective, we can learn to see that which in the chart corresponds to the others concerns. We have an overall base from which astrology can give us clues, but always in the context of the all encompassing; the universals of sameness and parallels of change.
And so, between the astronomical observation and personal association, which emerged Astrology. While others daydream about ways to make more money, the Capricorn has already earned and invested their salary. They have a highly developed sense of duty and responsibility that they will stick to even in pain and suffering. Scorpio is aware that all goals cannot be reached right away, but knows they will get there in time. This chart is only a cosmic map which encapsulates the seed idea for your life journey and personality development. So the sky was divided into twelve signs, including the energy contained in the four elements of our planet: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

However, taking things so seriously can cause them to miss out on the enjoyment that life has to offer. They can allow their ideals and dreams to take over their reality, facing them with a rude awakening when the cold facts interfere with their plans. They intuitively know that one can easily overcome rejection, defensiveness and resistance on the part of others by accepting them for what they are. Leo's natural charm and intelligence help him to quickly recognize his shortcomings, nourish the healthy parts of his life and combat the negative influences. They have a tendency to dismiss things that they don't understand and sometimes appear snobbish. If the context of what the chart is is not put into perspective then you will never be able to read for yourself or another.
Relationships can be jeopardized on account of business responsibilities and adherence to convention. Significant others are often challenged in their relationship with the Aquarians, as the Aquarians restless explorations can prevent closeness and bonding in the relationship. Even so, the Capricorn is capable of deep and passionate feeling and can flourish in a long-term relationship. If Pisces is self-aware and remains true to their ideals, then they have the ability to penetrate life's deepest mysteries. But Taurus is a true friend and will go to great lengths to help a friend that is really in need. But before sharing their life with someone, they will scrutinize the person to ensure trust and affection have not been misplaced. However, if Pisces feels helpless and trapped by life's challenges, then they will give up and exists by avoiding conflict. Gemini doesn't always stay the course, even when they've decided upon the most reasonable and profitable action. Aries has many good qualities: stamina, not bringing up the past, graciousness, a healthy sense of justice and openness.
Gemini are successful in professions that require creativity, openness, flexibility, and communications skills. If the Scorpio drops their guard with someone and is not taken advantage of, then they can become a true friend and partner to that person.
However, if Aries senses that they have hurt someone's feelings, they will be the first to apologize.

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