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Attraction Marketing Strategy #31 is to show people what you are doing because your prospects will always want what you have so show them how you run your business and how you get your results.
Attraction Marketing Strategy #32 is to find a good marketing system because when you drive traffic to your business through a system, you will attract more prospects.
Attraction Marketing Strategy #33 is to make deals and offers that are very hard to resist.
Attraction Marketing Strategy #34 is to prove to your prospects what you are really capable of doing. Attraction Marketing Strategy #40 is to offer free consultations about any topic that your targeted market would be interested in. Attraction Marketing Strategy #41 is to hold free webinars besides having free consultations.
Attraction Marketing Strategy #42 is to use a specific date in all your transactions and not just on the free consultation part. Throughout the ages there has always been a class of people that seem to excel above the rest. In our modern times, these are the people that effortlessly make the most money, enjoy vibrant health, live in the finest homes, and drive the most luxurious cars. In other words, by consciously focusing on exactly what we want, and mixing strong emotions to these thoughts, we begin the process of attracting the people, situations, and things needed for the accomplishment of our ultimate goal.
Knowledge of this law places you in a unique position to bring into reality all the goals you desire.
Although the hit movie the “The Secret” helped to introduce the law of attraction to the world, many people were left with the idea that if you think long and hard enough, things will magically appear in your life. If you are marketing a weight loss product, you might initially think it’s people who are overweight. If your intention was to attract overweight people, you may very well attract them, but are they the people you can build a solid residual income from? Once you get clear on what you really want to attract in to your business, you create a plan as to how you can accomplish each of your objectives, and immediately get to work. Just as thoughts and feelings invoke the law of attraction, doubt and fear also carry the same power. Therefore, it is of supreme importance that we maintain our mind occupied with a single purpose, and keep yourself busy working. This very second you have the ability to instantly begin invoking the power of this amazing law.
Set the law of attraction in motion by directing your thoughts, and keeping yourself busy working your plan.

Show people how you are doing things such as by sharing your daily planner, your goals and achievements and you will be attracting people like crazy.
In addition, if your system is set up to qualify the prospects for you, sorting out the tire-kickers, you’ll only get to talk to the serious ones therefore saving you precious time.
In this world we live in, evidence is power so always present the undeniable proof from your existing customers and team members that you can solve people’s problems and help them achieve their goals. This way you get to build your image and reputation while getting to connect with potential targeted prospects. Do regular webinars so you can connect with your prospects, share your story and answer their questions no matter where you are in the world.
When offering a product or bonus, use a specific date to let everyone know that they should decide now because if they don’t then you would never be able to get a hold of that great product or opportunity you have for their future. He trains people in offline and online marketing and values building relationship with new people he meets every day. Some call this natural law the law of sowing and reaping, others call it the law of attraction. The reality is that the law of attraction is a mental law, but in order for it’s entire power to be set in motion, you need to be set in motion yourself. If instead you set the intention to attract, overweight people that are determined to get in shape, and had the vision to eventually show people their before and after pictures, as they shared with the world the product and business that changed their lives, can you see how much more powerful that would be? I have found that as long as I consistently focus on what I want DAILY, I stay motivated to take action. Bundle that irresistible offer with a solution-driven and no-risk purchase such as a money back guarantee and you will surely have skyrocketing results! Testimonials can inspire people to be attracted to you so give them proof…give them evidence and be proud of your achievements.
Always learn from the experts because each has his or her own unique experience you can greatly learn from.
To those that recognize the principles, and align their thoughts and their actions properly, the law of attraction can be the master key to wealth, success, health, and happiness.
Any predominant thoughts held in the mind that are ignited with strong feelings, will invoke the attraction of that which is being focused on.
Our only real choice concerning the law of attraction is whether we will direct our thoughts, thereby deliberately attracting the exact things we want, or whether we will allow our thoughts to run uncontrolled, allowing the law of attraction to operate by default. Haanel, one of the first authors to write about the law of attraction (The Master Key System Circa 1908), made a very interesting statement. But once they bang their heads with the smallest obstacle, the dream killer is let loose… DOUBT.

Remember to protect your image and reputation as a confident and reliable leader because nobody would ever want to follow someone who gives misleading information. You don’t really need anything big and complicated because a simple ebook or report that people would be interested in will work well as long as it’s packed with valuable and priceless information.
How many times have you heard of MLM attraction marketing and wondered… How the heck does that work for a network marketer?How do you attract prospects to you? This article will look into how the law of attraction can by aligned for network marketing success, specifically, prospecting. That means that just focusing on the things you want, without taking any actions toward achieving your objective, won’ t produce results. He said, “Scattered thoughts lead to scattered results.” As a network marketer, who is your ideal prospect?
If the fear of failure enters the mind, immediately replace it with the crystal clear picture of success. Create your own positive mental obsession by focusing entirely on your ideal and ultimate outcome.
Then focus on your goals as if you had blinders on, and put your heart and soul into the work. Your prospects will not only benefit from the content you have shared but will also associate you with those other successful people making you even more attractive as a leader and an expert.
How about people that are overweight, are determined to get in shape, and have the vision that they eventually will be carrying their own before and after pictures to promote the product that helped them change their body and their lives?
What you will find is that many of the initial plans you outline may or may not work, but if you keep your clear intention in mind, and you stay busy working toward your goals, magical things will happen. You will soon see the Universe open up to bring you unimagined success in business and in life. So if nothing else grab this FREE 10 Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp and learn the secrets to what it really takes to build your MLM online.I truly hope you got value out of this post today.
There’s an answer waiting on the other side, one simple system that I use to generate 1 to 7 leads a day for my business.

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