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We have partnered up with evolutionary astrologer, Kristin Fontana, and will be providing you with a weekly astrology forecast. Fate defined is this: No matter how hard you try to avoid something from happening and it still happens anyway. You are on the edge of your seat, and for some of you, you may be waiting for the next shoe to drop. Everyone wants a chance for a ‘do-over’, an opportunity to go back into the annals of your life and flip a few switches, as if they never happened at all.
Let the tides speak for themselves and I guarantee something that is measured as some kind of special will render you positively speechless!
As you look forward to watching the past slip far into the distance, you are also feeling as if you are returning to certain places you thought you had already long said goodbye to as Mercury moves retrograde in Scorpio and backs into Libra on Friday, Oct.
You can imagine that if the population was divided into twelve, and as an Aries born you represented one piece of that pie (although it is not a perfect science), not all of you would be experiencing the exact same thing at the same time just because you are all an Aries. At times, the energy in the ethers can be moving at such a hard and fast pace, it can feel as if something is happening to you, as if the planets are conspiring to force some sort of event upon you, as if you do not have a choice at all in the matter. There are those moments in time when words fall short, they cannot come close to describing how your inner world feels. Opportunities in life can show up left and right, but these chances for promising change can’t happen on their own, for it all depends on whether or not you choose to participate and follow through on these desires with action.
The energy will meter out some as we enter the weekend but keep that strong momentum going while you can throughout the next few weeks and the distance you will cover will be ground breaking! It often helps to play the observer when you are trying to gain accurate information, and with your ruler Mercury now retrograde in Scorpio, you are finally getting a clear picture of what’s in front of you.
Our Mission is to educate and reconnect the world to the ancient wisdom and healing properties of crystals. Disclaimer:The posts on the Energy Muse Blog detail our own personal experiences in relation to the topic.
To find the best Astrology Readings in Denver visit Peace of Mind Massage on Old South Pearl Street in Platt Park close to Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Capital Hill, Englewood, Glendale, Baker, and central to all of Denver, Colorado. With this powerful aspect of manifestation happening in the season of Scorpio, it’s a wonderful time to really take our desires beyond superficial places. Astrology Forecast October 2015Peace of Mind named Best Massage in Denver by 5280: Here’s why! From what I can tell, April will be a little less forceful in approach, maybe if only in order to allow us all to catch a bit of a breath. Therefore, if you have any hope of keeping all things you value in place, perhaps try a little less insistence on having all things go your way. Yet if you mind your tongue, as well as all rough-housing (be it physical, verbal, or emotional), you really will find that you’re extremely confident, self-assured, and just put together oh-so-nicely. Oh, but do go for whatever it is you want, as long as it’s reasonable and no frantic grabbing is involved. Too, Taurus being the slow moving bull that he is, takes the hectic out of our shopping spree, along with our rise to the top. Therefore, expect to find yourself a tad more set in your ways… as well as everyone else. After all, Aries is nothing if not abnormally confident when he sets his mind to pretty much of anything that touches his vigor nerve. Still, provided you’ve already done the background checks and balanced the books, go for it! As mentioned earlier, Venus doesn’t much know how to handle all the testosterone that Aries rains down on her previously perfect and well-coiffed do.
Just realize that we have our normally somewhat docile Venus, who is now in bold and take-charge Aries, aspecting Mars, who just so happens to be the natural ruler of Aries. Either way, today you want what you want and you have no hesitation of going and grabbing it. The other thing is, Mars retrograde also has a way of causing some of our plans to stall, if not fall apart altogether.
I’d advise we use this time to recalculate relationships, budgets, careers, and yes, even to measure our progress or lack thereof. Also, since Mars retrogrades in the sign of Sagittarius, know that Sags will feel this pretty forcefully. Meaning, when Pluto aspects something in our charts we always know we’re about to go through a profound change. Pluto causes us to knock down the familiar in order to find out why we have let it become our familiar.
Still the point is, the only way to change what has failed is to understand why it wasn’t good for you to begin with. As we’re all being asked to surrender our ego in order that we can fully become a better form of ourselves, we also have our planet of love (Venus) making nice with our planet of duty (Saturn). For most of us this means we’re far less romantic yet far more practical in all of our relationships. This one gives us the nice and steady in any area of our lives not needing to be drastically pruned for the time being. One of the coolest things about Taurus though is how comfortable they can make others feel. Taurus really does love their home to the max, which is why we all begin the proverbial spring cleaning ritual this time every year. Granted, we will get a little more stubborn when the bull takes up residence in all of our heads. How most of us will experience this is that we’ll see our relationship changing in some sort of way. Consequently, while one of you might try to shove their head in the sand and cling on tighter, the other one might be demanding more new, more freedom, or more space.
As I said, Pluto and Mars retrograde leaves all of us trying to figure out who and what we want to spend energy on… along with why.
The best thing about today is simply that we really will be keenly aware of what we feel about pretty much of anything. If possible, try not to base any big decisions upon how you think you feel about anything today. Also, don’t go plotting revenge until you can see your way clear to hearing the other side of the one-sided argument you have going on in your head. Too, lest we forget, it’s also a day of manipulating through guilt while threatening through clenched teeth. Perhaps then if you can just shut yourself in and think about how you feel about most things, you might uncover some buried stuff from years ago. So take a minute occasionally if only to realize you’re under the mental control of the crazy and far-too-easily bored planet of Uranus. And if you don’t have a sweetie and happen to stumble upon one, simply realize that the pairing will be uniquely and ambitiously strange. In Mercury’s case, the mail gets lost, contracts are misread, words are misinterpreted, our computers go bust, and everyone starts driving like complete fools. Personally, I’m going to be proactive and get as much done before the 17th as possible.
I vow to try not to hog the road nor sign any important contracts without letting like a million other people review them. Venus in Taurus will also help us all regain some control over our emotions, as well as our emotional responses. I hope you enjoy my site, along with my slightly slanted way of looking at life in all of its mysterious glory.

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Posted on December 17, 2015 by Chris Brennan --- 5 CommentsIn episode 57 astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan look at some of the major transits and alignments for the year ahead, and give an overview of the astrology of 2016.
This episode takes the place of our usual monthly forecast, although we still touch upon some of the major themes for January. Since this episode covers the entire year I decided not to include any auspicious electional dates for the month ahead, but if you are looking for dates for January you should read my electional column in this month’s issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. This episode was recorded live in front of an audience of our Patreon supporters through our monthly webinar format, and both an audio as well as a video recording of the episode are available below.
Below you will find an outline of some of the different topics that we touched on during the course of the show, followed by links to download or stream the recording. Austin recently launched a Patreon campaign in order to fund a new weekly column that he will be publishing on his website.
Kelly is visiting Australia for several weeks over the course of the winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere, and she will be leading a workshop on movement in the chart in Sydney January 15-16, followed by presenting at the 2016 FAA International Astrology Conference in Sydney January 21-25. Chris recently released a new 18-hour lecture on the advanced timing technique called Zodiacal Releasing.
I write a column each month in The Mountain Astrologer magazine on auspicious electional charts for that month.
A weekly podcast featuring discussions on technical, historical, and philosophical topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan. After you read your astrology forecast, don’t forget to check out our shop by astrology section!
However, it can take a quite a bit of build up before you snap, but boy when you do, people can feel it from here to eternity. Let’s say it were possible, yet the memory of it still remained in the cells of your being.
8, a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries will initiate a new theme of dreams and desires in your life. The Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday, Oct.8, which conjuncts Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, will have a way of doing just that.
It is time to get a move on and there will be nothing in your being, except possibly a sprinkle or two of fear, that is going to stop you from taking the leap. Mercury shifts back into Libra on Friday, Oct 10, which will have you re-evaluating how you wish to balance your energy and who you wish to give your attentions to, as a result of what you are uncovering and discovering.
Energy Muse is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope in the form of jewelry. Using crystals and embodying a mindful lifestyle allows you to align your body with the energy of the Earth, which vibrates at the highest energy, LOVE. We ask that you please do not repost any of our blogs without obtaining permission, however you are more than welcome to link back to our post.
This can include, but is not limited to, the use of healing crystals, Feng Shui, chakra healing, meditation, yoga etc.
Virgos are on the rise, with Jupiter in their corner, and can use this time to increase their monetary or material assets. To find out more about how the activity in the sky is effecting you personally book an astrology reading with our resident Astrologer and Massage Therapist Adrianne in our Denver Massage center.
When we pair this with our planet of action and aggression also now focused inward, we may find this is the best time ever to really dig into our own dirt.
Patrons of the column will receive some great benefits and perks, and it is a good opportunity to support some high-quality astrology, so please check it out. She also recently published a full written forecast on the astrology of next year in the 2016 WellBeing Astrology Guide. It is available either as part of his online course on Hellenistic astrology, or as a standalone workshop on Zodiacal Releasing. I think that it ends up being more prominent on the forecast episodes because I usually do less to edit those, and they are also presented live, which usually makes me a bit more nervous. This week is a fated week for all, but especially you Libra as not only is your Sun opposing a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries, your ruler Venus, in your sign, is squaring Pluto, the planet of karma. Because you hold so much in and so far down in the bottom of the barrel of your being, it can feel like a pressure cooker in there. There tends to be no monitor meter in your Soul, and with expansive and at times excessive Jupiter as your ruler, you can also take on more than you can handle. Risk is required and you know you can’t say no, something is telling you that your evolution depends on it, and you are right.
Perhaps you are not through, karmically speaking, with a certain few others, and this Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday, Oct.
Unless a personal birth chart is generated, it becomes a focus on themes, specifically linked to your ruler Mars.
It won’t matter what you do to try and stop them from surfacing, they are rising up into your world of awareness as this lunar boom joins Uranus and forms a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Mars. Every choice you have made has led you to this point and every turn you take creates an energetic influence, called karma, which is the law of cause and effect. This lunar blast however is also forming a Grand Trine with Mars and Jupiter in fire signs, so there may be some enticing opportunities on the heels of some unforeseen change.
Stay as detached and emotionally removed as possible and you will be able to see a clear path forward. We provide empowering tools, inspirational insight and powerful rituals to assist you on your spiritual journey.
You’ll think of an old friend, and receive a message out of the blue from that person within the day.
Taurus should take extra care of their health and rest, even though opportunities are drawing them into high-gear energy expenditure. The price of the Hellenistic course is being raised from $297 to $397 on January 1, so sign up now if you want to get in at the lower price.
There is absolutely nothing light about this fire power load of energy and although it will play out in relative degrees depending on your own personal story, it will be a memorable window of time.
You are private with the true depths of your emotions and it truly says something when you choose to share these intimate corners with another. This week is no exception as Jupiter is part of a Grand Trine in fire signs, including action Mars in your sign, as well as Uranus in Aries. A Full Moon Eclipse in fire sign Aries has the collective cosmic current so ramped up, you know you have no choice but to jump on, jump in, or get burned. 8, which is conjunct liberating Uranus, will have a way of setting your Soul free from those whom you feel have betrayed you or let you down.
All of you will feel the energy directly connected to wherever Mars is positioned in the sky.
Here you stand, now facing another opportunity to take a step in a new direction as Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all combine forming a Grand Trine in fire signs, activating your relationships and communications across the board. Trust issues are on the table for anyone who invests their heart into something this week as well as Pluto will be squaring Venus, and it will be time to weed out those who are duplicit and divided in their stance.

8, in your house of faith and is forming a Grand Trine in the sky with Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in your sign Leo.
Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are forming a Grand Trine in fire signs during the Full Moon Eclipse in Aries, in your house of the Soul, suggesting you are destined to experience some revolutionary growth. You’ll consider taking a weekend getaway, and then receive a random invite from a connection to use their mountain cabin for the weekend.
This will happen three times between now and June of 2016, and this is the first of the set.
Take advantage of this month, Scorpios and Cancers: this is a moment where your desires, efforts, and abilities can combine in laser-point focus.
The Full Moon Eclipse on Wednesday, Oct.8, happens to be conjoined Uranus in your house of creative self-actualization and could prove to catapult you to new career heights. This does not only mean event related changing circumstances, this could also equal an emotional ride that forces inner change, demanding a letting go of holding patterns of the past, as the eclipse is creating an earthquake of energy in your house of home and the emotional body. This week however, something is coming full circle and at the same time igniting a brand new beginning as a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries conjoins your ruler Uranus, the planet that governs long term memory. It is a clean up shop kind of week in the karmic sense of the word, and the energy now is encouraging you to wash your hands of everything and anything that is bad ju ju. This week is epic in that regard, and although not all of you will have outer manifestations of this Full Moon Eclipse in Aries on Wednesday, Oct.
Your ruler Venus is in Libra and will be squaring Pluto as well, which will prove to expose some hidden truths about someone you were not privy to before.
You will get the help you need from supportive others when Mercury retrogrades back into Libra on Friday, Oct.10. It does not matter how crazy things may be playing out, you are not only going to land on your feet, you will hit the ground running. None of the information we share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.
Stoner, Greenfield, INDetails HereAbout MeI'm a storyteller more so than a writer, since I don't care nearly as much about fragmented sentences (ask spellcheck) as I do about sharing what I know about a variety of esoteric subjects with you. The period between the eclipses will be extra potent and the energy will be quite malleable so do what you can to energize the best possible outcome for yourself, even though there will be some things you cannot control. 8., a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries in your house of doubt, has you questioning just about everything, including your own value and self worth, as your ruler also squares Venus on that day.
However, be aware of who you extend your trust with your valuable offerings as Pluto does form a square to Venus in Libra, some things may indeed be too good to be true. Do remember that the greater you resist, the more intense the kickback of energy, similar to holding on to a rubber band and it snapping under pressure and stinging you as a result. This will offer a dramatically transformative perspective on the past and allow you to blast forward in an electrically new way. Pluto is also squaring Venus during this eclipse which will have a way of eliminating things and people in your life who are not benefiting you in some way or those who have hidden agendas. Of course knowing the full truth is always best so you know how to clearly direct your energy but it does not eliminate the pain. Keep a penetrating focus on nurturing your own Soul center, while tending to your own inner flame and believe me Cancer, when and where you least expect it, someone will not only be mesmerized by your light, they will be doing all they can to secure a place on your path. On the one hand, certain fateful encounters and events may be playing out with key others as Pluto is squaring Venus, and this may be causing some pressure and stress, but you also have not ever had this kind of cosmic backing in your life with this Grand Fire Trine in place.
One thing you can be sure of with Jupiter in your house of the unseen world, is that no matter how things appear out there, you have a benevolent energy that is protecting you, and gracing you with an ever-loving unconditional presence. Energy Muse Jewelry serves as a tool to help you tap into your inner power and manifest your desires.
You may even be attracting the attention of a person, benefactor, teacher, or opportunity that seems to have come out of the blue. Pisces may still be suffering some harsh criticism from reality with Saturn in square, but should be feeling higher vitality this month.
It will be a time to re-direct your focus and re-think how you want to move forward in all of your relationships.
You are typically far more confident in your pursuits but something is ringing that bell of question.
With Mercury currently retrograde in Scorpio, and then backing into Libra on Friday, you will come to know who is in your camp and who isn’t, and that kinship and kindness will prove to be a balm for your being. This eclipse also forms a Grand Trine with Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo, impacting all areas of the heart and in connection to your relationships with others. Your ruler Mars, is in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, and forming a powerful trinity of energy with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. With Mercury also retrograde in Scorpio in your house of relationships, this can help you get to the root of anything, so you can make the necessary adjustments. You will not be on the outside looking in, you will be all the way in and deep in the center of a new moving groove. Don’t be surprised if seemingly random occurrences of synchronicity begin to pop up, offering you a helping hand towards these deeper desires. Leo and Sagittarius are needing to focus more on staying the course for manifestation that’s farther over the horizon: hard work towards a goal trumps faith in the unknown, at this time.
New life in those loving connections is begging to begin so continue to encourage a spirit of spontaneity and invite some edgy risk and sudden surprise. Fortunately, your younger brother Mars is part of a Grand Fire Trine with Jupiter and Uranus, and he is working hard and fast to help you access an inner state of confidence again, because you know and I know, that confidence sells. But for the most part Sag, get ready cuz you are about to high tail it ‘outta’ here and find yourself somewhere far better, either figuratively or literally. Follow the fire which also happens to be offering the greatest amount of light to illuminate your path. Pluto is forming a square to Venus in fellow air sign Libra in your house of truth, which will induce honest exchanges with key others that may be dreaded but are destined to happen. This is one radical month where energy is concerned and it will surely keep you on your toes, so partner with this stream as best you can and make some magic happen, because it is available for those who deeply wish to dig in and risk it all.
Even if things aren’t going as well for you as you’d hoped, this aspect will help soften the blow of a tough situation. The week’s intensity will certainly expose some of your insecurities, but it will also create a new foundation to build a better base from the ground up.
Sudden openings in your world of career may also show up as if they were displayed on a billboard of lights. If you want to attract better things for yourself, you have the cosmic backing to do that too. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, and with Pluto squaring Venus now, you are learning some fast lessons surrounding trust. But there’s a increased ability to use the seemingly random happenings towards a deeper goal. Be open for some invisible support from on high and you will feel an answer to your call with the next wind that blows in. And if you have really followed an honest past, positively ridiculous life changing events are on the horizon, just when and where you least expect.
With this trine happening in earth signs (Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo), this vibration of manifestation is extremely tangible.

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