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INTREPID is the only full featured professional astrology software that is identical on Windows and Mac (fully native on either platform — no emulations).
Intrepid Astrology Software is built from the ground to the sky to be as easy and user-friendly as possible without sacrificing the go-to techniques that most astrologers rely on. If you practice Electional Astrology, Horary Astrology or if you rely on Rectification techniques, these instant display features will transform the speed and efficiency with which you work.
If you’re new Report Writers, these add-ons to Intrepid Software empower you to generate custom reports for anyone born anywhere at anytime. Built natively into Intrepid, each Report Writer can be easily printed on paper or electronically (ie, pdf).
In the last 7 years at conferences and meetings around the US, the number one response we’ve heard from old and new customers alike is how EASY Intrepid is to use. Intrepid is the best Astrology Software for Amateurs & Professionals looking to research, print Natal charts and look into the past, and the future. Delphic Oracle software is based upon the translations of historical astrological texts from the Hellenistic era through Medieval, Renaissance and up to the early Modern era and includes various techniques from such ancient authors as Vettius Valens, Antiochus, Hephastio, Dorotheus, Porphyry, Rhetorius, Critodemus, Firmicus Maternus, Ptolemy, Masha-Allah, Ibn Ezra, Bonatti, Regiomontanus, Lilly, Placidus and many others. Having access to more Hellenistic time lord procedures than any other program was not enough and simply knowing when a time lord is active, even down to the 4th level, doesn't tell you much (There are over 80 time line options for 18 time lord methods for up to 25 points in the natal chart). But before you can understand the time lord sequences properly, the chart must be evaluated and analyzed so that you know which planets are causing trouble and which are to the native's benefit and in which areas of life they operate. After analysis comes synthesis which is where the Universal Hermetics Report comes in to put the details into perspective giving an overall picture of what the life is about. Once you have the broad picture, the Topical Wizard allows you to examine the houses and arabic parts (aka lots) by looking at which planets operate as host for a given topic, showing when there is participation and focusing on the planets that can witness (see) a given topic and provide testimony to the host. Due to the split that formed between the middle-Platonic school and the Aristotelian school, one branch which sought the eidetic causes and the other that sought natural causes, there was a debate on what motion represents time.

While the higher level time lord systems are generally taken to indicate the year of some forecast, there are a number of Derived Charts that can be calculated by indicating which nativity to use. Once you go down the heirarchy of time lord systems, Valens says to look at the transits to see if there is intensification or slackness in the times. All of this requires chart setup and database support which has been refined now for over a decade. After chart data management comes the need for many different chart displays to handle the different kinds of examination.
You can also modify charts by using the Rectification Toolbar and the Transit and Animation Toolbar (shown in many of the graphics at right near the top where the menu bar is). Because there are multiple ways to view the same data, the program makes use of advanced sorting algorithms for most of the data available. Delphic Oracle also comes with chart delineations for planets in the signs, houses and even as lord of a house acting in another house. In conclusion, Delphic Oracle uses the Swiss Ephemeris which is one of the most accurate planetary calculation engines in existence and has a range of 10,110 years (can calculate birth charts between Jan 1, 4713 BCE - Dec 31, 5,399 CE) and uses practically all the zodiac and house options available. Janus 4 has all of the standard calculation features expected of a top of the line astrology software program, including natal and transit reports, astro-mapping, Arabic Parts, fixed stars, progressed charts and return charts. MB Free Aries Astrology 1.50 Free Download - MB Free Aries Astrology gives good and bad features of people in Aries sun sign. Short Description: MB Free Aries Astrology gives good and bad features of people in Aries sun sign.
MB Free Aries Astrology gives a detailed and comprehensive report that includes the positive and negative characteristics of people born with the sun in a particular zodiac sign (Aries) according to Western Astrology. Statement: First, please download the orginal installation package by clicking the download link.

We’ve also built unique features into some of the reports, such as the ability to include or exclude keywords. It also has specialist modules for Cosmobiology, Uranian Astrology, Horary, Electional and Medieval Astrology. This software includes your general nature, positive and negative traits, gemstone, element, ruling planet and career and health amongst a lot of other details.
We’ve really thought through how all current softwares have a significant learning curve as new users need to learn how the software thinks rather than the other way around! Jeffrey and the Intrepid team have produced a top quality piece of software, along with instructional videos to help along the way.
While Janus has been designed to meet the computing needs of professional astrologers, beginners, too, will find it has much to offer. Using MB Free Aries Astrology crack, key, patch, serial number, registration code, keygen is illegal.
It combines user-friendliness and technical precision with the most extensive list of features found in any astrology program.
Ben Dykes and there are a number of annual division types: Standard, Hephastio, Maternus, Valens, Valens X4, Domiciles and Junctinus.
And, regardless of your level of astrological or computer ability, you will find Janus easy to use. We do not provide any download link points to Rapidshare, Hotfile, Depositfiles, Mediafire, Filefactory, etc.

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